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Aging is a natural part of life. That being said, it doesn't come without its struggles. It is no surprise that as we age, our mobility deteriorates in many ways, and with it, our independence suffers. 

Happy elderly people, despite difficulties

This doesn't mean, however, that you should suffer. At Scooters ‘N Chairs, we thrive on supporting the elderly and vulnerable, helping you reclaim back the independence you once had. Today we bring you the best mobility boosting products available to you in 2022, offering unlimited support to living a safer and more independent lifestyle. 


Why do I need a Bath or Shower Seat?

You might not think you would benefit from the support of bathroom mobility assistance products. However, there are many reasons that you can improve your deteriorating ability, just by changing a few things at home.


Did you know that the highest number of falls occur in the bathroom?

You may not believe it, but transferring between the bathtub and shower possesses thehighest probability of fallingconcerning a person who lacks full mobility. Shower chairs are perfect for relieving your body of the strain from standing during the shower. These seats allow you to extend your time in the shower while encouraging you to relax and wash thoroughly. 

 Elderly person fallen in bathroom

Not only that, but a person whose mobility may be deteriorating without their knowledge can face significant injury if a fall occurs. This means that even if you currently have no mobility issues, you may cause damage that could result in long-term mobility loss. We believe that more people should seek the aid of using an intelligent at-home mobility system that can make simple day-to-day tasks more accessible.


How Shower Chairs Can Minimize the Risk of Injuries

At Scooters ‘N Chairs, we offer the best possible support and assistance for maximizing mobility when bathing and or showering. Our Bathroom Safety range has everything you need to reduce the chances of a fall occurring, helping you regain your independence and privacy in the bathroom. All of them are specially designed to ensure the user is safe and secure when bathing or showering. 

 Relaxing & safe bathroom experience for senior

And that's really what it's all about—tailoring a product or a collective group of products to suit your individual needs and ensuring your safety when showering. After all, no two persons will have the same capacity or require the same mobility support level. You may feel that you will only need a bath stool to take the stress off of you while in the tub. Others may require more advanced products or a collection of mobility assistance. It totally depends on your mobility level and the amount of aid you feel that you need. 


There should be no shame whenaccepting supportwhen you most need it.



Mobility does not only mean the ability to move around. Mobility is an essential aspect of improving a person's quality of life by reclaiming their independence. As we grow older, preserving our mobility is just as important, which is why it is vital to accept the assistance of specific mobility enhancing products to take the strain and stress off of our body wherever possible.


As we previously mentioned, it only takes one slip or fall to cause significant damage and long-term injury to an elderly or vulnerable person. An injury occurred by falling can cause significant deterioration to a person's capacity, resulting in them requiring at-home care. Shower chairs ensure that the user issafe and supportedwhen bathing while promoting their independence. Additional safety features such as textured surfaces, suction attachments, and locking swivel functions add to the safety elements. Not only does increased mobility provides the freedom of living one's life without the need for carers, but it protects a person's dignity allowing them to shower and toilet alone safely. 


"We help people get peace of mind and enjoy the best possible lifestyle by taking the time to carefully listen to our customers and help them find the ideal answers to their questions."Scott Z (Founder and CEO of Scooters ‘N Chairs)



What are Shower Seats for Seniors?

Standard shower seat

Our Shower Seat range is specially engineered stools, benches, and chairs designed to fit inside your shower or bathtub. Each product has a unique feature that has been tailored to accommodate your personal needs. Most shower seats can be easily stored away, either by disassembling or folding, so small spaces are no issue (see both examples below). 

 Folding shower seatDisassembling shower seat


Shower seats promote advanced mobility, safety, and independence for many senior citizens and users with disabilities. We believe that a shower chair or bench can be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from limiting or deteriorating maneuverability, vision, or balance. A shower seat can significantly reduce the chance of injuries occurring when taking a shower. 


A shower seat may also benefit you by helping you regain control and perform better personal hygiene. Some of our shower chairs have a cut-out front feature that provides the user with a more comfortable position to bathe or wash. You can also adjust the height and positioning of many shower seats so that you can relax for a much longer time when showering. 




How a Bathroom Chair can make Your Life Easier

As we mentioned earlier, not everyone believes that they can benefit from Bathroom Assistance Products. However, more and more seniors and retired individuals find that a Bathroom Chair, either inside the shower or tub, has helped them in more ways than they could have imagined. 


Simply having assistance available when you need it is so valuable that you can perform daily tasks such as showering more efficiently and comfortably. The relief that a bathroom chair offers is incredible, taking the strain and stress off of your body so that using the bathroom becomes more enjoyable. 


Most bathroom chairs are used inside the tub or shower; however, you may also prefer a bench product or transfer system to aid you in entering or exiting the bathtub. Taking the tension off your body allows you to spend more time relaxing in the bathtub, instead of feeling uncomfortable and stressed. 


What is the difference between a Bath Bench and a Shower Seat?


Both products are relatively similar; however, each has unique features that can assist with your bathing experience.Shower chairsare often static seats that offer a comfortable, stable place to sit within the shower. They maximize relaxation and eliminate the worry of falling or slipping. You will have peace of mind that you are supported inside the shower, able to wash better, and ultimately regain the independence you once had. Shower seats often come with folding or detachable arm and backrests, so that you can customize your chair to your personal preference. 

 detachable shower seat armrests

Bathtub benchesoffer similar support as well as a sturdy place to sit when bathing.

Standard bath bench

However, their fundamental purpose is to aid and assist the user as they enter and exit the tub. Many users will sit on the bench, either fixed to or placed directly next to the tub. They will then gradually slide themselves into the bathtub with much more ease, reducing the chance of strain or injury occurring. Various bath benches models come with removable handles and backrests to support the user as they transfer in and out of the tub. Again, this can be customized to the individual's desired level of support and ability. 

Bath seat with removable armrests


Are there any Disadvantages Involved with Senior Shower Chairs?

Aside from the product's immediate cost, there are few disadvantages to purchasing a bath or shower chair. Of course, you will be able to tailor the price to accommodate your budget, but as with any purchase, there is always that initial investment to consider. Depending on your required level of assistance, some shower products can costupwards of a thousand dollars

However, this is something that can bring immense value and independence to your life, ultimately freeing you of the restrains and stress of low ability. You will regain your control over your privacy and be able to perform daily routines with ease. Naturally, we understand that an expensive purchase is something that should be well thought through and that you are informed and aware of any drawbacks before investing your money. This is why we arehere to help. As the number one superstore for all mobility enhancing products, we will assist in finding you the most compatible product to improve your quality of life. 


How much Does a Shower Chair for Seniors Cost?

AtScooters ‘N Chairs, we have a wide range of bathroom and shower chair products, designed to support any condition. These products also range in cost, starting with budget-friendly options to more luxury and advanced supporting products. 

As the number one superstore for mobility enhancing products, we cover all aspects and requirements to help you find the most beneficial product for your needs. 

 value for money for seniors

Some of our favorite budget-friendly options, such as the Shower Stool from Drive Medical, starts at just $37.50. Another one of our favorites is the Eagle Health Shower Chair, featuring supportive back and armrests. This excellent shower seat is currently in stock for a fantastic $91.99. However, if you're looking for a more advanced, top of the range, mobility enhancing product, we can't praise the Multi-Purpose Chair by MJM International enough. This chair currently costs $630 and will give you the highest level of support and safety needed when showering and bathing. 


Whatever the budget, we are here to help you find the best product to improve your ability and independence at home. You can use the low to high feature on our website when browsing through our products to tailor the results to fit your budget. 

 Shower Stool by Drive Medical$37.50
Eagle Health Shower Chair$91.99
Multi-Purpose Chair by MJM International$630.00


Can I get a Shower Chair through Medicare or Private Insurance?

 Medicare logo

Currently, at Scooters ‘N Chairs, we do not offer Medicare or any private insurances. You may be able to receive a reimbursement from your personal insurance provider following an initial purchase. However, this can sometimes become a lengthy process, and you should be aware that some insurance organizations will require a doctor's prescription or medical referral before reimbursing you. For more information, contact your medical insurer for advice. 


The Different Types of Senior Shower Chairs Available in 2022

 Modern-looking shower chair

There are so many variations of Shower Seats available on the market today, and sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming and confusing. We are here to help you understand the differences and varieties of shower seats. 


Let's begin with the materials. Materials play an enormous part in providing the best quality comfort and relief to the user while showering or bathing. As an example here, we will discuss the Lumex Padded Bath Seat by Graham Field.

Graham Field: Lumex Padded Bath Seats

This chair's unique feature is the cushioned seat and backrest, which promotes maximum comfort to the user. The water-tight padding makes the chair perfect to use inside the shower or tub and makes cleaning a breeze. This chair also features a rust-resistant, aluminum frame that is super durable and long-lasting. The seat can be adjusted in 1-inch increments to support the user in the most comfortable position. 


Alternatively, you may prefer a shower chair without padding. If so, we recommend the FEI Adjustable Shower Seat.

 FEI: Adjustable Shower Seat With Arms And Back - 45-2303


This chair has handles and back support to aid with stability and safety when showering. The suction feet and a built-in shower spray holder provides maximum control so that you can focus more on bathing. This chair is made from a water-resistant plastic accompanied by drainage holes to allow water to run away. 


Another feature that many bath and shower seats are commonly fitted with is called a cut-out. This element is fantastic in enabling the user with better ability and control when washing. The chair's cut-out portion eliminates the need for bending or straining, supporting the user, and promoting better personal hygiene.


We loved the Eagle Health Shower chair, as this product included both back and arm support as well as the cut-out feature. This product has been discontinued but we are on the lookout for a great replacement.

Eagle Health: Shower Chair W/Cut-Out, W/Back & Arms - 72331


Commodes are another popular element that can be included in a shower or bath seat. The Wide Shower Commode Seat from MJM International offers the ability to assist those who have difficulty toileting or standing for a period of time.

MJM International: Wide Shower Commode Seat With Square Pail - 126-LP-NB

The individual can be reassured that they do not have to worry about rushing or transferring between the shower and toilet. In particular, this chair includes a fast-drying removable back sling made from a high-quality mesh, along with non-slip, rubber safety grips. All elements of this shower chair are rustproof and enhances the comfort of the user. 


Those who struggle with maneuverability may prefer something that offers ease with turning and changing positions. Many chairs are equipped with swivel elements and locking positioning so that you don't have to worry about slipping or falling in the shower. Another great example is the Swivel Shower Chair from Eagle Health.

Eagle Health: Swivel Shower Chair - 75232


This rustproof, high-strength shower seat has a 360-degree turning feature, locking every 90 degrees for safety. Adjustable height controls and a textured finish promotes a non-slip surface, meaning the user is supported entirely when showering. 

We have summarized this in a table so you can see these chair's key points at a glance.

Swivel Shower Chair from Eagle Health.​
Lumex Padded Bath Seat$95.00ComfortNo armrests
FEI Adjustable Shower Seat$95.00Stability and safetyComfort, looks
Eagle Health Shower chair$117.00Commode cutoutDiscontinued as of now
Wide Shower Commode Seat by MJM$145.242 in 1 commode, extra wideComfort, price
Swivel Shower Chair by Eagle Health.$159.00Swivel seatArmrests, price

The Top-Rated Shower Chairs & Bath Benches of 2022


Here is a list of our top-rated chairs for showers & bath benches of 2022. These specially designed bath and shower chairs have unique features that accommodate a variety of users. These products can be used to safely transport the user to and from the shower or tub and during washing. 


Ergoactives: Ergo Commode Chair

Price: $550.00   Buy Now

 Ergoactives: Ergo Commode Chair - A024

Another one of our must-haves is the Ergo Commode Chair by Ergoactives. Featuring a unique spring-assisted seat, this chair supports the user as they stand or sit during showering or toileting. With a waterproof design, this commode chair can easily be used in the shower.


The padded armrests and cushioned seats have a weight capacity of up to 400lbs, providing effortless comfort to relieve the user of any stress. 

Padded armrests of Ergoactives: Ergo Commode Chair - A024



MJM International: Shower Chair With Flat Stock Seat For Uni-Lateral Or Bi-Lateral Below Knee Amputee

 Price: $213.89.00   Buy Now

 MJM International: Shower Chair With Flat Stock Seat For Uni-Lateral Or Bi-Lateral Below Knee Amputee - 118-3-AF

Finally, we had to include the incredible MJM International Shower Chair. This fantastic product offers tremendous support for those with Uni-Lateral or Bi-Lateral below-knee amputations. With fast-drying, removable mesh, and drainage holes, this product provides the perfect amount of support when showering.

Drain holes on MJM International: Shower Chair With Flat Stock Seat For Uni-Lateral Or Bi-Lateral Below Knee Amputee - 118-3-AF

The flat stock seat will give a broader and more comfortable position for the user, supporting them entirely. 



Compass Health: Sliding Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat

Price: $279.00   Buy Now


Compass Health: Sliding Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat

Starting with the Sliding Transfer Bench from Compass Health. This fantastic bench offers an effortless solution to transfer in and out of the bathtub. With a 360 swivel seat and safety locks, this high-strength transfer bench protects the user from falling when entering and exiting the tub.

Swivel action of Compass Health: Sliding Transfer Bench With Swivel Seat

This product features specially-designed sliding rings, which lock the seat at the end of each sliding rail. The molded plastic seat has a textured finish, which increases the grip and stability of the chair. This transfer bench also comes with a safety belt strap, providing additional support and security for the user.



Graham Field: Lumex Platinum Collection Bath Seat With Backrest 

Price: $39.00   Buy Now

 Graham Field: Lumex Platinum Collection Bath Seat With Backrest

Another favorite of ours is the Bath Seat with Backrest from Graham Field. We love how effortlessly easy this product is to use and how it can significantly benefit the user. Drastically reducing the chances of falling or slipping when bathing, this Bath Seat is both lightweight and durable, offering increased support to the user when they need it.

The height-adjustable features provide additional comfort and personalization so that you can tailor the chair to your desired position. This bath seat evenly distributes your weight for added comfort and has a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs.  



Graham Field: Lumex Bath Seat with Padded Arms and Commode

 Price: $99.00   Buy Now

 Graham Field: Lumex Bath Seat Pad

The Lumex Bath Seat with Padded arms and Commode from Graham Field is another innovative product for bath and showering support. The comfortable cushioned seat and padded backrest are both water-tight and easy to clean. With a rust-free aluminum frame, this seat is both lightweight and rust-resistant. The optional arm and back attachments are easy to secure, requiring no necessary tools and an additional commode feature that can be effortlessly removed. This bath seat has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. 


Mobb Healthcare: Swivel Shower Chair 2.0

Price: $94.05.00   Buy Now


Mobb Healthcare: Swivel Shower Chair 2.0 with release pin zoomed in

Mobb Healthcare has redesigned this Shower Swivel Chair for added strength and user support. This chair features a 360° swivel option, which locks in 90° increments for safety purposes.

Swiveling back of Mobb Healthcare: Swivel Shower Chair 2.0

The padded seat, arm, and backrest provide excellent comfort for the user during the shower and expertly placed drainage holes that allow water to exit quickly. With adjustable height legs, this shower chair can be effortlessly tailored for the most comfortable user position. This product has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs and is suitable for use in most standard bathtubs. 



For more information about our range of Mobility Assistance Products, visit our website by clicking here. We will be happy to answer any of your queries and help you find your perfect Mobility Product. Your safety is our number one concern, and we strive to help you stay safe in the comfort of your own home.