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Learn About Accessories for Power Vehicles

Learn About Accessories for Power Vehicles

Having a power unit isn’t just about getting it around. Gaining independence and convenience are factors that you’ll want to consider when purchasing a model. There are many essential and convenient options available on the market today to enhance and customize your unit.

Accessories for Power Vehicles

The accessories for your power device can vary depending on the model and your needs. Although advances in technology have made using a wheelchair much easier, accessories make it more enjoyable too!

You can find accessories online or in specialty stores. Be sure to ensure that they will work properly with your chair before purchasing. Whether you want more comfort, extra storage, or to go further with an extra battery pack, there are options available for you!

Cup Holders

Assuming you like to take trips with your family, or reaching the coffee table is difficult for you, add a cup holder to your chair. Avoid dehydration of a loved one because they’re unable to reach their drink with a cup holder!

Mobility Supplement Holders

For those who use their chair often but also like to get up and walk about, you can attach a holder specifically designed to hold your cane or walker. With the ease and comfort of taking your walking aid with you, you won’t feel so confined to a chair on outings.

Oxygen Tank Attachments

If you, like so many others, need an oxygen tank some options will secure your tank to your chair. With no more lose tanks banging around or needing to be carried, this attachment will allow you to have easier access to your oxygen.

Backpacks & Totes

It’s not easy to take essentials with you everywhere you go when you rely on a wheelchair to get around. Backpacks and totes that are specifically designed for your vehicle allow you to have more storage while also ensuring that your pack doesn’t fall.


Another great addition to keep with you at all times is spare batteries. Providing an extra charge to your model allows you to go further while ensuring that you don’t become stranded.


To add to the storage of your power model, some companies make trailers that you can have attached to your chair. Having a day at the beach? You can carry that cooler again!

Safety Gear

One of the essentials for your safety is mobility scooter flags and lights. For those who leave the house, these bright options alert others and draw their attention to you. This makes for safer travels in busy areas.


As we age, we become more sensitive to sunlight. Some companies are now offering canopies for your power vehicle. Rainy days are no fun for those who need to control their chair while holding an umbrella. Look into canopies as an option to protect your skin and keep you dry.

There are so many options available to you or your loved ones to bring back their independence and make them more comfortable. With so many options and styles, coping with confinement to a wheelchair is made simpler with accessories.

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