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The Top 13 Pride Mobility Power Vehicles

The Top 13 Pride Mobility Power Vehicles

Pride Mobility is a world-renowned leader in terms of design, development, and manufacture of mobility products including lift chairs, scooters, power chairs, electric wheelchairs, and more–especially for those who have mobility impairments and disabilities. The company is devoted to establishing a worldwide representation to make sure customers from all over the world are served only the best products.

Among the best products Pride has invented are their Pride Mobility Power Wheelchairs. Even though these electric vehicles vary in appearance, they serve the very same purpose. They are all essential for people with a mobility disability and impairment. In this article, we will review some of the best Pride Mobility power products. If you want to learn more, give this article a read.

But first, let’s discuss the different types of electric units. 

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Here are some of the most common types you can find in the market today:

Heavy-Duty Models

The heavy-duty units integrate the best features of ordinary chairs, yet have additionally reinforced and upgraded frames, batteries, and motors to provide optimal performance, with a much higher weight customer capacity. You might also find some models that are designed to be well suited to icy or unpaved terrain. The heavy-weight models that have added weight and width gives an extra stable and safe base, while the seats are readily available in sizes up to about 32 inches, holding weights up to about 600lbs. 

It is already a fact that these heavy-duty chairs have a tendency to cost more. Well, what you are going to pay for is a higher quality, higher weight capacity, higher stability, higher durability, and higher performance in the more challenging areas.

Full-Sized Models

The full-sized units are much larger and more multifaceted than the travel electric units, which we will discuss later. It also ranks in the higher level in terms of comfort, in comparison with all the other electric mobility vehicles. Furthermore, they are also available in an extensive variety of options and prices, in order to fit your budget and needs and frequently feature greatly customizable selections in areas like seat size or height.

Moreover, the full-sized electric models run on formidable batteries, which may take you where you wish to go all day with no hassle at all. The improved seats are also available if you wish to have an extra luxury, and some of these chairs even come with selections like all-ground tires if you think that you will need to take the chair on areas that aren’t paved.

The full-sized chairs have no less than a weight capacity that starts at 300 lbs. and frequently go up to 400lbs. This is perfect for all-day, everyday usage, and has a great range of prices and options. A lot of people choose this type of product above anything else.

Travel Models

The travel units are among the lightest and smallest designs. Highlighting an outstanding rotating radius, they might be used well in compact spaces. These electric chairs are intended to be transport-friendly and they may be disassembled in several lightweight pieces.

Furthermore, the travel electric units work best indoors, inside stores, or on smooth surfaces such as sidewalks. Because of their compact size and reduced weight, these chairs are best suitable for those who are under 250 lbs. and  shorter than 6 feet in height. The chairs are also less expensive than all most on the market today.

Now you know about the different types of products available, let us now review some of the best Pride Mobility Power Wheelchairs.

The Top 13 Pride Mobility Power Products

Here are some of the best units available from Scooters 'N Chairs.

Pride Mobility Go Chair

This is the re-imagined and re-engineered Go Chair made popular by Pride Mobility. It is re-engineered for better performance and comfort of people with mobility impairments. The new sleek design of this chair comes in 10 vibrant colors that surely gives your unit a bit personality. You don’t need anyone to push you around already, as this chair includes 18AH batteries, which enables you to operate this chair by yourself.

You can easily get in and out of the seat by lifting the armrest up. The stadium-style seat is what keeps you comfortable while you get to enjoy driving up to about 8.74 miles on just a single charge. Its enhanced comfort and performance, together with the feather-like touch disassembly of it are what allow you to enjoy independence and lightweight travel on the go. It also has an improved weight capacity of about 300 lbs.


Pride Mobility Jazzy Sport 2

The Pride Jazzy line is renowned for delivering top-notch and reliable chairs. The Pride Mobility Jazzy Sport 2 carries this legacy on at a much more affordable price. This is a responsive, economical, and stable product, which meets a range of mobility needs. This model is actually equipped with a headrest and high backpack captain’s seat, which tilts back, as well as armrests and swivels, which may be flipped up or set at custom elevations. It also has a joystick that you can install for either left-hand or right-hand use.

The Jazzy Sport is powered by 2 12-volt, U-1 batteries. Each of these charges may cover up to 13 miles. It also delivers a reliable power blend, style, and performance. The inline front wheel drive technology of this chair is what gives it maneuverability and stability for a solid performance, indoors and outdoors. This is the economical option that you can use to meet your mobility needs without breaking your savings account.

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport

When you’re the kind of person that’s always on-the-go, a foldable, lightweight model gives a convenient option for the daily hustle and bustle. You can use the Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport for easy storage and transport to take a bit of hassle out of the busy lifestyle that you have. It easily folds in simple steps and may easily be carried like luggage. This unit is built with style, durability, and coziness in mind, thus giving you the freedom to move.

With its overall weight of only 60 pounds, traveling with it is so easy. It also offers big space availability, having a backseat pocket, as well as under-seat bag storage. Consumers may also love the useful net cup holder in it, which keeps any drinks sealed.


Pride Mobility Jazzy Select 6

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Select 6 is a sporty design that is essential for you to have a smooth ride. You can easily adjust it to your comfort from its power raised seating to its removable armrests. The seat and lab belt of this chair may also be adjusted for its width.

This has 10-inch solid drive wheels, which are teamed with a suspension. This is what gives the unit stability over bumpy terrain and ramp alterations. Moreover, the suspension of it absorbs any obstacle’s shock. Moreover, the mid-wheel drive of this chair provides the tightest turning radius, thus it is capable of handling well even in tightest areas.

Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 ES

The Pride Mobility 600 ES has an impressive 16.65 miles/charge of travel distance, an advanced suspension system, and six-wheel design, which are very advantageous features to have. The Active-Trac ATX Suspension system plus 14-inch drive wheels will help you in maintaining better control of the chair, both indoors and outdoors, as well as when you are facing different terrains. 

Jazzy 600 ES’ NF-22 batteries are also to thank for the astonishing travel distance, which allows you in going farther than with the standard power vehicle. Whether flexibility, speed, or distance is your greatest concern, the Jazzy 600 ES will surely meet your needs.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite 14

If you are searching for a product which delivers both maneuverability and function, this might be the ideal one for you. It has a patented mid-wheel drive, larger-than-the-standard batteries, and 300lbs. weight, thus providing users with a better experience and more convenience.

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite 14 is a first-class, indoor or outdoor unit for people who want independence tied with great performance. This also combines styling, safety, and comfort all in one excellent package.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Select Elite

This unit provides the performance that you expect from an electric vehicle with a sporty, fun look. It is designed for outdoor and indoor use. Further, it also gives you the freedom you may rely on, in order to stay on-the-go. It also features a two-motor front-wheel system and mid-wheel design, making sure of excellent adhesion, the right distribution of weight and top of the line maneuverability.

This also provides a powerful style, performance, and blend of power. What gives it excellent maneuverability and stability for a solid performance outdoors and indoors is its in-line, front-wheel technology.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite ES 1

Having a mobility disability doesn’t mean your life should slow down. You can still travel in comfort and style with the Jazzy Elite ES 1. It is aimed to carry out with all-out maneuverability whether it is outdoors and indoors. It features an inline, front-wheel drive, in order to make constricted turns easy. It may also handle a variety of obstacles and terrain, all thanks to the large anterior wheels on it, which are intended for anti-tipping, providing you the capacity to ascent with ease and confidence.

Pride Mobility Portable Jazzy Elite ES

This model is built for comfort and convenience. The front-wheel system that it has utilizes an inline supervision arrangement, which provides you with stable movement. Fueling the anterior wheels is what allows this unit to turn swiftly, so it’s excellent for inside use, additionally, it may be used outdoors as the huge front wheels are capable of absorbing impact from any obstacles or terrains, which might stop some other models. Furthermore, the cushioned headrest, back, and seat are stress-free on the body for a more relaxed ride. Perchance most significantly, it’s handy and you can break it down to 5 pieces - this means you may take it wherever you want to go.

The easy to manage design and additional jazzy armor is what makes the chair more resistant and more reliable to the usual wear and tear than some other units. You can also change the port easily on the controller of this chair.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD

In order to maintain an active lifestyle, you may want a heavy-duty model that is  ready for anything that lies ahead. This product is designed to be long-lasting and has the capacity to handle various terrains with style. It is built with a large front-wheel drive, which may resist slippage.

It also puts control into your hands and gives you the peace of mind whether you are maneuvering in constricted spaces and handling climbs. The powerful two-motor construction of it may handle outdoor and indoor travel with ease and comfort.


The Pride Mobility Jazzy 614HD Bariatric Unit

If you are searching for a product that possesses the power for you to get you anywhere you want to go to and is well-designed for bariatric users, this is the product for you. It has a 450 lbs. capacity and an 11-mile range of travel, hence you may look ahead to a more comfortable ride, which can take you wherever life may lead you.

This also has a dual improved in-line motor for much greater torque, efficiency and performance. The independent front casters of it lower and raise as necessary to recompense instantaneously for terrain changes, thus making it easy to transition.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2

This product features groundbreaking features like a powered elevating seat, which takes just 11 seconds to raise an extra 12 inches. It does this even while the chair is moving. Whether you want to adjust for different table heights or wish to position yourself for communicating with someone, this chair may help you live your life the way that you deserve.

It is all about customization and comfort. It boasts three seat sizes to choose from, an adjustable footplate and battery upgrade options. This also delivers on great style, with a sleek, modern, and functional design. Whether you’re heading outdoors or wish for a custom chair height, this chair will meet up to the daily expectations you have.


The Pride Mobility 1450

This product is a stylish powerhouse, which features a weight capacity of about 600 pounds, custom seat offering, and striking color options. Moreover, it provides an affordable price and a smooth ride, which is missing from some other electric models in the 600lbs. category. If you wish to avoid getting jaded by your unit, this is ideal for you.

The Jazzy 1450 has a front-based bariatric power base that has a weight capacity of about 600lbs, as well as sturdy construction which makes it a great product. The distinctive design of it is what delivers high-performance operations indoors and outdoors.

Final Say

There you have it, you now know the different types of power vehicles, as well as the best models Pride Mobility has to offer. Even though they vary in appearance and components, one thing is for sure –they serve the same purpose. And that is to better the lives of people who have mobility disabilities and impairments. This is also the major mission of Pride–the leader in designing and manufacturing  mobility products. Whatever it is that you choose in the aforementioned Pride Mobility models, it will lead you or your loved ones to a more independent and active lifestyle.

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