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The process of converting your shower into an easy access form or a wet room can be a difficult transition. It doesn’t need to be a negative experience though, and you can still enjoy a luxurious shower in a more accessible space. How? By converting it into a steam shower room. It’s not a difficult process, and it’s worth every penny to create the ultimate space where you can cleanse your body but also take the time to relax.

Here’s some top tricks and tips for the conversion process, helping you to create a steam room made for both mobility and tranquility.


Preparing Your Shower Space

You need to ensure that your steam shower room is properly equipped for your needs. You will need to considerthe best grab bars for showers and bathroomsbut these can be included in your renovation by also purchasingthe best shower seats and bath bencheswithout taking away from the aesthetic of the room or the relaxing feel - you just need to choose a style and color that works with your theme. If you want to change the whole aesthetic of your bathroom to match your new steam zone, you will need to consider the remodeling of the space.

This can include the toilet, sinks, and even the walls. You will also want to think about other items such astransfer polesorbath liftsthat can make the room more accessible for you without taking away from the overall feel. Gathering the Parts The best option you have is to get a professional to do the installation for you as this will save you time as well as the cost that comes with any potential errors you make in the installation process. However, you can source your own parts for your dream steam room.

You will need asteam room generatoras this is what powers the unit and produces the steam for your personal haven. You should also check out brands that haveparts available for steam shower generatorsas this means you are covered if your unit breaks down or a specific part malfunctions. It also saves you the cost of having the entire thing replaced.

Type of Shower

Do you want a walk-in unit or a wet room? The former of these is better at keeping the steam in check and creates a clear boundary for where the shower ends and the rest of the bathroom starts. Aesthetically, it adds definition to the room. The latter, the wet room, doesn’t have a clear definition and also lets the steam run wild throughout the room. However, this can lead to a more relaxing environment and one that truly encapsulates the feeling of a steam room. Both of these shower types remain highly accessible, with wide entry points and spacious interiors that allow for mobility items such as shower chairs and railings. The steam generator you have installed will also be able to fill the space in question, providing you with the experience you want.

Does the Process Take Long?

A steam shower can easily be installed in one day by a professional. If you do it yourself, it can take a little longer and you run the risk of making errors that will take more time to fix or may cost extra in terms of repairs. If you decide to have a new unit installed, this is very simple to do - especially if you are using the existing pipework and just replacing the walls and controls. If you need new piping or the current system needs repairs, you may need to account for a couple of days of work in total. Conversion into a wet room steam shower can take several days as the floor needs to be altered to make it watertight, and the drainage system also needs to be tweaked so that it works in sync with the new layout. It is very important that the floor is made waterproof to prevent the tiles from lifting and causing water damage underneath over time.


To Conclude

The conversion process is usually very smooth, allowing you to transition to a new and more enjoyable shower experience in no time at all. It doesn’t take a great deal of work, and once you have your chosen unit you are sure to find a calming haven that you never want to leave in the form of your steam room. The need for better accessibility and mobility assistance doesn’t mean that you have to go without the finer things in life.