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The Best E-Wheels 4-Wheel Mobility Units

The Best E-Wheels 4-Wheel Mobility Units

Are you looking for a four-wheeled mobility device? Below are the best E-Wheel four-wheel designs. are comprised of 4 wheels. They are designed like a car which maximizes their ability to travel short or far distances. Comfort and stability are important in this type of mobility scooter because they are easy to control and have an excellent turning radius.

Its main purpose is to uplift people with mobile disabilities and give them the freedom of doing everyday tasks. It is best to use outdoors when going out for walks, shopping, and other outside activities.

What makes a 4-wheeled design different from a 3-wheeled one?

Apart from the number of wheels, these two differ in so many ways. However, they are used in the same scenarios, such as carrying a disabled person or a sick person. Both are user-friendly and intended for a not-so-knowledgeable driver. Furthermore, there are qualities of 4-wheeled units that have an advantage.

Greater stability

A four-wheeled design is appropriate for users who aren't good at maneuvering this kind of ride. It is because of the composition of 4 wheels: two rear wheels, and two back wheels. Therefore, stability is to be expected. It is easier to control even on difficult roads.

Highly recommended for outdoor trips

Rough terrain and steep roads are able to be crossed by the 4-wheeled models. Its durability is high and can be trusted. In addition, it is designed bulkier and sturdier than a 3-wheeled one. Another thing is its turning radius is a bit narrower than that of a 3-wheeled scooter which is beneficial for outdoor trips.

Longer power availability

In reality, 4-wheeled ones can run over 40 miles per ride which is necessary for users who love a long ride. They are usually empowered by a brushless motor and 20Ah batteries. Through the help of the included charger, its usefulness can be extended longer than usual.

Higher speed

Due to its extra wheels, it runs further with a higher speed. Thus, getting to the desired place is faster, smoother, and safer. A minimum needed speed of 10 mph is to be exceeded, though less than 20 mph - this speed is not bad for this kind of ride.

Limited turning radius

3-wheeled products have a better turning radius. That's why it is more appropriate to use in a constricted space as compared to that of 4-wheeled designs, which are suitable for uneven terrain.

About E-Wheel

E-Wheel’s mission is to build other forms of transportation which can be afforded by many citizens around the world. These products are used for commuting, sports activities like golf, and for other recreational activities. They also sell two and three-wheeled models which makes their market expand more.

E-wheel is an expert in manufacturing high-quality and high-performing electric units all over the world. The competitiveness of the products is ensured through unique style and trendy color designs. Besides, the controls are excellently finished and it renders comfort while driving.

E-wheel mobility products are divided into four sections, including heavy-duty models, trendy designs, extended range, and double-seat scooters. Apparently, there are only two 4-wheeled units offered by Scooters N’ Chairs particularly for the E-Wheel brand.

For more information pertaining to other brands, kindly visit this site.

Let’s get started!

The Best 4-Wheel Products by E-Wheel

Take note, the four-wheel models reviewed below are the only products seen at the site of Scooter ‘N Chairs. That means many other E-wheel mobility units are offered in the market other than these two.

E-wheel’s 72 Four-Wheeled Design

First is a unit suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It arrives fully assembled thus ready for a ride. It can carry a maximum weight of 500 lbs, at a speed and distance of 15 mph and 43 miles respectively. It can turn up to 92” radius which is appropriate for outdoor trips. It is powered by a 700 watt brushless motor and 48 volts 20Ah batteries for one ride. There’s really no doubt on how far it can travel.

A comfortable padded seat is used with foldable armrests. The folded armrests give a way to the rider to easily get on and off. The basket storage is placed at the back to provide enough room for personal stuff. The front portion is added with a headlight for a safer ride at night. Its maneuvering system is composed of a rear braking system, rheostat, shock absorber, and other controls similar to any 4-wheel cars. It is, therefore, best for the first timers in using a model with four wheels.

The charging port is located at the base of the unit.


  • Key remote
  • Two color options
  • Front and rear wheels of 14” and 16” respectively
  • 53” L x 27” W
  • No Delta Tiller
  • 25” and 18” seat height and width, respectively
  • Ground clearance of 8.5”
  • 3-years warranty
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • No shipping fee


  1. Well-manufactured
  2. High-capacitated and high-performance
  3. Indoor and outdoor use


  1. Jerking problem
  2. Costly
  3. Cannot be disassembled

E-Wheel’s 54 Four-Wheeled Unit

The top and the full front covering are what makes this product different from the prior. There’ll be no worries upon too much sunlight hitting your skin during daylight travels. It can cater a weight of up to 500 lbs, traveling 40 miles at 15 mph. Another thing to admire is its 114" turning radius. It runs through the 700 watt motor and 60 volts 20Ah batteries.

It is made of an executive seat with flip-back armrests. The reason is the same as the prior. The lockable storage basket is designed differently as it is constructed with stainless steel. Securing stuff is now safer in its bigger storage. There’s also a cup holder to stay hydrated throughout travels. Playing music on the road is done with its 2 stereo speakers and the music system attached to it. Controls are easily operated such as the foot brake and the one-hand steering control. The key has an alarming feature that enables the user to be kept in touch upon securing the ride even from afar.


  • Has a Delta Tiller
  • Ground clearance of 6”
  • Cannot be disassembled
  • 19” and 18” seat height and width, respectively
  • Front and rear wheels of 13” and 14”, respectively
  • Air-filled tires
  • 70” L x 27” W
  • One-hand operation
  • Foot brake system
  • 3-years warranty
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • No shipping fee
  • Digital electric dashboard


  1. The presence of a headlight
  2. Well-designed
  3. Full top and front covering


  1. Highly expensive


Perhaps, answering some questions from the consumers who know more about E-wheel mobility products will be useful. As we all know, there are other brand competitors who are offering the same products as reviewed above. Through these five answered questions, we can discover the advantages of having an E-wheel product. Without further ado, let’s keep learning!

How many hours to make it fully charged?

    It normally takes 6 to 8 hours or a charge overnight before it gets fully charged. However, some models do have an automatic shut off to avoid over-charging even when unplugged until the next morning. The unit is therefore able to be used in a day after that number of hours of charging.

    The unit could travel a distance of 15 to 20 miles when fully charged. This limit can be exceeded by using larger batteries suitable for the scooter.

    Do not unplug it if not fully charged for it can affect its useful life. So, you better bring the charger with you wherever you go.

    Do they offer a four-wheel unit at a reasonable price?

      In all fairness, four-wheeled models are costly because of the features they bear. They are also for long-term use which is good for the pocket. To answer the question, yes, they offer models at a reasonable price considering the qualities experienced by the users. It is better to purchase an expensive product with quality assurance rather than those inexpensive products that could not last long. Practicality must still be applied in case of a shortening budget.

      How to choose the best four-wheel design?

        Before obtaining the best product, there are factors that need to be considered. In terms of mobility products, there are seven essential factors. These include:

        Height and weight capacity

        Since a mobility scooter is used for transportation, considering its height and weight capacity is so important. Comfort and safety depend on its capacity. Its height capacity will determine leg-comfort - lower room must be maximized to let the user move their legs with ease. 42 inches of length is right for a person who is 5’5”. Meanwhile, its weight capacity ensures the sturdiness, particularly during a long-distance ride.

        Basket storage

        Look for a model that has enough room for storing stuff. Usually, basket storage is placed at the back or in front of the scooter. There is also a lockable kind of basket storage which really attracts many buyers.

        Easy controls

        Buying a 4-wheeled design is an advantage for those who are used to driving a car. It is easier to maneuver than that of a 3-wheeled unit. However, driving a mobility scooter is limited only on sidewalks or walking paths. It can only be allowed on pedestrian ways if there are no sidewalks.


        A headlight is responsible for lighting your way during a night trip. This prevents incidents and therefore keeps the rider safe and sound in reaching the destination. It also serves as a cue to other riders on the road about your presence.


        Traveling on a rough road requires larger tires to maintain its stability. There must be small spaces in between the two tires, both back and front tires, to make the ride more balanced and smooth.  

        Foot brake

        Just like a usual car, a foot brake is necessary to keep the rider safe throughout the trip. It is better to test it before buying it to ensure its worth.

        Battery life

        It is better to have a model with a longer battery life because of its ability to travel a long distance. The battery life depends on how long it is used.

        What is included in the purchase?

          Of course, all necessary parts of a unit are included. Some models come pre-assembled and some are fully assembled depending on the manufacturer. Other than that, batteries and a charger are added to ensure compatibility. The batteries are airplane approved and sealed properly when it arrives.

          What can you say about product policy and warranty?

            Scooters ‘N Chairs applies a “no spam” policy in all of the offered products. Your privacy is therefore protected. There’s also a 30-day low price guarantee which lets you purchase products from other sellers that offer a cheaper product. The warranty lasts for 2 to 3 years depending on the brand.


            The best thing about driving a model is it doesn’t require any driver’s license at all. This lessens the cost of having a trip, most especially for a person with disabilities. Moreover, a mobility scooter isn’t only designed for PWDs but also for people who have been injured lately and for short-distance commuters.

            Unfortunately, there are only two 4-wheeled units by E-Wheel found on the Scooters ‘N Chairs website. These include E-Wheel’s 72 and E-Wheels 54. As discussed above, they differ in so many ways such as in appearance, specifications, and other special highlights. Even though only two products are included, they still exceeded other products from other brand competitors in terms of qualities. We hope you’ll get some hint on the products above on what to purchase.

            Some important facts about a four-wheel unit are tackled on the FAQs section of this post. If your question isn’t answered above, you are free to leave a comment below and wait for the response.

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