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The Top 3 Drive Medical Extended Range Mobility Units

The Top 3 Drive Medical Extended Range Mobility Units

Planning a long trip? First, let us talk about the best Drive Medical extended range mobility vehicles!

Fulfill your long-ride plans with an extended range model. Tell your friends to get one too. Obviously, extended range scooters still go a shorter distance than a car. These devices are normally intended for people who have difficulty in mobility.

Extended range mobility vehicles or long travel range models are proficient in reaching far distances. Many top mobility brands offer this means of transport at a most reasonable price.

The article will discuss extended range scooters options from a distinct manufacturer—Drive Medical. This will make your search for the best medical vehicle easier and more convenient.

About Drive Medical

Medical Depot, Inc. was the first name of Drive Medical. It was established over 18 years ago. The company is full of passion for creating world-class products pertaining to medical equipment. Yet the day came when its name was changed to Drive Medical, as the company realized it was more suited in this line of business.

Drive Medical became the fastest growing company as the customers persistently increased due to the manufactured scooters. During 2015, Drive Medical has formed DeVilbiss Healthcare that helps the company improve its products. Products include the best electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

They kept growing until the products made were the best on the market. Luckily, these selected top Drive extended range products are reviewed below. In the end, you’ll surely pick one.

The Top 4 Extended Range Mobility Products by Drive Medical

1. Drive Medical Cobra GT-4

    Ride like a king with this Drive Medical Cobra GT-4. Despite the product’s name, the Cobra has the simplest operating system. It requires a limited strength and agility to keep it going.

    The tiller angle has a one-touch infinite adjustment to ensure convenient and easy positioning. Additionally, a swiveling captain’s seat with a reclining backrest and foldable armrests adds comfort to the user secured by a seatbelt. A full suspension system renders a smooth ride on all surfaces. Extra features include LED lighting, rearview mirrors, and control panels with an LED backlight.

    The unit runs a distance of 35 miles per charge at a speed of 10 mph. It performs a great turning radius of 82” since it is four-wheeled. An onboard USB port exists in case of charging mobile devices.


    1. Onboard USB port
    2. Easy to operate


    1. Highly expensive
    2. No basket storage

    2. Drive Medical Maverick HD

    The Maverick HD is another good looking scooter under Drive Medical. It is a combination of a mobility device and a motorcycle in aesthetics and in some controls. Therefore, the user will look so luxurious that they'll turn the heads of anyone who passes by.

    It gets the looks of a motorcycle cruiser with its unique style. This doesn't require the use of the helmet as a normal motorcycle does. The controls are automotive-inspired such as the full suspension system. The main controls are placed on the handlebar to achieve motorcycle-style maneuvering. The control panel is covered with a smoky windshield for glare reduction.

    Over 35 miles of the driving range is reached at a maximum speed of 9.5 mph. The user rides on a captain’s seat with swiveling, reclining, and adjustable features. The armrests aren’t only foldable but also adjustable in angle positioning. The lighting package is composed of a headlight, reflectors, and signal lights.


    1. Easy to access controls
    2. Good looking
    3. High-capacitated


    1. No basket storage
    2. Slightly expensive

    3. Drive Medical Panther HD

      The adjustment features are encountered on the Panther HD. Wide range adjustability in accordance with the user’s specific needs is offered. It includes infinite adjustment for the Delta tiller which makes it favorable for all ages.

      Seat adjustments such as the 45-degree swiveling increment and height adjustment help the user to easily get in and out of the seat. The controls are all user-friendly located on the tiller. A hand brake and electromagnetic brake system together with the full suspension system are responsible for a smooth ride. A full lighting package keeps the whole road and the other riders visible and safe.

      Panther HD's farther distance reached is 25-miles at a top speed of 8 mph. The unit’s weight capacity is 425-pounds, high enough as compared to others. In terms of appearance, it has a sophisticated look with a glossy red coat. It is composed of rearview mirrors and basket storage.


      1. Many adjustment features
      2. User-friendly controls
      3. Simple yet well-built


      1. No larger battery option
      2. Slightly expensive

      4. Drive Medical Venture 4-Wheel Unit

        Buying an extended range model must not compromise indoor use. Gladly, the Venture 4-Wheel is capable of performing well both indoors and outdoors. There’s no need to buy one for indoors and one for outdoors as the Ventura 4-Wheel has got your back. Further, even in a long distance ride.

        It is made more compact in size to be able to fit on standard doorways for indoor uses. The unit weighs less than others and hence is transportable. Customizing the scooter’s look is possible through the interchangeable panels available in red and blue color. The seat can be adjusted in four height settings and in forward and backward positioning. It is fit on most adult users.

        It goes a driving range of 22-miles running at a speed of 5 mph while carrying a maximum weight of 350-pounds. The whole trip is done with 20AH batteries. Controlling it is made convenient by the adjustable tiller angle and ergonomic delta handles. The programmable controller is in charge of overall controls. Basket storage is placed in front to easily put and get stuff.

        WHAT WE LIKE

        1. Suitable for indoor and outdoor trips
        2. Customizable
        3. Multiple seat adjustments
        4. Most affordable one listed


        1. Not foldable
        2. No extended base


        Asking questions will save your day. This section will answer some frequently asked questions about an extended range model. And so, in the end, you’ll be certain to have purchased the right product. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the first one.

        How good are extended range units to use in travel?

          Extended range versions can go farther distances. It is durable enough to go on difficult roads because of its structure. However, this means of transport is not foldable and cannot be disassembled unlike those fully intended for traveling.

          Drive Medical is good at making travel-friendly mobility units. It is worth looking for one.

          Where can I store it?

            Some parts of a unit can be easily damaged by the heat. Therefore, do not leave it outside when not in use to prevent too much exposure from all kinds of weather. It is better to store the scooter in a garage or some other closed area. In times of travel, there are models that can be dismantled and folded and so storing it in a car is possible. If the unit isn’t able to be broken down into pieces, get a plastic cover or anything that can cover up the whole ride.

            To be more secure, you can padlock the device. Normally, they do have serial numbers and if anything bad happens, it will be easily tracked by the legal authorities. Knowing that, your scooter must still be fully secured.

            I have a desire to have a longer range model, how can I do that?

              If the provided driving range doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can replace the existing battery with a higher capacity battery pack. This will cost you more money. As a result, the unit will be heavier to lift.

              Before doing so, ask the manufacturer if it’s allowed to use a larger battery option. There are some that don’t allow larger batteries upon the unit.

              Another remedy is to follow the charging hours to experience its full driving range potential. This also lengthens the life of the scooter.

              How to select the best-extended range mobility unit on the market?

                As time goes by, it becomes harder to pick the best products as manufacturers continue to rise. There are factors that need to be considered before making a purchase. In the case of an extended range model, it includes:

                Driving range capacity

                The farther it goes the better. It is shown on the product’s description how far it can go and so check it out.

                Speed range limit

                Speed does not really matter as they have an average speed capable of reaching the desired distance. However, a faster speed is more favorable than those with a slower speed.

                Weight capacity

                The more it carries the better. Those that provid maximum ranges are sometimes not met, especially when you bring too much stuff.

                Unit’s design

                Scooters these days are becoming stylish and sophisticated by looks. This is one of the manufacturer’s tactics to capture their target market. Many users prefer a  simple looking yet durable model and others want luxurious ones.

                Comfortable seat

                A comfortable seat is a must-have on this kind of vehicle. Some seats are adjustable in height, can be reclined, and folded. When all of these features are present, it is a good buy. The seat is classified into two – the seat with and without a headrest. Choose the prior as it renders a more relaxed ride. 


                The roomier legroom is better to keep the user comfortable throughout the ride. It must complement the user’s height.

                Convenient controls

                Controls are normally placed on the tiller and some on the handlebar. It is easy to operate and understand by all ages. Sometimes handbrakes are added. Other controls such as suspension and braking systems are essential for the entire trip.

                Larger tires

                The whole unit depends on the tires. Larger tires ensure the power and sturdiness. It can easily overcome any type of road, unlike those smaller tires.


                This is so important for every trip. It usually comes in the form of a basket whether placed in front or at the back. Some consider a cargo box which is more secure as it can be locked.

                Lighting package

                Lighting is essential during a night trip. It is not only beneficial to the user but also for the other surrounding riders. Other lighting features include blinkers, signal lights, and turn lights.

                Battery life

                We stand for a product with a longer battery life. There are models that allow a larger battery option with additional costs.

                Which Drive Medical extended range mobility unit is the finest?

                  We choose the King Cobra. Among the listed products, it has the longest driving range which is the most important feature we’re looking for. One unique feature is the onboard USB port intended for charging mobile devices. This ensures that even your mobile will never get empty while you’re on the road.

                  Wrapping Up

                  Surely, a Drive Medical extended range mobility vehicle will render a great ride for you. Most of Drive's products are luxurious looking and perform well. Don’t look any further. However, those products listed earlier aren’t the complete list. You can check for more Drive Medical units in different classifications on the Scooter N’ Chairs. Click this link.

                  Essential features are also exposed. This would help you to end up with the most desirable scooter product. Then again, manufacturers are all making an effort to showcase their masterpiece. It’s all up to you as to which one you’ll put your trust in. We are rooting for your next adventure trip together with the new purchase of an extended range scooter.

                  Do you have a pick on your mind? Keep us notified about your questions and recommendations in the comment section below. We’re giving a quick response to everyone. Thank you!

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