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Are you searching for the right commode chair for you or an elderly parent? This article will explain the key features that you need to consider, who commode chairs are suitable for and the best options available on the market right now.


If you are struggling with mobility, then there are numerous normal processes in life that will be more difficult and challenging. A commode with wheels or a commode chair provides the solution and ensures that people who are suffering from issues like this can find the comfort that they need. It can help reduce the stress caused by problems moving around and ensures that individuals can even maintain some level of independence.


Whether you arelooking after an elderly relative, caring for a loved one or experiencing mobility issues yourself, a commode chair for adults could be the right answer. It will help you gain the relief you need. However, there are various factors that you’ll need to keep in mind before choosing a toilet chair for patients. Let’s explore some of the key considerations.

The Best Commode Chairs For 2020


What Is A Commode Chair Used For?


Toilet chairs for adults are used for individuals who have limited levels of activity. Typically, they will be used when a patient is debilitated to the point that they can not reach the bathroom or use thebathroom safely. As such, they are commonly used for elderly patients with various health issues. Nursing homes often have a padded commode chair on hand for any resident that is struggling to reach the bathroom without experiencing issues. However, potty chairs for elderly adults can also be used in private settings such as in an individual’s home. It can help avoid embarrassing issues such as wetting the bed or even defecating in it. This can be a problem for patients who have severe issues with mobility or debilitating conditions. 


Who Are Commode Chairs Suitable For?


A common misconception is that a toilet seat for patients is only used for the elderly. However, this is not the case. While it’s common for elderly individuals to require a toilet chair there are countless other people who could benefit from a product like this. Don’t forget, a bedside commode elongated toilet seat is ideal for anyone who is experiencing problems getting around freely without support.


As such, a chair toilet seat could be useful for patients who are suffering from a long term injury, if it has impacted their mobility. This could include something like a broken leg, an issue with their back. Patients who experience chronic pain when walking around may also require a commode.


Anyone who has issues with incontinence could also benefit greatly from one of the many toilet chairs available on the market. There are numerous different types of incontinence. Some people suffer from stress incontinence which causes them to lose control before they have a chance to reach the bathroom. Other patients experience issues with incontinence because of a physical or mental impairment. A patient withsevere arthritiscould struggle to undo their pants and reach the bathroom in time. If this is the case an over toilet commode could be ideal for a patient like this.


What Does A Commode Chair Look Like?


It’s important to be aware that commode chairs come in various different shapes and sizes. However, they do tend to have shared features.


Typical Commode Chairs Features


Regardless of whether they are designed to be portable or not, most bedside toilet chairs will be lightweight. This ensures that they are easy to move around by anyone. However, the frame will also be durable and designed to last for years, usually with hollow steel tubing.


The feet of the commode chairs are also often rubberized. The idea here is to ensure that the chair doesn’t skid when moved. The toilet seat will also have a removable collection receptacle. This is found beneath the chair and is designed to ensure that it’s as easy as possible to empty.


Portable Commode Chairs


you can get a portable commode chair. As the name suggests, portable commode chairs are designed to be easily moved around. This means a caretaker or loved one can push the chair where it needs to go. Due to the fact that these chairs can be moved around, they are often designed to be as lightweight as possible.


Usually, the chairs will have four wheels which means that they can easily be moved across different surfaces including carpet, wood, and tile flooring. If the pan is removed, mobile toilet chairs can also be positioned over a typical toilet. This is ideal for ensuring that a patient has more privacy. They can also be used as a shower commode chair too. It’s going to be perfect if you have an accessible shower or even a wet room. Portable chairs can come with different features including attachable feet rests for additional comfort and more padding.


Do note that there are also commode chairs that are designed specifically for the shower. Shower commode chairs have wheels and are made from materials that are waterproof and easy to dry.


Static Commode Chairs


As the name suggests, static or stationary commode chairs are designed to stay in one place. These don’t have wheels and so will need to be carried if they are required in different rooms. However, static commodes do have certain benefits. Since they have splayed legs, these chairs provide a lot of stability and are designed to be stackable too. As such, they can be a great space saver. The arms are often detachable which makes the chair more versatile and allows a patient to be transferred laterally. Usually, the chair will have both a pan, handle and a lid for ease of use. Static chairs are often cheaper than portable commodes to the limitation in terms of where and how they can be used. Static commode chairs are often also known as bedside commode chairs because they are usually positioned next to a patients bed.


Bariatric Commodes


Bariatric commode chairs are suitable for those who are more than 300 lbs. They can accommodate large individuals without running the risk of the chair breaking. Some bariatric commodes can accommodate individuals who weigh up to 600 lbs. Due to the size of patients that use these chairs, they are often wider and larger than more traditional commode chairs. This ensures the optimum level of comfort for the user. The arm also drops to ensure that patients can, once again, be easily moved over. Elongated commode chairs can also be used for patients who want additional levels of comfort. This provides larger skin surface contact which is favored by many patients.


Foldable Commode Chair


As the name suggests, foldable commode chairs are designed so that you can fold them anywhere. These fantastic space savers will ensure that when they’re not in use, they’re not taking up much room at all. As part of the design, the receptacle can be removed completely and potentially stored separately or washed while the chair is put away. Despite being foldable, these chairs are still just as sturdy as other options on the market.


Features Of Different Commodes Compared









Shower friendly

Hold More Than 300 Lbs

Easy To Transport


How Often Does A Commode Chair Need To Be Cleaned?

The Best Commode Chairs For 2020

Pexels Source CCO License



Ideally, you should be cleaning your commode chair as regularly as possible. Specifically, the receptacle needs to be cleaned after every use. To do this, you should rinse it out and then clean it with a multi-surface detergent wipe. You should clean any area that the patient has touched to avoid issues with bacteria and germs spreading.


As well as cleaning the commode chair after each use, these products also need to be deep cleaned. You should deep clean both the chair and the bowl. To do this, you can empty the bucket and place it in the shower or the bathtub. You should also put the toilet chair in the shower too. Once you have done this, cover both with hot water. You should also consider spraying the legs, bucket and toilet seat with disinfectant. You can consider using a natural cleaner made of vinegar and water. This can be suitable if you or the person using the chair has allergies. You can then dry the chair with paper towels or leave it to air dry. Do make sure that you are drying the metal legs of the chair thoroughly as these can start to rust if they get wet.


If you don’t clean the toilet chair regularly, you will find that they start to smell and develop nasty odor overtime. One of the ways to avoid this is to use disposable liners. These can be added to the bucket of the toilet chair. Essentially, this means that rather than emptying the bucket, you can simply take the bag out and dispose of it. You’ll find various liners like this are available online and make bedside commode chairs far more pleasant to use.


How Do You Use A Commode Chair?


Using a commode chair is easy and they are designed to ensure that anyone, including those who are debilitated, can use them freely. The first step is transferring the patient onto the chair. To do this, most have armrests that can be lifted up. You then just need to make sure that the receptacle is in place. If you are using the commode chair over a toilet, then the receptacle will need to be removed completely.


How Much Does A Commode Chair Cost?


The price of bedside toilets and portable bedside chairs can differ dramatically. The cost will depend on numerous factors. For instance, if you opt for one of the portable bedside toilets on the market, these are usually more expensive. An oversized bedside commode will usually cost more too far the obvious reason that it is a larger product. You might also find that the price differs depending on padding. It’s important to be aware that the primary purpose of over the toilet commodes is not to be comfortable. However, you can purchase a padded commode on the market. You just might need to pay a little more money for one like this.


Will Medicare Pay For A Commode Chair?


If you are worried about the cost of a bedroom commode chair, you might be curious whethermedicarewill cover the cost. If you or the person you’re caring for has a medical condition that leaves them severely debilitated or unable to reach the toilet to use it in time, then it is possible that you will be able to claim medicare. However, you typically will need to show that you do need a padded commode toilet to maintain a standard quality of living.


Can A 3 in 1 Commode Chair Be Used As A Shower Chair?


When you are exploring different commode chair options, you could consider purchasing a 3 in 1 commode. This is one device that has a total of 3 different functions, as the name suggests. It can be used as:


  • A bedside commode
  • Toilet riser
  • Toilet safety frame


With this commode, you will typically be able to adjust the height to match the user. This is ideal for when it is positioned over the toilet or when it is used next to the bedside. Usually, the commode will also come with a splash guard to ensure that there is no mess when the device is in use. 


Some people do try to use a device like this as a shower chair as well. However, often, you will need a separate commode chair for the shower. The reason for this is that they are typically made out of steel. The problem with steel commodes is that if they get wet and are left wet they will tend to rust. That’s why most shower commodes are made out of aluminium instead.


It’s also worth noting that while a3 in 1 commodecan be used in 3 different ways, they aren’t always the most expensive option on the market. There are bedside toilets for adults that cost significantly more due to the additional design features or extra padding that they provide.


Best Reasons To Buy Commode Chairs


As discussed, bedside commodes and portable commodes can be used for anyone having issues with mobility, either due to a short or long term condition. However, the best reason to buy a hospital toilet chair will always be for an elderly patient. A bedside toilet chair for elderly patients will be nothing short of essential.


Statistics suggest that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home for elderly individuals. It can be difficult for people of a certain age to safely get off a toilet seat, even if they have a raised toilet seat or rails. Indeed, the chances of falling are quite high and a fall like this can be detrimental to an elderly individual.


Elderly individuals also often rely on other devices such as walkers and rollators. These are difficult to manoeuvre at the best of times and a bathroom often presents quite a tight space. Bathrooms can also be slippery due to the flooring which again, makes falls far more likely.


This is why a bedside commode can be a must for elderly patients. However, there are a few issues to be aware of here.


Bedside commodes to sit right next to the bed. When the room is dark at night, this can lead to it becoming an obstacle that patients need to navigate around. It is possible to address this issue with a nightlight. Alternatively, a foldable commode chair could be the right option, if there is a carer on hand to help set up the toilet chair when needed.


Can You Rent A Commode Chair?


If you are temporarily looking after a debilitated patient, then you might be interested in exploring the option ofrenting a commodechair for elderly individuals. This is a possibility and it’s worth considering if you know that you’re not going to need the toilet chair in the long term. Instead, you can gain the same benefits for a lower cost. However, you will still need to ensure that you get a quality product.


It can be difficult to guarantee that you get a quality commode chair. There are a lot of factors to consider here. So, let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market that you can consider, regardless of whether you want to rent, buy, or gain a commode chair on medicare.


Best Commode Chairs Available To Buy Right Now

The Best Commode Chairs For 2020



Drive Medical: Aluminum Shower Mobile Commode Transport Chair

Price: $909.00        Buy now

Drive Medical: Aluminum Shower Mobile Commode Transport Chair - NRS185006




Some commode chairs look ugly and have terrible designs that are going to stick out in your home like a sore thumb. While it’s difficult to say that a commode chair is ever going to be aesthetically pleasing, this toilet chair is probably the closest we’ve seen to one having an attractive design. Of course, it’s not just about the style. The seat also provides numerous practical benefits too due to some great features.


For instance, it has rear locking casters. This ensures that the device can be used as both a shower and a wheelchair. You’re certainly getting your money’s worth with this option. The casters will also move the patient back and forth when it’s not locked. As well as being used for showering, you can put the device over a toilet to be used as a toilet seat.


As is standard with both shower chair commodes, this product has an aluminium frame. Ultimately, this means that there are no problems with rust or issues with trying to clean the device. It’s also worth noting that this potty chair for adults is completely adjustable and has angle footplates. There are some great other comfort options with this device too. For instance, it is completely padded and this includes the backrest as well as the armrests.


One point to consider is that this chair is designed for both medium and small users. As such, it won’t benefit those who are larger. For this, you will need to ensure that you invest in an oversized commode chair for adults.




  • Highly versatile, this wheelchair can be used for a wide range of purposes
  • Arms do flip back which are ideal when moving around
  • Full padding providing complete levels of comfort




  • A little heavy for mobility
  • A bulky design also adds to issues with manoeuvring
  • High cost versus alternate options on the market




If you have the money to spend then this could be the ideal toilet chair for you. Essentially you will be getting a 3 in 1 commode and the additional comfort features make it a fantastic option. Most bedside commodes are not designed for comfort but this is certainly one of the key exceptions.


Showerbuddy: Roll In Showerbuddy Lite

  Price: $895.00     Buy now

ShowerBuddy: Roll-In Shower Chair Lite - SB6c




If you are searching for a great bathroom toilet commode for adults on the market, this could be a fantastic choice. One of the first things that you will notice is that this option is significantly cheaper than the previous possibility on the list. As such, you can get a great chair without spending a fortune.


Be aware that this shower commode is relatively simplistic and this is likely where the ‘lite’ in the name comes from. You won’t find many features with this option however, that’s one of the benefits. The simplistic design ensures that it is simple to manoeuvre and move around. It’s one of the reasons why it’s the perfect choice for use in the bathroom. You don’t have to worry about a big, bulky design that will get stuck in different places.


It does have four-inch locking casters. These are going to be perfect for use either on AD certified or standard toilets depending on your needs. The commode is also detachable so you can take the bucket and lid off completely. As such, it can be used as both a toilet chair and a bath chair. Despite being light, you’ll find that this commode is built to remain sturdy and will last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear. It can alsosupport people up to 300lbs. As such, it could be suitable for those of larger stature.


The chair also has numerous key safety features that make it a strong choice for purchase. For instance, it includes a calf strap. This helps keep the feet secure for anyone who is using it. There are also restraints for the chest while the armrests lock in place. Both the footrests and the armrests can be removed from the chair completely too.


Furthermore, the height can be adapted and changed. This means that you can use the chair in different circumstances depending on your needs and requirements. The backrest, while comfortable, is also designed to be comfortable to rest against.




  • Different restraints ensure that an individual can remain safely positioned in the chair
  • All casters lock guaranteeing that the chair is versatile
  • A deflector is included to help avoid issues with mess




  • Still a bulky device
  • Doesn’t fold which means it takes up quite a lot of space


MJM International: Standard Shower Commode Seat

Price: $180.00        Buy now

MJM International: Standard Shower Commode Seat - 118-LP





If you’re looking for a more basic option, then you could consider this shower commode seat. It’s a fraction of the price of the other options that we have previously mentioned. However, there is a key reason for this. It's rather basic and simplistic. Unlike other possibilities, this is a static commode. It doesn’t have wheels and isn’t particularly built for comfort either.


However, as an elongated commode or toilet chair, it could be a strong option. It can be fantastic for those who are injured or recovering from a condition. There’s a high level of adjustability to, which means that you will be able to use it on a variety of toilets. It does have some padding on the armrest. This is mainly designed to ensure that a patient can get a solid grip when using the shower chair. As such it can be suitable even in wet conditions such as in the shower.


A key selling point of this particular commode is that it has been designed with safety features firmly in mind. There are no sharp edges and the potty chair has been designed to be as sturdy as possible. The backrest is fully detachable too and this means that it’s incredibly easy to clean. It drys fest as well due to the clever and innovative mesh design while there is a low chance that you will have issues with bacteria building up on the material.


A unique feature worth pointing out is that the backrest does have a personal pocket. This is a great way to store accessories that you might need if you are using this as a shower chair commode.


One disadvantage of this particular chair is that it does have rolling casters. This means that it’s going to be tricky to stop and prevent moving around. As such, it’s something that maybe should not be used unsupervised. With the foot pedals on, it’s also tricky to use this one as a commode. Though certainly not impossible and the footrests are designed to a high standard of quality. So, it doesn’t drag down the design.




Textured armrests ensure that the chair is safe to use in a variety of conditions

Antibacterial backrests reduce the chance of developing issues with infections




Casters will not lock which means the chair can not be used unsupervised.


Nova: Drop-Arm Transport Chair Commode

Price: $159.00        Buy now

Nova: Drop-Arm Transport Chair Commode





If you are searching for a chair that is ideal as an easy transport andtransfer option, then this one could be a great choice. The chair comes in two varieties: one with a fixed arm and backrest and one without. There’s a footrest that removes on both models too and opens out. So, it does provide a high level of flexibility. Do be aware that this is not designed as a shower commode. Instead, it can be used in the bathroom on the toilet, by the bed or as a mobile device.


The rear casters do lock and it has a padded seat which makes it perfect for slightly longer journeys. It’s also easy to remove the bucket from the chair completely or slide it back in depending on your needs. Further adding to the evidence that this should not be used as a shower commode is the fact that the commode is made of steel. As such, if it gets wet it is going to rest and that’s the last thing that you want. That said, it does provide some great advantages including a lightweight design. This means that it’s going to be convenient for both the patient and the carer.




  • Budget-friendly pricing means that you won’t need to just rent this chair
  • A bucket is used as a commode, ensuring it’s easy to remove and put back in
  • Tough as nails, you won’t need to worry about it breaking or falling apart.




  • Won’t fold so is difficult to store in a vehicle for longer journeys




If you are searching for a mobile toilet chair that won’t break the bank, this could be a fantastic choice. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight and does provide some of the key comfort features that you need.




We hope this helps you understand the key points that you should consider when you are purchasing one of the best chair commodes on the market today. As you can see, there are a variety of fantastic options to consider. The choice you make will be determined by a variety ofkey features. For instance, if you need a commode for bathrooms, then it’s important to opt for one that has an aluminium frame to prevent issues with rust. Alternatively, if you are looking for a bedside commode you might want to choose a foldable design to avoid tripping hazards.


If you need more help selecting the right commode chair for your needs, then you can contact us today. A friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you with your purchase and ensure that you do make the right decision.

The Best Commode Chairs For 2020