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Many people use a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair for everyday use. They are modern inventions that have changed the lives of millions of Americans across the country. For those people who have issues with mobility, be that because of an advancing age, illness, disability, or injury, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs have been a godsend. At Scooters 'N Chairs, we have a range of products available to help anybody with a mobility issue to gain complete freedom. 

We are a leading mobility scooter and electric wheelchair store, and stock a wide range of products that are suitable for a range of ages and mobility needs. Our products include the best batteries for mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, because after all, you wouldn't be able to go very far without something to power up your personal mobility aid.

The Best Batteries For Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs For 2020

We have worked hard behind the scenes to make sure we only sell the best mobility scooter and electric wheelchair battery types. Our researchers have gone to great lengths to explore the various brands of batteries available, to ensure that all of our customers have what they need to prolong the lifespans of their wheelchairs and scooters. All of our batteries ensure a powerful and reliable performance for your personal mobility aid, and they are all fully rechargeable. 

At Scooters 'N Chairs, you can be assured of the very best prices and a minimum of one year manufacturer's warranty. With a full range of electric wheelchair and mobility scooter batteries in stock, of both the lead-acid and gel battery varieties, you can have the peace of mind that you need never be short of what your wheelchair or scooter needs. Be sure to choose from our selection of mobility scooter andelectric wheelchair battery chargerstoo, as these are vital for staying powered up, whether you're traveling short or long distances. 

We are here for all of your mobility needs, so if you're a new user of a mobility vehicle or simply need replacement batteries, browse our store for what we have on offer. In this guide, we will point you to the best wheelchair and best mobility scooter batteries available, alongside some other useful information to ensure the longevity of your batteries and personal mobility vehicles.

The Best Batteries For Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs For 2020

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A Guide To Buying Mobility Scooter And Electric Wheelchair Batteries

If you are the owner of a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, you will realize your scooter and wheelchair batteries have a limited lifespan. While you will get a lot of use from them with a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair battery charger, there will come a time when you will need to replace them.

At Scooter N' Chairs, we have a full range of replacement wheelchair andscooter batteries, so it's in your best interest to buy any spares you need to ensure you are never caught out. We will help you buy the batteries you need when you get in touch with us but here is a guide so you know what to look out for when buying.

Buying the best replacement batteries

When it comes to batteries for your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, never settle for second best. Quality counts, as you will be relying on your mobility batteries to get around in everyday life. This is why it's important to do your research beforehand, although our team of experts will always point you in the right direction.

Check your electric wheelchair or scooter manual

You can source a lot of information online, but the simplest thing to do when buying an electric wheelchair battery or mobility scooter battery is to check the manual that came with your mobility aid. The manufacturer will always recommend the right battery type for your personal mobility companion, so you won't go wrong when choosing the correct product. Still, there is an element of choice when choosing batteries, so it's worth knowing what some of your options are.

Battery types for your mobility vehicle

Electric wheelchair and mobility scooter batteries generally come in two different types.

Each type of battery comes with its own benefits, so there isn't necessarily one 'right choice.' But whatever type you buy, you will need to buy them in a pair. This is because the power output for batteries is 12 volts and it takes 24 volts to power most types of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. You will also need a24-volt battery charger

When determining which type of battery you buy, you might want to consider how you use your mobility companion.

AGM batteries produce fewer cycles than GEL batteries and are often noticeably cheaper. You might want to consider AGM batteries if you are an occasional electric wheelchair or mobility scooter user, as you are unlikely to wear the batteries down in a hurry.

GEL batteries can produce more cycles, which means they will last a lot longer. These are perfect for those people who regularly rely on their mobility vehicle, so take this under consideration if you are reliant on your scooter or wheelchair all day long. 

All batteries are:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Air transportable
  • Sealed and non-spillable

The Best Batteries In Our Range

At Scooters N' Chairs, we sell batteries from some of today's leading brands. including:

When you buy from brands such as these, you can be guaranteed the highest quality of battery for your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. We can guide you as to the best battery for your mobility vehicle in store, so please do get in touch with us. Depending on your budget and your travel requirements, we will share our expertise with you so you can choose from the best battery types available.

Best batteries for your mobility scooter and electric wheelchair

The type of battery you buy depends on your mobility scooter or electric scooter. Some are compatible with both, but talk to us to learn more, and check out the expansive range ofmobility scooter batteries and electric wheelchair batterieson our website.

Here are some examples of the best batteries you will find in 2022.

Mobility scooters

Proud owners of an Afiscooter might opt for the twin-batteryAfikim Battery Pack, for example, as they are of a premium quality AGM type and like all our batteries, are covered under a one-year manufacturer's guarantee.

If you are looking for a more powerful battery for your Merits Roadster S740, the best-sellingUPG Universal Battery 12100-S AGMmobility scooter battery is perfect. This battery pack is also compatible with a number of other lightweight travel mobility scooter models, and they offer a premium performance for scooter users.

Our UPG 12V 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid AGM Batteriesare also very popular. They are high quality, can fit both mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, and are designed for superior performance.

We also recommend theMK Battery Pack (set of two) U1, 35 Ah, AGM scooter and electric wheelchair batteries. It comes with two 12V, 35 amp-hour premium quality SLA batteries, and offers compatibility with a wide range of Merits scooters and selected wheelchairs. 

For owners of the popular E-Wheels EW 36, theInterstate 12V/18AH AGM Batteriesare an excellent choice for those looking to get the best performance out of their mobility vehicle.

Electric wheelchairs

If you are looking to buy the best electric wheelchair batteries currently available, then we recommend theSealed Gel 12V/40Ah batteries by MK.  With a laboratory-tested 500 cycles, you won't run out of power any time soon with these bad boys.  At a more premium price range, you can improve the performance of your wheelchair with MK Battery’s more powerful sealed gel battery pack variant, rated at 12V/88Ah.

One of our more popular electric wheelchairs is theJazzy Elite 14. For this motorized beauty, we recommend ourNF22 Gel MK Batteries. Such an elite wheelchair deserves to have elite batteries, and you will certainly get the most for your money with these select batteries from the MK range.

These are just a few of the batteries we currently have in stock for our mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, but browse our selection to find out more about batteries in your price range, and talk to us about our monthly price plans.

Before Choosing Your Batteries

Before choosing your batteries, you do need to check the power rating. It is imperative that you buy something that accommodates your particular mobility vehicle, so check the specifications on your current battery or within the manufacturer's guidelines. On our product pages, we provide specification sheets to help you identify the correct power rating, so find your particular vehicle and scroll down to find the relevant details.

As suggested earlier, you also need to decide on whether an AGM or GEL battery is right for you. Both types are sealed, non-spillable, and maintenance-free, so safety needn't be a concern. However, if you do use your mobile vehicle regularly, you should consider a GEL battery, as they do provide a longer lifecycle than their AGM equivalents. 

Understanding Battery Components

There are three basic components to mobility vehicle batteries. These may be of interest to you when you're shopping for your batteries.


The capacity tells you how long your mobility vehicle battery will last, and the unit is always shown in Ah (ampere-hours).

If your vehicle was capable of running at 10 Ah, for example, and if your battery capacity was anywhere between 30Ah and 90Ah, you could easily run your vehicle between 3-9 hours (assuming you were running it non-stop). Of course, you are unlikely to be using your vehicle for very long periods, unless you were on a long-distance trip, so for shorter journies, your mobility vehicle would run for a lot longer than 9 hours. 

Current rating

This refers to the current flow and is relayed in Amperes. The higher the Ampere level, the better performance you will get from your mobility vehicle.

Cell type

There are two kinds of wheelchair battery cells: gel and wet. The latter requires maintenance and can be a threat to the environment, so that is why we only sell gel-cell batteries, as they are completely sealed, maintenance-free, and friendlier to the environment. 

Installing Your Batteries

After choosing your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair batteries, you will, of course, need to install them. This isn't as complicated as you might assume, especially if you're the brand new owner of a mobility vehicle, but for your information, check out the videos below. The first video will tell you how to install batteries into your mobility scooter, and the second video will give you information pertaining to your electric wheelchair. If you do have any questions, please speak to us, and we will gladly assist you.

A word to the wise:

  • Don't mix AGM and GEL batteries
  • Don't mix and match from different battery manufacturers
  • Always fully charge your batteries before installing them
  • Follow the instructions given by your mobility vehicle manufacturer

Installing batteries into a mobility scooter

Installing batteries into an electric wheelchair

The 'Break-In' period

When you first install your new new battery, you might notice that you had less range than before. Don't worry, this is normal, as deep cycle batteries need a short break-in period to fully unlock the remaining capacity of the battery. This period generally lasts for about 3 weeks (or 20 full cycles), after which you will start to experience the full potential of your battery. 

Charging Your Battery

The Best Batteries For Mobility Scooters & Electric Wheelchairs For 2020

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It is recommended that you charge your battery for at least 18 hours before use, and then a full charge daily. If you irregularly use your mobility vehicle, at least one overnight charge of the battery a week is recommended to ensure it doesn't drain completely. 

The charger that was supplied with your electric scooter or power scooter is recommended, so don't be tempted to use another charger, eg. the one that you might use to charge your car battery. If you didn't get a charger with your mobility vehicle, or if you somehow misplace the one in your possession, you will need to purchase one. For your health and safety, be sure to match the charger up with the size of the power unit, and consult your manual for the manufacturer's guidelines. We sellbattery chargersfor all types of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, so contact us if you need to purchase something for your vehicle.

You don't need to worry about overcharging your battery, as the majority now come with a built-in voltage limiter. This means the battery will automatically be disconnected once it has reached full charge, so you don't have to worry if you are leaving it to charge overnight

Frequently Asked Battery Questions

Buying batteries is a fairly straightforward affair when you know what you are looking for, and so is the installation and charging process. However, people do have queries from time to time, and you might too. While you can speak to us during our opening hours to get the answers to your questions, you might also receive the answer you need by checking the questions below. 

I've lost my manual - how do I know what battery I need?

Our first piece of advice is this: keep your manual in a safe place! It's an essential guide to knowing how to take care of your batteries and mobility vehicle, so try not to misplace it! Of course, life is never simple and mishaps happen. The dog might eat it or a sudden gust of wind might blow it into oblivion! In such cases, don't panic!

If you know what the make or model of your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter is, you will be able to research the batteries you need online. The manufacturer of your vehicle will have a website, so you might be able to download another guide from their site. You can also look at the battery you already have in your possession as this will tell you the power rating you need.

Generally speaking, smaller vehicles require 12AH batteries, mid-sized vehicles require 35Ah batteries, and heavy-duty vehicles require batteries that are between 55Ah to 75Ah.

Of course, if you're in doubt, check our website to see if we have your vehicle in stock, as we do list the battery specifications as we advised earlier. Alternatively, get in touch with us and we will help you find the right battery for your vehicle. 

My mobility vehicle isn't powering up. Is it a problem with the batteries?

It's rare that batteries go dead overnight, so if they have been working fine, there might be another problem with your mobility vehicle. However, if your batteries are over a year old, and if you have noticed that they have needed charging more often, it might be that you need to replace them. You can try to revive the batteries with a car charger, as there might be a little more life left in them, but if that doesn't work, then you will need new ones.

Visit our website to pick up some new batteries, and refer to our previous point to ensure you buy the right batteries for your mobility vehicle. 

Can I put stronger batteries in my mobility vehicle?

To increase the speed of your vehicle, or to improve the range, you might be tempted to consider stronger batteries. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible. Stronger batteries that hold more charge and Amp Hours require more space, so they are unlikely to fit in the battery compartment of your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. However, there are exceptions, and if you have noticed extra space in your vehicle, then yes, it may be possible to upgrade your batteries. However, you must check with your manufacturer first, or give us a call, as you don't want to install anything that could be detrimental to your vehicle. Please note: stronger batteries will increase the range, but any increase in speed will be incremental. Sorry speed demons!

Can I use my car battery on my mobility vehicle?

Unfortunately no. Car batteries provide a large amount of current over a short period of time, which is unsuitable for a mobility vehicle. Electric wheelchair and mobility scooter batteries provide steady amounts of current over a long period of time, which is why they are called Deep Cycle batteries. Always purchase the correct battery types for your vehicle, for both the preservation of your vehicle and your health and safety.

How long do mobility vehicle batteries last?

This all depends on the types of batteries you buy, and on how regularly you use your mobility vehicle. On average, batteries can last for around 2 years, and this is the case for most people.

If you were to use your wheelchair or scooter every day, however, and if you traveled more than 4-5 miles a day, your wheelchair battery or scooter battery would only last for around 6 months. This is because the more you travel the more you need to recharge your batteries, and unfortunately, there are only so many recharges in your batteries. The terrain can also be a factor. If there are a lot of steep roads in your neighborhood, and if you are going up and down them on a regular basis, then you will reduce the life of your batteries.

On the flip side, if you are only using your wheelchair in the house, or if you irregularly use your scooter, the batteries might last up to 4 years. To make sure you get the most life from your batteries, recharge them after usage, and charge them at least twice a month, even if you haven't been using your mobility vehicle. 

How can I maximize the life of the battery?

There are some very simple steps you can take to make your battery last longer.

  • Don't allow the battery to become flat
  • Don't charge it for less than 8 hours or longer than 24 hours
  • Charge your battery after every use
  • Only use the charger provided with your vehicle
  • Charge your battery fully, even when it's not in regular use

By following these basic charging steps, you will increase the lifespan of your battery. 

What charger do I need for my mobility vehicle batteries?

Here is a simple guide.

  • Batteries between 7Ah and 15Ah require a 24 Volt - 2A Charger
  • Batteries between 18AH and 35Ah require a 24 Volt - 3A Charger
  • Batteries between 35Ah and 60Ah require a 24 Volt - 5A Charger
  • Batteries between 65Ah and 100 Ah require a 24 Volt - 8Ah Charger

    In some instances, there is some overlap, and if you use your scooter or wheelchair a lot, you might need a higher capacity charger. For more information, check with your battery manufacturer or speak with our team for professional advice. 

    Where should I store my batteries?

    It is always advised that you store your batteries in a cool and dry place. While they are very robust, you can reduce their lifespan if you store them in a place where there is a lot of heat, or in a room where there is a lot of cold and damp. So, find a place in your home that is safe from extreme temperatures, as there will then be less chance of them conking out unexpectedly. 

    My mobility vehicle is slow. Is it a problem with the batteries?

    It might be that you need to adjust the settings on your vehicle, or you might need a refresher with the controls. However, if everything seems to be in order, then yes, it might mean your batteries need replacing. Get in touch with us to explore your options.

    Of course, there are other issues that might be in play. If you are using your vehicle to carry your shopping, you might experience slowdown on your mobility vehicle if you have exceeded the weight capacity limit. There might also be a problem with the motor or with the electronic brakes, in which cases, a repair might be needed. Should this be the case, you will be eligible for repair if you are still under warranty. Alternatively, we have partnered with WSR Solutions to provide you with repair services if your warranty has expired and your item is not covered by the supplier.

    What should I tell the airline about my batteries when I go on holiday?

    You should have little trouble taking your wheelchair or scooter on holiday with you, assuming there are no size restrictions. However, the airline might want to know about the type of batteries you use. For safety, they will want to make sure they are 'non-spillable.' Thankfully, Gel batteries and AGM batteries are both designed with this aspect in mind, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. However, there may be restrictions if you intend to carry Lithium batteries, so check with the airline when booking your ticket.

    Why Choose Scooters N' Chairs

    We pride ourselves on the products we sell and the services we provide, so excuse us for blowing our own trumpet. These are some of the reasons why you should choose for all of your mobility vehicle and battery needs. 

    We work with brands from the United States

    Because we work with brands that are based in the United States, there will never be any major disruption to the supply chain. Everything is shipped with a US carrier service, so you can be assured that we will always have what you need in a relatively short amount of time. We also work with those brands that we can trust. This can give you the assurance that the products you buy from us are reliable and the best of their type, with all of the long-lasting benefits that you require. 

    We offer low prices

    Our low prices don't equate to low quality. We charge the lowest price that we are legally allowed to offer, and offer some of the best prices in the industry. This is because we value you, the customer, and want to give you the very best deals that we can. We offer free shipping on products over $99 too, as well as monthly price plans to make things easier on your pocket. And we often have exclusive offers, so keep an eye on our website and get in touch with us to learn more. 

    We offer full warranty coverage

    For your peace of mind, we offer full warranty coverage. So, in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the product you purchase from us, you will be protected. 

    We provide outstanding customer support

    Choosing the right battery for your mobility vehicle can seem like a complicated process, but our friendly and experienced team are here to help you every step of the way. We are also here to help you with any other purchase you are considering, or if you have any concerns or queries about the items in question. Get in touch with us using the information on ourcontact us page, use our live chat service, or pop in to see us if you are in the local area. 

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