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Mobility Scooter Cane Holders

Cane, Crutch & Walker Holders

On any given day, you may want to take your favorite beverage with you, keep your walking cane on the scooter in case you ever need to use it, or keep your smartphone secured to your scooter’s frame without ever taking your eyes off the road, if you need to answer a call. 

We offer many types of walker, cane and crutch holders from the best US manufacturers only including Pride, Drive Medical, Diestco, and many more.

Just to give you an idea about how useful these holders can be, let’s take the Universal Grip Handlebar Mount Smartphone Holder for bikes and scooters. If you have ever wanted a dependable, durable and stylish looking Smartphone holder for your power scooter, then this is exactly what you need. It can easily grip your scooter’s handlebar, while the mounting is adaptable enough to accommodate nearly any model. We call this one a universal grip handlebar mount because it’s capable of holding a variety of modern electronic devices, and not just a cellphone.

Despite having the freedom of owning a power scooter and traveling wherever you like, some of us just don’t want to part ways with our ‘former mobility companions’ such as a crutch or cane. The Pride Wishbone Crutch Holder is also a great way to take your favorite crutches with you, because you never know when you may need to use them. And owing to the rear accessory hitch, it is compatible with nearly every Pride Mobility power scooter. 

The cane/crutch assembly by Drive Medical is another mobility scooter holder that’s very easy to install and lets you take your favorite crutch or cane with you on your Drive Medical power scooter. 

Another best-seller is the Pride Walker holder attaches easily to the back of your scooter, helping you carry your ambulatory aid with you. 

Sometimes, to make your mobility scooter experience special, all you need is an easy to use, folding cup holder to take your favorite beverage with you while riding around town. The Pride Cup Holder allows you to do just that and easily mounts on your scooter’s armrest for convenient access. 

Perhaps, one of our all-time best-selling cup holders for mobility scooters has been the Diestco unbreakable fabric cup holder – perfect if you want to pull out your favorite can of beer or a cup of coffee, to recharge your own batteries after traveling several miles. 

If you need to carry a spare battery box with you, then the practically designed Drive Medical Battery Box Holder Shroud is exactly what you need. 

The Many Benefits of Crutch, Cane & Walker Holders

When it comes to making scooter traveling easier, more fun and generally more pleasurable, nothing quite beats the convenience and practicality that mobility scooter accessories like holders offer. 

If you rely on your electric scooter daily to get to different places and meet people you love hanging out with, all on your own terms, then mobility scooter holders can greatly add to the overall experience and make your ride that much more practical. 

Through our experience in the mobility industry, we have collated a substantial range of mobility scooter accessories like different kinds of holders and baskets of all sizes – to help meet the varying requirements of our customers. Our mobility experts do a great deal of research to determine what the top-quality power scooter holders are – based on not only positive user reviews but also testing out the accessories themselves. 

With the best-quality mobility scooters under your command, the only way to further extend that experience and make it more memorable and fun, is by buying the right scooter accessories and holders to meet your ever-changing needs. 

Whether you need a holder to take your rejuvenating cup of coffee with you or carry your favourite cane – our range of mobility scooter holders boast the highest-quality materials and the most practical designs. 

If you need help in finding the right basket or holder for your scooter, please get in touch with our friendlyteam.