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The Best E-Wheels Extended Range Mobility Units

The Best E-Wheels Extended Range Mobility Units

Do you want to try the best E-Wheels extended range models? Glad you’re here!

People who experience mobility problems still want to go outside. Everyone deserves happiness and freedom. Thanks to mobility devices, specifically the extended range models, roaming beyond your desired distance can be fulfilled with an extra powerful motor system. 

Extended range handicap units are often priced expensively. A high-end product normally demands a higher cost. A medical vehicle will last longer as a result, though. Long-distance range models are normally bulky and used outdoors. Most of them aren't foldable. 

About E-Wheels 

E-Wheels is secure in manufacturing electric vehicles because of their highly skilled workers. The company has been engaged in doing business nationwide resulting in over a million products per year. The patented technology is applied and yet the end product can be trusted and is worth buying. 

E-Wheels value every cent given up to avail their products by rendering a high-quality performance. The truth is, they are user-friendly as well as environmentally friendly machines. Moreover, having an E-Wheels product will make you look trendy and stylish on the road. 

Those produced are used as a means of transport for fun, sport, and for medical purposes. Below are samples of extended range models by E-Wheels. The products are reviewed according to the needs of users. We are expecting you’ll pick one in the end. 

The Top 6 Extended Range Mobility Product from E-Wheels 

  1. E-Wheels 36 Elite

Let’s start with the best-selling long range model from E-Wheels named the 36 Elite. By only looking upon its feature, you’ll decide to buy one. It is similar to a motorcycle on first look; however, it consists of three wheels. The new electromagnetic braking system helps to make the 36 Elite popular in the marketplace. 

The braking system is now made secure and therefore renders a safer ride for the user. Together with the two rear shock absorbers, it can overcome outdoor surfaces. The ride’s drive system is a transaxle brushless motor resulting in a calmer trip. Batteries are included specifically 48volts 20AH with an off-board charger. 

The longer distance range is 45-miles at a top speed of 18mph. User’s comfort is maintained with the help of a high seat with foldable armrests. A cup holder exists to keep you hydrated. At the back is basket storage. It has a complete lighting package from front to back, including a headlight and signaling lights. 


  1. Anti-theft alarm system
  2. Rearview mirrors 


  1. Cannot be folded 

2. E-Wheels 36


    The 36 is the former version of 36 Elite. They almost have the same figure; however, differences from the other features are experienced. It is also a 3-wheel design which can turn heads by how it looks. This one added an under-seat locking storage to hold more important stuff. Basket storage at the back serves as extra storage.

    Its controls are upgraded by adding a forwards and reverse switch to bring about convenient maneuvering. The full shock absorber and braking system ensure a smoother and safer ride. With a 500watts brushless rear-axle motor, it can travel up to 45 miles at a maximum speed of 18 mph. Speed range is monitored by the speedometer. A seat belt is added to secure the user. 

    The 36 is composed of a complete lighting system, including a headlight, signaling lights, and a brake light. These keep the road more visible at night and hence a safer ride is enhanced. Rearview mirrors are attached on the handlebars to see what is behind. A battery indicator keeps you aware whenever it needs to be recharged. 


    1. Lots of storage
    2. Anti-theft alarm system 
    3. Full lighting system 


    1. Cannot be collapsed 
    2. No Delta tiller 

    3. E-Wheels 42

      A model that came fully assembled adds excitement for a ride. No extra assembly is required. The 42 is an over-sized model that has a luxurious look. The two-toned color is enough to make it look glamorous on the streets. The overall structure is comparable to a car patrol that normally comes out to secure the city.

      It is built with a smoky windshield to prevent being totally exposed from wind and even dirt. It is designed as a heavy-duty unit due to the new set of standard features that E-Wheel has added. It is created for all-sized users and that means it is built bulkier than the others. 500 pounds of weight is the highest weight capacity it can accommodate. The legroom is also made roomier even though it is built as a 3-wheel model. 

      A soft-padded seat with foldable armrests is the reason why the user feels comfortable for the whole ride. Behind is a locking cargo box responsible for storing important belongings. A complete LED lighting package is useful during a night trip. The full braking and suspension system renders a smoother ride for the user. These all happen through 60volts 20AH batteries and in case of empty batteries, an off-board charger is included. 


      1. More secured storage box 
      2. Key with remote 
      3. Digital dash panel 


      1. Slightly expensive 

      4. E-Wheels 44

        You are fully protected by the 44 with its full top and front cover. Direct sunlight is one major problem for every rider, especially during a noontime trip. It is horrible being burnt by the sun that it steals your energy to drive. Send thanks to E-Wheels, as they’ve heard every user’s cry. 

        Apart from the canopy, the 44 is simple looking yet high-quality in performance. It actually looks like the prior with added covering. The two-toned glossy finish is applied to make it more attractive. It performs the same capabilities as the 42. These include the high weight capacity of 500 pounds, a driving range equal to 45 miles, and a top speed of 15 mph. Those functionalities happen through 60volts 20AH batteries. Additionally, the full suspension and braking system calms the entire trip. 

        The unit has an alarm system through the key with a remote. This prevents losing the vehicle itself or any other belongings. Your things will be safe even when you’re away from it. The full lighting system includes signaling lights and a headlight. Other features are a cargo box, rearview mirrors, a digital dash panel, and a comfortable seat. 

        WHAT WE LIKE

        1. Sun and wind protection 
        2. Great turning radius 


        1. Highly expensive 
        2. Not foldable 

        5. E-Wheels 54


          All of your desired unique features are found on the 54. The sun and wind shield is built for all-weather protection. Furthermore, a music system with two stereo speakers is included. Driving is more enjoyable with background music that you like.  

          The 54 is a 4-wheeled design capable of running farther distances. The driving range is 40-miles at a maximum speed of 15mph. The unit can carry a maximum weight of 500-pounds with sufficient legroom. The seat is made comfortable with flip-back armrests and a cup holder. A cargo locking box is responsible for storing your belongings. The lighting package is also complete for a safer ride. 

          For added controls, a foot brake and full suspension system are present to make the unit smooth even on bumpy roads. The digital electric dashboard shows the current driving status, including the speed range, trip meter, and battery indicator. The whole unit is run by a 700watt brushless motor and the included 60volts 20AH batteries.

          WHAT WE LIKE

          1. Full top and front covering
          2. Music player feature 

          WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE 

          1. Highly expensive 
          2. Cannot be disassembled 

          6. E-Wheels 72

            Last but certainly not least is the 72. It boasts great stability among the other models. Besides, it is considered to be the best vehicle available from E-Wheels. 

            It is a 4-wheel design and is built bulkier than usual. It is comprised of a seat with a headrest and moveable armrests. This keeps the user more relaxed throughout the ride. Stainless basket storage is found at the back. The front portion is composed of a headlight, rearview mirrors, and a control panel. The digital dashboard panel displays all the needed information pertaining to the driving status. 

            The 72's driving range is 43 miles at a top speed of 15 mph. It carries a maximum weight of 500-pounds. The speed can be lowered down to 0.5 mph to keep the ride smooth on rough roads. The unit has a powerful 700watt brushless motor to execute all the high-end features. 

            WHAT WE LIKE

            1. High-end model
            2. Speed reduction 

            WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE 

            1. Highly expensive 


            We are here to help you find the best extended range unit on the market. This section will remind consumers to think before making a purchase. It is normal to ask questions about the product during a personal transaction. 

            What if the purchase must be made online? 

            We are aware that online buying only renders limited information about a product. That’s why having an idea on what questions are frequently asked will give you a hint as to whether the product is a good fit or not. Below are the top questions coming from consumers of extended range models:  

            Which websites sell extended range mobility scooters?

            We suggest Scooters N’ Chairs' website as they offer trusted brand's products. It is easy to look for your desired product as the navigation menus are properly arranged. For more details, click this link

            You can visit other legal sites to explore for more available extended range units. 

            What makes E-Wheels' models different from their competitors?

              E-Wheels units are in the mid-range pricing and consist of unique features. They make products that are user-friendly and environmentally friendly. In every product made, there are different features plainly seen. 

              How to determine a best extended range design?

              Extended range products are different from the other types in terms of the distance range. The longer its driving range, the better. A high speed limit and weight capacity are a plus in picking the best extended range product on the market. Moreover, long-lasting battery life is required to reach the desired destination. An off-board charger is customarily included to keep the unit on the go. 

              How long does it take to charge an extended range unit?

              They are normally charged for 5-8 hours a day. It is preferable to charge it overnight to make it available for an all-day ride. Scooters automatically shut down whenever it gets fully charged. 

              Which E-Wheels extended range model is the most recommended?

              We choose the 54 because of its unique features such as a canopy and music player. The majority of needed qualities are found in this scooter. Nonetheless, it is more expensive than expected and yet there will be no regrets after buying one.


              After finding out all the required details referring to extended range mobility scooters, did you find one that catches your attention? 

              In all E-wheels products, we have seen how passionate they are in making outstanding mobility products. Under the extended range section, six E-Wheels scooters are counted in. There are small differences between them. One thing for sure is all of them render the user’s needed performance. 

              Questions are answered as references for a future buy. As mentioned, Scooters 'N Chairs is a leading online site on where to buy different types of mobility units. 

              Did you end up not finding your desired product on the site?

              You are permitted to look for other online selling websites if that’s the case. Make sure you’ll enter authorized sites to ensure the legality of your next unit.  

              Do you have any more questions and recommendations? Leave a comment below and wait for a quick response. Thank you! 

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