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The Best Drive Medical Outdoor Mobility Units

The Best Drive Medical Outdoor Mobility Units

Are you looking for an outdoor mobility vehicle? Check out the best Drive Medical outdoor mobility products shown below!

We sometimes doubt the capability of a handicap unit to roam outdoors. It might because of the look and dimensions. But do not underestimate its ability to act as transportation for people with mobility problems. These devices are intended for people who can’t move freely due to an illness. Nothing can stop someone from doing what he/she wants.

Almost all outdoor models are ready to use indoors as well. It depends on the model because some are built to be slender and are easily able to enter doorways. At the end of this article, you’ll find out many more exciting features of outdoor mobility units.

First, let’s learn more about Drive Medical.

About Drive Medical

Drive Medical is an authorized e-commerce provider of durable medical equipment for over 18 years. They were originally known as the Medical Depot, Inc. and changed their name into Drive Medical as it is better suited.

During 2015, they’ve developed more products and gained a wider target market. Products include electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. In this post, we'll be focusing on their outdoor mobility units.

The Best Drive Medical Outdoor Mobility Scooters

  1. Drive Medical Phoenix 4-Wheel


Are you looking for an outdoor unit that is still portable? Look no further than the Phoenix 4-Wheel model.

The unit can be disassembled for storage and so is perfect for travel. In spite of being lightweight, it can carry 350 pounds per ride. It runs a distance of 15 miles at a top speed of 4 miles per hour. It happens with the included 12V x 20AH batteries with tab connectors. Other controls include throttle control and an electromagnetic braking system. It allows freewheel operation for the user.


  • Basket storage
  • Swiveling seat and foldable armrests
  • Adjustable tiller angle
  • Headlight


It is categorized as an outdoor model but still a portable one. You can customize how it’ll look through a variety of options provided.

  1. Drive Medical Phoenix 3-Wheel

This is obviously the 3-wheel version of the former. If you want a lighter unit, the Phoenix 3-wheel is the nearest proposal.

It can be taken apart into lighter pieces to make it portable during travels. Due to its slender design, it has no trouble driving into tight places. With the help of the adjustable angled tiller, you can find comfort in driving it. A safe ride is sustained by anti-tip wheels and a headlight. It runs 15 miles at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour carrying 350 pounds. The seat height can be adjusted up to your desired comfort. The battery is the same as the prior.


  • Charging port on the tiller
  • Large basket storage
  • Key specs


This product can be disassembled into four parts and 32 pounds is the heaviest part. It drives well outdoors as well as indoors.

  1. Drive Medical Scout DST 4-Wheel


Getting in and out of standard doorways is one thing to consider when buying a mobility unit. The Scout DST has no problem with that. It actually measures 21.25” width - that is slimmer than a standard hallway.

Then again, the Scout DST is disassembled into pieces to be able to store in a car for easy transport. It is useful for any surface. Thanks to Dynamic Suspension Technology for adding front and rear suspension coils. Mounting ramps is so easy with its 6-degree climbing angle. The maximum travel distance is 15 miles with a top speed of 4.25 miles per hour carrying 325 pounds. Controlling can be done with one-hand operation via the Delta tiller.


  • Basket storage
  • Adjustable seat and foldable armrests
  • Flat-free tires
  • Headlight


Going out of the hallway is made easier through its slimmer design. Also, its suspension system is a plus to render the best driving experience.  

  1. Drive Medical Scout DST 3-wheel

This is the same as the prior in terms of the width measurement and so can easily enter a standard doorway. Their only difference is the number of wheels. The dynamic suspension technology is still experienced on the 3-wheel version. This renders a safe and comfortable ride. The unit is quick to disassemble and reassemble which makes it appropriate for travel purposes.

The legroom provides enough space for taller users. Thus, a comfortable ride is maintained for all users. The travel distance and speed are the same as the prior model as well as the control system.


  • Headlight
  • Interchangeable panels
  • Extended footboard


It is less costly than the previous model knowing the features are almost the same.

  1. Drive Medical Ventura Deluxe 4-Wheel

It is an all-around product as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor rides. A great combination of a good looking and high-quality performance is delivered by this unit. Many other highlights are added to make it more appropriate outdoors.

Extra lighting, anti-tip tires, and rearview mirrors are merged into the unit to render a confident ride outdoors. Full suspension, an electromagnetic braking system, and a programmable controller kept the ride going even over rough terrain. It runs at 6 miles per hour for up to 16 miles of travel distance. It is built with an adjustable captain’s seat and armrests. Signaling lights are added to keep all the riders behind safe.


  • Interchangeable panels
  • Basket storage
  • Reclining seat
  • Freewheel operation


It is controlled with ease. Lighting features are complete from front to signal lights. It is the fastest outdoor model so far that has been listed.

  1. Drive Medical Ventura Deluxe 3-Wheel

This is the slender version of the prior. Tires are good in handling trails as well as indoor surfaces. The control system is made with an ergonomic design resulting in easy driving. It is, therefore, highly recommended for the beginners.

The turning radius is what makes it good for indoor use. Other features are added to make it suitable for outdoor trips. These include headlights, signaling lights, and rearview mirrors. It is because driving a unit outdoors is more dangerous and so lights are needed. It consumes a larger battery option of 36AH allowing roaming of up to 16 miles at a speed of 6 miles per hour. The unit is set apart into five lighter pieces to easily store.


  • Adjustable Tiller
  • Full suspension and freewheel throttle control
  • Adjustable seat height and armrests
  • Basket storage


The larger battery option is a must for longer travel distance. Additionally, it is a user-friendly product in terms of the controls.

  1. Drive Medical Ventura 4-Wheel

The Ventura series is an excellent choice when it comes to both indoor and outdoor use. This must be the oldest Ventura series followed by the prior Ventura models. However, it renders much of your desired qualities in an outdoor design.

It can be dismantled into smaller parts for easy transport. Driving with ease is supported by a reclining and adjustable seat with armrests that are suitable for adults. Through freewheel operation via an adjustable tiller, getting around is made easy. It can actually travel a distance of 22 miles at 5 miles per hour - that is farther than the other Ventura series. 20AH batteries are included to complete the ride. A rear suspension together with an anti-tip tire is responsible for a smoother and safer ride.


  • Headlight
  • Foldable backrest
  • Interchangeable panel
  • Programmable controller


It is able to travel the farthest distance among the listed products. The seat adjustments are going to make the entire trip comfier.

  1. Drive Medical Ventura 3-Wheel

This is evidently the 3-wheel version of the previous Ventura series. It is known by its style, mobility, and versatility. Stepping out of the usual models is fulfilled by having a Ventura 3-wheel model.

It is styled appropriately for both indoors and outdoors. The stadium-style seat is adjustable in four height settings and can be reclined. Customizing the panels is allowed for it can be changed into two color options, red and blue. It is controlled through an adjustable tiller with an ergonomic Delta handle that runs for 16 miles at 6 miles per hour. The electromagnetic braking system is used to drive smoothly on bumpy roads. In addition, anti-tip, flat-free, and non-marking wheels make it suitable for any surface.


  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Off-board battery charger
  • Headlight
  • Basket storage


It is designed to be simple yet nice looking. It is portable so that it might be disassembled when stored.

  1. Drive Medical Maverick HD Model

The Maverick HD will make you look luxurious on the road. It is designed like a motorcycle with three wheels. If you're familiar with driving a motorcycle, you won’t get upset in controlling this one.

It can go the farthest distance of 35 miles at 9.5 miles per hour - that is far beyond the others listed. This happens through an automotive-inspired suspension system and other motorcycle-inspired controls. It requires no helmet throughout the ride and that’s what makes it different from a normal motorcycle. It is built with a high seat to ensure comfort throughout the ride. Hand and electromagnetic brakes work for a better ride. There’s only one rearview mirror added.


  • Headlight and signaling lights
  • Smoked windshield
  • Easy access charging port


Seeing its appearance will not make you doubt its price. It is pricey and yet it is the most good looking and the most durable among the listed units.


Before anything else, here are some helpful questions gathered to assist you in deciding which to buy. We hope it makes sense in the end.

How durable is an outdoor mobility vehicle?

    It can go on terrain surfaces because of the well-built tires. It can also carry heavyweights and travel a long distance.

    What are qualities to consider in an outdoor product

      There’s no huge difference between the qualities needed as compared to other sections. Outdoor mobility units must only be made suitable to overcome bumps and other outdoor chaos. Additionally, its appearance is a plus, especially when used outdoors.

      How far does it go?

        It is expected to travel a far distance since it is intended to be used outdoors. The average distance travel is over 10 miles. There are high-end products that can travel more than 30 miles.

        How long is the battery life?

          It is recommended to recharge your unit overnight to make it useful for the whole day. The maximum travel distance is reached per charge. Bringing a charger is suggested wherever you go so you can recharge it anytime the battery gets empty.

          Which Drive Medical Outdoor product is the best?

            We stand for the Maverick HD. It is because we agree that a mobility unit must look nice when using it outdoors. And, it is undeniably superior in terms of how it works. It is therefore good not only in form but also in substance.

            However, the other Drive Medical outdoor products are highly recommended as they are an average cost - not inexpensive and not too expensive.


            Wandering continues with an outdoor mobility unit.

            Mobility products are classified into many sections and one is for outdoor purposes. It substantially surpasses difficult roads at a long distance. Other models make you look cool on the road. Moreover, it can be disassembled and so in line with those portable units. There are a lot of unique features to be experienced offered at a reasonable cost.

            We have reviewed nine Drive Medical outdoor mobility series. They mostly differ on appearance as the controls are all the same. It is also important to know the capabilities of the model you’ll buy, such as speed limit, weight capacity, and distance it is able to reach. In fact, those three are the most neglected factors of every buyer as they focus more on the appearance which is wrong. Take a look at what is important before making a decision to buy.

            To make things clearer, do visit this link.

            For more questions, please leave your comment in the box to be replied to by the team. We’re looking forward to seeing you riding on your new mobility product outdoors.

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