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The Top 5 Afikim Extended Range Mobility Units

The Top 5 Afikim Extended Range Mobility Units

Do you want to travel further on your electric handicap vehicle? Try out the best Afikim extended range mobility products listed below!

Extended range mobility units travel the extra miles you need. It can be used for extreme trips. The unit is durable, lasts longer, and performs very well even when going to far away places.

If you really love traveling, don’t miss out on Afikim’s longest travel range.

About Afikim

There are companies who aren't satisfied with what is already produced and one of them is Afikim. For over 35 years in business, they have never stopped enhancing the finished products or making them more extensive. Afikim is so obsessed with maintaining the comfort and safety for every model made. Further, orthopedic seating is what makes Afikim products different from other brands.

Afiscooters are classified into sections as according to the user’s need. There are heavy-duty models, portable scooters, and of course, extended range ones. Indeed, Afikim provides a vehicle that can bring you almost anywhere you wanted to go.  

You can expect the different looking extended range mobility products from Afikim listed below. Let’s see the differences between the selected models from Scooters 'N Chairs. Keep on reading!

The Top 5 Extended Range Mobility Units of Afikim

  1. Afiscooter Breeze C 3-Wheel Unit

Starting off with a simple looking three-wheel design named Afiscooter C. It is built in a broader width of 26” which isn’t proper for indoor use. Definitely, Afiscooter C is great for uneven ground and wider space surfaces. It's driving range is 25 miles at 9.30 mph of speed.

Despite being simple by look, it is full of surprising features. The high orthopedic seat rotates 360-degrees for easy getting in and out. Its height can be adjusted and has foldable armrests. Basket storage is literally attached in front above the headlight to store up stuff. On the handlebar are rearview mirrors to keep you aware of what’s around. To control it, an adjustable tiller exists as well as full suspension and shock absorbers.


  1. Designed simple yet stunning
  2. One-hand operation


  1. Cannot be folded or disassembled


The Breeze C 3-Wheel unit is strictly intended for outdoor use. The distance range is enough to satisfy the user's expectation.

  1. Afiscooter Breeze C 4-Wheel Unit

It is simply the four-wheel version of the previous model. However, this one is made slimmer measuring 18” in width and therefore fits in standard doorways. The unit cannot be disassembled but standard vehicle lifts will do the job in storing it in a car. It has the same speed and distance range as the prior model.    

Even the appearance seems like the 3-wheel version. Turning radius is a bit higher amounting to 67” which is preferable for longer trips. Also, the weight capacity is heavier at 330-pounds as more wheels are supporting it. Controls are enhanced, including suspensions and full shock bumpers. Moreover, it is heavier and sturdier is structure.


  1. Swiveling seat
  2. Turning radius is great


  1. No seat height adjustment


It is really surprising to know that it is more slender than the prior model. Moreover, its turning radius is greater than expected. Knowing that its controls are enhanced is so convincing to upgrade your existing model at home.

  1. Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Unit


Up next is an award-winning extended range mobility unit from the Afikim under S series. It won the Red Dot Design Award in 2011. The reward shows it’s worth buying. Further, it appears luxurious and good looking, that is appropriate for outdoor use. It can run a distance of 28 miles, 3 miles farther than the previous models, with the same speed.

The Afiscooter S series is built heavier and broader - it cannot be lifted by a vehicle lift or fit indoors. It also carries a maximum weight of 450 pounds through an orthopedic high seat with height adjustment and moveable armrests. Current driving status is seen on the electronic LCD display panel. There’s a panic sensor that automatically shuts down the unit when necessary. Storage is not a problem as there are two, one front basket and one rear lock box. The latter is used for personal stuff.

Scooter weather-protection is sold separately.


  1. The LED light has a dimming feature
  2. Can be considered as heavy-duty
  3. Award-winning


  1. Highly expensive
  2. Cannot be operated using one-hand


Storage is one major factor during travels and it has two. Further, there are other unique features it has that aren’t found on other models like a panic sensor. Being an award-winning product is a big plus to catch consumer’s attention.

  1. Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Unit

The S series Afiscooter has upgraded the 3-wheeled version into 4-wheels. The S 4-wheel unit also received Red Dot Design Award on the same year as the prior. There’s no huge difference upon the appearance as to the former product. It only adds one piece of a wheel in front. Travel distance and the speed range is the same too, 28-miles and 9.3mph, respectively.

The vehicle is expected to be heavier and more extensive than the three-wheeled version. It cannot be lifted by a vehicle lift and is only good for outdoor use. It is composed of adjustable parts such as the seat and tiller. The complete lighting package is also built-in with a panic sensor that is responsible for automatic shutdown. Other necessary controls are designed to be advanced and user-friendly. Dual storage is present, one in front and one locking cargo box.


  1. More advanced controls
  2. Easy to operate


  1. Bulky design
  2. Highly expensive


The only difference visible in the eye compared to the 3-wheel version is the adjustments feature. This model highly considers the user’s comfort through the adjustments. Also, the controls are more advanced and yet easy to operate. There’s a bit adjustment on the price.

  1. Afikim SE

The SE appears like a motorcycle with three wheels. The features are also comparable to motorcycles such as the handlebars and tires. It is designed more compact with enough legroom. It renders a convenient and comfortable ride on all terrain surfaces. The travel distance range is 28 miles at a speed range from 7.5 mph to 9.3 mph.

Its large pneumatic wheels allow it to overcome difficult roads. It is also built with a high, soft-padded and rotatable seat with foldable armrests. The seat can be upgraded up to 33” wide to accommodate two persons side-by-side. Handlebars are adjustable in height and angle to provide the desired comfort. Roomy basket storage is placed at the back. Top covering is sold separately.


  1. Great stability
  2. Highest weight capacity on the list
  3. Well-built and nice looking design


  1. Not portable
  2. Highly expensive


The SE has the most different appearance among the others listed. Yet, it is the most powerful model for outdoor use.


Are you overly excited to go on a trip?

Beforehand, let us remind you about a few things that might bring you to the best product from Afikim in a series of questions. Asking about the product before the actual purchase will save you from regret and wasted expenses.

  • Where can I look for an extended range mobility scooter?

Nowadays, sellers are everywhere. Some are found in the market place whether online or at a stall. We recommend the Scooters 'N Chairs website as they offer several reputable brands. Looking for the desired product is so easy through the navigation menus or the search bar. Different types are categorized according to their usefulness.

  • What makes Afikim products different from the other brands?

Afikim implements the use of an orthopedic seat which is more comfortable than the usual seat used by many producers. As said earlier, Afikim considers both the comfort and safety of every product created. They continuously innovate designs for models offered in the market to satisfy consumer needs.

  • What to consider in looking for an extended range mobility unit?

Extended mobility units are named after long travel range. These normally travel farther distances than the other types. Here are important factors an extended range unit must have:

Maximum distance range

Knowing the distance range will let you know on which category it falls. Over 25 miles of total traveled distance is considered as part of an extended range section. This is the most observed feature for this type.

Speed range

Speed doesn't really matter as long as it reaches a farther distance. However, the average speed range is above 5 mph and that is sufficient to reach the desired distance.

Weight capacity

High weight capacity is an advantage, especially for a long distance ride. This also proves the sturdiness even when driven on different surfaces.


Be certain that the tires are built durable enough to conquer all terrain surfaces. Larger wheels are more appropriate for outdoor use. Shock absorber feature is dependent on the tires used. You can expect a smoother ride when the tires are in good condition.

Battery life

To be able to travel far distances, a longer battery life is required. They are normally powered by brushless motor and batteries. Look for one that allows larger battery option.


A scooter that renders a comfortable seat is greatly favorable on this type. Further, Afikim uses an orthopedic seat in almost all of their products. Adjustable seat height and moveable armrests are a plus to make the seat comfier.

  • Are extended range mobility units expensive?

Based on the mentioned products earlier, extended range units are obviously sold at a higher cost. It is acceptable because of the features it renders. This type is worthy of purchase. Nonetheless, there are other brands that offer extended range units which cost less.

  • Which Afikim extended range mobility unit is the best recommended?

Afikim products are worthy to buy as seen on the features offered. Among the five models aforementioned, we pick the Afiscooter S 3-Wheel because of the goodness it displays both in appearance and in performance. Though the price cannot be afforded by many, getting one will let the user experience a world-class ride. Another reason is it can work well as a heavy-duty unit due to its capabilities. You can look no further than Afiscooter S 3-wheel unit.

The Final Word

Now that you’ve discovered so many long distance models, have you chosen the one you prefer?

We have learned that an extended range of mobility products refers to the distance reach capability. There are models created to run a longer distance. Everybody wants a far travel distance to make more memories. Therefore, purchasing one of the mentioned products above is recommended. You can still look for others in the market until it satisfies your desire.

The frequently asked questions serve as a buying guide for confused buyers. We hope we answered the questions correctly and helpfully. Questions are gathered in accordance with the need of new consumers who have no idea about the best Afikim extended mobility products.

Do you have more questions in mind?

Write a comment in the box below and wait for a quick response.

For more details, do not hesitate to visit this website. Thank you for reading!  

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