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Bathroom Safety Product Guides

Convert your Easy Access Shower Into A Steam Room Haven

Scott Zabriskie Oct 13, 2020

The process of converting your shower into an easy access form or a wet room can be a difficult transition. It doesn’t need to be a negative experience though, and you can still enjoy a luxurious shower in a more accessible space. How? By converting it into a steam shower room. It’s not a difficult process, and it’s worth every penny to create the ultimate space where you can cleanse your body but also take the time to relax. Here’s some top tricks and tips for the conversion process, helping you to create a steam room made for both mobility...

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The Best Bath Lifts of 2021

Scott Zabriskie Oct 03, 2020

  Bath lifts can be a vital product in many people's bathrooms. Typically, we use bath lifts for the elderly, but they can be useful for other populations as well. Without a bath lift, the very act of getting in and out of the tub would be impossible for some. So, this product provides a functional and convenient way for people with mobility problems to wash regularly.  Naturally, bath lifts come in many varieties and at different price points. How do you know which one is the best that money can buy? We've created an in-depth guide that will explain...

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The Best Toilet Frames & Toilet Seat Risers For 2021

Scott Zabriskie Oct 03, 2020 The Best Toilet Frames & Toilet Seat Risers For 2021

Taking patients to the bathroom is an important part of a caregiver’s duties. And when you’re looking after someone who needs a helping hand in the bathroom, it’s essential to ensure that the patient can expect dignity, comfort and as much privacy and independence as possible. But, with the nest will in the world, a range of medical conditions (as well as simple old age) can make something as simple and universal as going to the bathroom seem like a grueling chore. It can lead to frustration, mishaps and mess that both patients and caregivers are keen to avoid. When...

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Your Full Guide to Shower Seats and Bath Benches

Scott Zabriskie Sep 20, 2020 Your Full Guide to Shower Seats and Bath Benches

Aging is a natural part of life. That being said, it doesn't come without its struggles. It is no surprise that as we age, our mobility deteriorates in many ways, and with it, our independence suffers.  This doesn't mean, however, that you should suffer. At Scooters ‘N Chairs, we thrive on supporting the elderly and vulnerable, helping you reclaim back the independence you once had. Today we bring you the best mobility boosting products available to you in 2021, offering unlimited support to living a safer and more independent lifestyle.    Table of Contents Why do I need a Bath or Shower...

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The Best Shower & Bathroom Grab Bars For 2021

Scott Zabriskie Aug 06, 2020 The Best Shower & Bathroom Grab Bars For 2021

  Let's face it; comfortable bathing experiences are one of life's greatest daily joys. And you want every aspect of it to feel that way. If reduced mobility has compromised your bathing habits, finding the best shower and bathroom grab bars should be at the top of your agenda. It may seem like a small addition to the home, but it has the potential to transform your life forever. There's no reason why bath time should be a struggle any longer. Shower and bathroom grab bars are the ultimate example of revamping the property to suit your changing requirements. When...

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