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The Best Mobility & Power Products for Someone on a Budget

The Best Mobility & Power Products for Someone on a Budget

Is your budget being spent wisely? Check out the best affordable mobility scooters & power wheelchairs for someone on a budget!

It’s a great idea to set a budget before you start spending, especially since prices are constantly increasing for these types of products. For someone with mobility issues, sometimes finances must be allocated for medication and other necessary items to quicken the healing. Two popular mobility solutions are medical vehicles and power vehicles. These rides aid a person with agility issues to move from place to place without hassle.

These very useful tools are now available at affordable prices so that anyone can afford it. Here are the scooters and power chairs that won’t break the bank!

Note: The following products are arranged in an ascending price range.

The Top 4 Budget Mobility Units

  1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel

Daily adventures will never be missed, never again. The Go-Go Ultra X is a lightweight scooter that can do smooth runs. Fitting its smaller pieces into a car makes it transportable and appropriate for everyday use. More beneficial features are offered at a lower price.

The seat swivels for a comfier ride. Despite its compactness, it can be built with two storages, one front basket, and an optional basket at the back. It comes with an off-board charger for more convenient charging. This 3-wheel model works well both indoors and outdoors but only in a level ground façade. Tires are mark-free.

It only travels 6.9 miles with 260 pounds of weight. That’s more than enough for its price.


  • Available in 4 wheel version
  • Great turning radius


  • Cannot go on bumps
  1. Golden Technologies Buzzaround Lite

Roomier foot room is built in on this lightweight and compact Buzzaround Lite. With that, accommodating an individual weighing 300 pounds is possible as comfort is sustained throughout the ride. Further, 8 to 12 hours of charging is expected before the first use.

The user doesn’t have to sit on their heels to recharge the unit for the easy-to-access charger is found near the tiller. An adjustable stadium-seat style together with the armrests provides the best driving position. High torque motors are used to render more power on 8 miles travel range. A delta tiller is responsible for all the turns and maneuvering by only turning its knob.

Storing it is done by pulling it into five smaller pieces to easily fit on cars. Interchangeable panels are included to customize the unit.


  • Basket storage is included
  • Wireless disassembly process


  • No headlight and suspension
  1. Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel

We are still on a mobility product that is priced lower than thousands. The Spitfire Scout is under the extended range section and that means it can go farther distances as compared to other mentioned products. All features added are standard and user-friendly.

It can enter standard doorways. Going up to 15 miles of distance is within reach through its delta tiller that is controlled one-hand. Regardless of the driving range, the entire scooter only weighs 94 pounds and can be disassembled with its heaviest piece of 39 pounds. Folding the seat during storage saves more space. Anyways, the seat can be elevated up to 2” whether in motion or not.

The model is built with rear-wheel drive for better stability. Keeping your personal items on a basket with enough space is easy to access.


  • Extended range
  • Elevated seat
  • Adjustable Tiller


  • No suspension
  1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-Wheel

With its affordable price, an upgraded battery option is offered to run a longer distance of 9.7 miles. The unit is built compact to easily enter narrow hallways to perform outdoor rides. Stability is also maintained with its anti-tip tires and front-mounted seat and so you can go wherever you go with confidence in mind.

It is steered not via a delta tiller but through straight handlebars. The downfall is it cannot be controlled using one-hand. The microprocessor-based controller renders an ideal driving performance all through the trip. Separating the unit into smaller parts is a one-hand process. The basket storage can be removed with an option of changing it into larger basket storage.

The included interchangeable panels can match your personality whenever you want to customize the unit’s look.


  • Has a larger battery option
  • On and off-board charger are included


  • Cannot be controlled by one-hand

The Top 5 Budget Motorized Wheelchairs 

  1. Pride Mobility Go Chair

The Go Chair is popularly known for its performance and now it has been re-engineered to make every area be better. The new version is available in ten vibrant colors that’ll match every user’s personality. Two 18AH batteries are included to let you drive long distances.

Feather-touch disassembly allows the unit to be pulled apart into lighter pieces and be stored in a car during travels. The Go Chair has a crowd-pleasing appearance as well as a great performance on the road. A small turning radius is a tight space friendly feature of the wheelchair which enables the user to go shopping without causing disruption to other shoppers. The armrests can be adjusted in width and height as the footplate is adjusted up to your desired angle. Two compartments are placed under the seat to certainly secure stuff. 

Even with light construction, the electric vehicle can accommodate 300 pounds of weight and can go up to 8.7 miles. Adding up other accessories such as a cup holder and even upgraded batteries is done with a separate cost.


  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Transportable electric vehicle


  • Not foldable

    1. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus

    If you’re looking for a typical looking model that is powered electrically, look no further than the Cirrus Plus. The significant difference on normal wheelchairs is on how it is controlled via the joystick which is highly favorable and cleaner.

    It is designed foldable as the battery is removed during storage. Adjustment features from head to toe are offered. It includes height-adjustable armrests, swing-away footrest, backseat upholstery, and two width size options seat. The joystick can be positioned on the left or right armrest in order to aid every user. Maneuverability is made easy with its rear-wheel drive and other essential controls.

    Drive Medical is rendering 1-year in-home service for its maintenance. Every trip towards bumpy roads is made smoother and more convenient because of its 4” ground clearance.


    • Programmable joystick
    • Included heel loops and calf strap
    • Extra foam-padded seat


    • Cannot be disassembled
    • No suspension
    1. Pride Mobility Jazzy Sport 2

    Jazzy Sport 2 is under the Pride Jazzy line that is notorious in terms of reliability and style. By means of its price, Jazzy Sport 2 meets the mobility needs of every user. It actually exceeds your need without breaking your budget.

    Front-wheel drive and anti-tip tires are effective factors for the wheelchair to run on multiple surfaces. A well-built high-back seat with a headrest can be reclined and swiveled for a comfier ride. The joystick can be placed on either side as long as the user will be comfortable in maneuvering the wheelchair. It is powered with two great motors that it can reach 13 miles.

    Shroud and controller guards are present for overall safety. It performs well outdoors.


    • Foldable
    • Affordable for outdoor terrains
    • Multiple seat adjustments


    • No suspension
    1. Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport

    Pride Mobility isn’t only good in inventing products that have a disassembly feature but also foldable ones. A day-to-day wandering in parks or malls is now within grasp with this traditional looking motorized chair. It’ll not hurt your pocket and it makes you feel looking good riding on it.

    Effortless folding of the unit makes it more favorable for travel. It fits easily on cars or even tighter storage areas. The ride is powered with a brushed motor and Li-On batteries that bring up a better performance in reaching 9.6 miles. Limited suspension and a dual braking system render a smoother and safer trip. A user’s safety is secured by a seat belt. The seat is fully foam-padded to put up with a comfier ride.

    Cup holder, backseat pocket storage, under seat mesh storage, and USB charger are all included upon purchase.


    • Well-built
    • Limited warranties are offered


    • Cannot be disassembled

      1. Drive Medical Titan AXS

      The Titan AXS surely exceeds all of the previous models in so many ways. The price itself speaks a lot on its performance. Bluetooth electronics on the controller are assembled which is more convenient and beneficial to the user.

      It is a mid-wheel drive unit with a very tight turning radius of 20”. Therefore, going to narrower areas is possible. Besides, the comfortable seat has many adjustable options including the height and width and its reclining and swiveling positions. Taller users are accommodated by its seat with 7” height adjustment. Its swing-away joystick renders at ease operation.

      The model travels a longer distance range of 19 miles while carrying 300 pounds of weight. User is secured by its positioning belt.


      • Suitable for taller users
      • Farther driving range


      • Not foldable


      Have you saved some pennies to buy either a mobility scooter or a power wheelchair?

      Before anything else, check out the five frequently asked questions to guide you in choosing the best and suitable product for you. These include:

      Where can I look for an affordable product?

        Go and click this link to visit the Scooters N’ Chairs website. They offer products that are within your budget. Surely, all products came from reputable and topmost brands.

        How affordable are the offered mobility solutions?

          These are products sold below a thousand dollars and yet perform very well. We’ve included some on the earlier review of products. Others are still affordable: those within the range of two to three thousand.

          Why should I buy an affordable mobility solution?

            Though not always, a cheap product will usually perform cheaply. See it for yourself on the product's description if the purchase is worth its cost or not. Moreover, mobility solutions aren’t used every day. It’s all up to the user on how steward they are in riding it.

            Further, you don’t need a very expensive ride. The primary goal is to get well and be free to move.

            How to select an affordable mobility solution?

              Look at its offered features, not only the price. Do not be hoodwinked upon the price but more of the quality it renders.

              Which are the best recommended affordable mobility solutions?

                For mobility units, we choose the Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel as it reaches the farther distance which is a very user-catchy feature. And it applies standard features that are user-friendly. Under power products, we pick the Drive Medical Titan AXS because of the advancement in controls and its suitability on taller users. Both came from Drive Medical - that means this brand can be trusted in producing models at a lower cost.


                Your budget won’t be understated even though you decide to purchase a unit. The best reminder we would want to leave for consumers is in picking a product; price won’t matter as long as it can render the user’s primary needs. You don’t have to look for an expensive product as we’ve seen - affordable models have the ability to exceed those over-priced mobility solutions.

                At the present time, choose to be a practical buyer because it's not all the time we all have the resources. It’s not required to break the bank every time you make a purchase. The real deal is to make every purchase count.

                There are still lots of devices offered at a lower price. You can visit the Scooters N’ Chairs website for more products to check out for. Click this link for more details.

                Did we miss anything?

                Be free to share your thoughts in the comment box. You can leave recommendations and other queries there. We respond quickly to help you find answers. Thanks for your time!

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