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The Top 6 Bariatric Power Devices

The Top 6 Bariatric Power Devices

Are you looking for an electric wheelchair that is suitable for almost any user? Look no further than the best bariatric power wheelchairs!

We are all familiar with plus-size clothes and larger versions of other things we buy. And the bariatric patient finds it difficult to move due to their above normal weight? Is there a plus-size option that could help a person move during recovery?

The good news is, there is! These are called bariatric power wheelchairs!

These vehicles can transport a person weighing beyond average from one place to another. This post discusses specific products that can carry an extra-sized patient with a mobility problem. The following are only a few of many motorized wheelchairs offered in the market. Let’s get it started!

The Top 6 Bariatric & Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs

  1. Pride Mobility Jazzy 614HD Bariatric Unit

The first and foremost product that is designed for bariatric users is the Pride Mobility Jazzy 614HD. It is excellent for all-around performance for either the indoors, outdoors, or even on inclines. This happens due to its mid-wheel 6 technology and Active-Trac ATX Suspension that are in control for the whole ride. The front wheels are responsible for making easy transitions in all terrain surfaces. Additionally, dual in-line motors help for an overall smooth ride. Independent suspensions together with a dynamic spring-strut dampening system minimize the shaking in every ride. All are controlled with Dynamic Shark standard electronics.

The styling was never compromised. It has a high-back, extra-large seat that is adjustable in depth and folded flat when not in use. Even the foot platform is adjustable in depth. The joystick can be placed in either left or right armrest.

It can carry 450-pounds of weight for up to 11-miles of travel range.


  • Great performance
  • Well-built
  • Suitable for any body type


  • Cannot be disassembled
  • Slightly expensive
  1. Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450


This is another from the Jazzy series to search for. Every bariatric person can depend on the Jazzy 1450 by reason of its highly durable construction whether indoors or out. It is a heavy-duty model that is designed with front-wheel drive. This creates a gentle and safer ride across any type of terrain. A high-efficiency motor package is built to keep it going for up to 12-miles of travel distance. It can also reach a maximum speed of 4.5mph with confidence in mind that it won’t cause any incidents through the 90Amp VR2 6-Key controller. Besides, a smoother ride is sustained that is favorable for users with a bad physical condition.

Making it look more personal is done through customization of its size, color, and other ride options such as seat style. There’s a high-back seat, a  captain’s seat, and a reclining seat. The choice mainly depends upon the user’s comfort.

600-pounds of weight are to be carried by the Jazzy 1450 without difficulty. It is indeed a powerful unit.


  • Robust construction
  • Customizable
  • High-weight capacity


  • Highly Priced
  • Cannot be pulled apart
  1. Merits Health P182 Heavy-Duty Model

Merits Health Products have created the most suitable ride for every bariatric user’s needs. The P182 is a great choice for travel as it only weighs 190-pounds and can be folded for easy storage. Despite being lightweight, it is considered to be under the heavy-duty category because of its performance. It can go around indoors and outdoors. 25-miles of distance range are reached per charge at a speed of 4mph. A programmable controller is in favor of the user that can freely demand its desired speed and other controls. Auxiliary brakes cause a safer and less bumpy ride. 12V 22NF batteries are included upon purchase and keep it lasting long.

It is constructed like a typical wheelchair with an individual swing-away footplate and swaying armrests. The gel-cushion seat has a seat belt to prevent the user from falling off. It is controlled via a joystick placed on the armrest. Rear-wheel drive is used for great stability.

It normally carries 450-pounds but can level up its capacity for up to 600-pounds of weight. That’s far expected knowing its weight that is mentioned earlier.


  • High-weight capacity
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be folded and easily stored


  • Might not exceed competitors in style
  1. Golden Technologies Compass HD


To remain stable over all terrains is priceless. Golden Technologies adds up standard features on the original Compass model to bring up a heavier duty Compass Power Chair. Every user will be transported to places that they never dreamed of with so much stability and enjoyment. Passing on rocky and uneven roads is supported by its center-wheel drive. It won't cause each trip to be cut short. The entire trip is made possible by 75Amps Dynamic Shark, with a peak controller. The joystick is placed in the right armrest and swings away for easy getting on and off.

It is built with a foldable captain’s seat which is height adjustable in both the front and rear seat posts. Flip-up armrests are added for better security and convenient riding in and out of the chair. In addition, the footplate is adjustable up to the desired comfort.

The maximum weight it carries is 450-pounds running up to 12-miles. For easy storing, the seat can be removed through its slide seat mechanism.


  • Can be folded flat
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Great stability over terrains


  • Highly expensive
  • Cannot be disassembled
  • No suspension
  1. Shoprider 6Runner 14


Daily use of a device like this is necessary for a person who has mobility problems. The 6Runner 14 is suitable for everyday use without being easily destroyed. It is the best to use for outdoor surfaces and yet appropriate for indoors too. The mid-wheel drive type with six-point ground contact is applied to sustain stability over rough surfaces. The larger battery option is available for extended usefulness measuring 12v 75Ah to reach over 20-miles. That is 1.5-miles farther than the 12v 50Ah batteries. There is quick battery access for easy charging with the included 8A off-board charger. Electronic brakes, suspension system, and electronic 60Amp VR2 control are used to keep the chair going.

    The reclining captain’s seat is built with a four post seating system to attain the desired comfort throughout the ride. For added comfort, a headrest, adjustable armrests, and footrest are present.

    450-pounds of weight are easily accompanied by the 6Runner 14. The programmable joystick controller is responsible for the entire ride.


    • Has a larger battery option
    • Durably designed


    • One color availability
    1. Merits Atlantis

    The last but certainly the best bariatric device on the list is the Merits Atlantis. It conforms to the one best quality a bariatric wheelchair must have, an extra-wide seat size. Almost all body types can easily fit in it and therefore greater comfort will be rendered to the user. It is built with a four-post seat base that enhances its stability. High-powered inline motors allow the chair to climb an uphill sidewalk. Rear-wheel drive is used with a great turning radius that is suitable for even tight spaces.

    Higher weight capacity is expected through its wider seat that can accompany 600-pounds. It can go 32-miles straight through the included 12V Group 24 batteries and an off-board charger.

    Overall construction is built with extra safety and with the benefit of a heavy-duty model. It is offered at the most reasonable price that speaks its quality.


    • The wider seat is built
    • High-weight capacity


    • No suspension
    • Cannot be disassembled nor folded


    Now that you have a background about bariatric power chair, choosing which is best might still be crucial. The mentioned products are not the complete list yet. Meaning, you will encounter lots of the best bariatric products in the marketplace.

    Don’t worry! This section will help you go through the best of the best products to pick which really fit your needs. Here are five helpful frequently asked questions to look for:

    How to recognize a unit under bariatric classification?

      Bariatric electric wheelchairs are commonly classified under the heavy-duty category. The differences from the other models include the weight capacity and seat size. It has a higher weight capacity of more than 350-pounds up to 700-pounds. For that reason, a wider seat size is necessary - which a bariatric model has. Additionally, they are built with advanced durability and are larger in size as compared to standard wheelchairs to render extra support. It is recommended for obese patients or for anyone who is bigger in size.

      Where to buy bariatric models?

        Scooters N’ Chairs primarily offers mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs from topmost brands. Products are organized according to where it is designed. The navigation panels clearly show the most appropriate products for the consumers. It allows the buyer to search for specific products especially when the buyer has already decided on which to purchase.

        Click this link to check out the newest and trendiest models now available in the market.

        What are the differences in the drive system that they use?

          The drive system talks about the positioning of drive wheels on every unit. Choosing the right drive system is the most important decision a buyer has to make. It is because the entire chair depends upon the drive system. Here are the three drive systems:

          Table #1: Differences between Drive Systems

          Drive System


          Ride smoothness


          Front-wheel drive




          Mid-wheel drive




          Rear-wheel drive




          They slightly differ in all three aspects. In choosing which is which, make sure it suits your needs. However, the rear-wheel drive got the most “bests” and therefore receives the most sympathy from the buyers though it has a limited turning radius.

          How to choose the best bariatric model?

            In the midst of many bariatric products being offered, here are essential factors that must be considered in choosing the best one:

            The durability of the construction

            It is important that bariatric models are well-built to perfectly render its supposed performance. That is to give extra support to the user.

            Weight capacity

            The higher it is, the more it fits in with bariatric models. The highest weight capacity is 700-pounds.  


            The seat is made wider when it comes to heavy-duty products. Many adjustments are present to easily accompany the intended user. They are mostly high-seat to support up to the head.

            Base support

            Since it’ll carry a heavier weight than usual, the base must be built to be sturdy, however, it can still be easily transported.


            This pertains to the controls, padded seat and armrests, and in its maneuverability. This must aid the user’s need to easily operate the chair despite the present bad condition.

            Battery life

            Normally, they can go extra miles per charge and that is amazing. Some products do have a larger battery option to reach farther distances. 

            How much is the average cost of a heavy-duty bariatric model?

              They cost depends on its expected performance. In the case of bariatric wheelchairs, they’re usually priced higher than those standard wheelchairs. It’ll range a thousand dollars and more.

              Final Thoughts

              Indeed, their usefulness really depends upon the user’s condition. Thanks to the manufacturers for making a ride for people who are under bariatric surgery or medication. They don’t have to fit on standard wheelchairs as bariatric models are primarily created for them. Comfort and fast recovery are now being assured.

              All the details discussed in the frequently asked questions section can serve as a buying guide for all the consumers. We select to discuss the things you need to know to avoid faulty purchases and to end up with the most appropriate bariatric unit.

              Have we missed a point? You are free to ask questions below and wait for a quick reply. Have a good day!

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