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The Top 6 E-Wheels Heavy-Duty Mobility Units

The Top 6 E-Wheels Heavy-Duty Mobility Units

Do you know the best options for the E-wheels heavy-duty mobility products

Heavy-duty models are a popular form of medical transportation intended for people with a physical immobility. Because of the easy controls, anyone can easily operate one. Moreover, it travels farther and faster compared to other mobility scooter styles. 

Throughout the post, we’ll share our thoughts about the E-wheels brand and scooter products. Different features, styles, and levels of performance are discussed below, so keep on reading.

About E-Wheels

E-Wheels became popular in the production of electric handicap scooters. The company's labor force is highly skilled resulting in over a million products per year. They are simply built but render an efficient and high performance in terms of acceleration and torque.

E-Wheels medical scooters are also designed with trendy styles. These will surely turn heads anywhere you go. 

Moreover, E-wheels apply patented technology to bring about cost-effective and emissions-free products to the market. You can surely expect high-quality scooters. 

Listed below are the six selected heavy-duty models at Scooters 'N Chairs. Hope you find what you’re looking for. 

The Top 6 E-Wheels Heavy-Duty Units

  1. E-Wheels 72 Heavy-Duty


To begin with is a product with the look of a motorcycle. Catching attention on the road is your next job from having this one. 

The 72 4-wheel design is admired for its performance and looks. It can run a top speed of 15mph over a driving range of 43 miles. Speed can be lowered at 0.5mph for a more relaxing ride. The weight capacity is at its finest amounting to 500 pounds. It all happens through the 700watt hub motor with 48V x 20AH battery.

It comes fully assembled with a storage basket at the back. The padded seat has a headrest and moveable armrests. Its braking system is designed for front and rear brakes. Rear shock suspension helps to have a smoother ride over terrain surfaces. 


  • Key with remote
  • Rearview mirrors 
  • LED Headlight 


  • Very high performance 
  • Motorcycle-like controls 


  • Cannot be collapsed 

    1. E-Wheels Boss Fat Tire Electric Scooter

    This model has to be the newest face of a scooter in the market today. If you want to be more stylish along the road, this is the one to choose. 

    It is designed differently from other mobility scooters as the Boss Fat Tire only has two wheels. An electric handicap scooter is in a category that runs faster at the farthest distance. By the help of an electric hub motor, it travels 50 miles at 20 mph top speed. It is composed of an oversized seat that can carry 350 pounds. 

    It has an extended seat for one passenger. The scooter is built with a steel frame and so don't worry about its sturdiness. It is controlled via a throttle and has a hydraulic front and rear braking system. Tires are larger than usual and hence this is perfect for outdoor drives. The ride has an alarm system. 


    • Wireless Bluetooth speaker 
    • Key with remote


    • 2-years limited warranty 
    • Can play music on the road 
    • A new style scooter 


    • Limited weight capacity for two persons  
    1. E-Wheels 54 Heavy-Duty

    Too much heat would cause dehydration or a skin infection. Happily, E-wheels have designed a series of scooters with a sun shield. The 54 Scooter is the first one. 

    Traveling without being scorched by the sun is possible. The 54 4-wheel scooter does have a full front and top windshield. You can now drive a distance of 40 miles at a top speed of 15 mph more relax and protected. Dehydration is also prevented as a cup holder is attached on the armrest. Other pieces of stuff are stored in a cargo box at the back of the scooter. It functions well through the 700 watt motor with 60V x 20AH batteries.

    It is built with an executive seat style with foldable armrests. Playing music while on the road is done with its two stereo speakers and a music system. The control system comprises a foot brake, digital electric dashboard, and steering column. It comes with a key fob and an alarm system. 


    • Tubeless tires 
    • Three color options 


    • Full wind covering 
    • Well-designed 


    • Cannot be disassembled 
    1. E-Wheels 44 Heavy-Duty


    E-wheels aren’t contented in making one overly protective scooter as they continued with the 44 Scooter model. It differs a bit to the prior model as discussed below.

    The look is nearly the same as the prior model. It has a full top covering for sun protection and a windshield. Its cargo box is placed at the back too. They differ in performance as the 44 3-wheel design can run a distance of 45 miles at the same speed limit as the former. Also, its weight capacity is higher, amounting to 500 pounds. Same battery option of a 700watt motor with 60V x 20AH batteries is used.

    The 44 Scooter is designed more compact and stylish in two color combinations. A comfortable seat with armrests and adequate legroom are built. The whole ride is monitored via an easy to understand digital dashboard. The LED lighting is present to ensure a safer ride at night. Sadly, you can't play music on this transport. 


    • Key with remote and alarm system 
    • Disc braking system 


    • Well-structured 
    • High weight capacity 


    • Cannot be disassembled 
    • No seat adjustment 
    1. E-Wheels 42 Heavy-Duty


    This one comes before E-Wheels' 44 Scooter series. It seems like an old motorcycle-style with a front windshield. 

    The 42 3-wheel scooter is the former version of the 44. It has no top covering but only a front windshield. That's the only difference in appearance. To proceed with the driving performance, it is also the same as the preceding scooter model. It runs a distance of 45 miles at 15 mph while a 500 pound person is on the ride. The battery option is a 700 watt motor with 60V x 20AH batteries. 

    The whole journey is made safe by LED lighting and easy controls. The braking system is the same as the 44 Scooter. The digital dashboard shows your current driving status. In addition to controls, it has a suspension system to render a smoother ride on difficult roads. Anyways, the unit is delivered fully assembled and ready to ride. 


    • Key with remote
    • Alarm system 
    • Cargo box 


    • Two-toned color design 
    • High weight capacity 
    • Less cost than the prior model


    • Not foldable
    • No larger battery option 
    1. E-Wheels 36 Elite Heavy-Duty

    Last but certainly not least, the E-Wheels heavy-duty model is the 36 Elite. It is a 3-wheel design that looks like a motorcycle in style. In fact, it is run by an electric transaxle differential brushless motor together with the 48V lead battery. Its electromagnetic braking system is also out of the box as it automatically stops whenever the throttle is released. Additionally, two rear shock absorbers are responsible for smoother rides. 

    The distance traveled depends on the rider’s weight but normally it can travel 45 miles at a speed of 18 mph. Maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds. It is built with a super comfortable high seat and flip-back armrests with a cup holder. A storage basket is at the back. The entire trip is supported by the headlight and signaling lights. 

    You will look classy while riding this scooter. 


    • Anti-theft alarm
    • Rearview mirrors 
    • Ride covering 


    • 3 color options 
    • Stylishly made 


    • Slightly expensive 


    Before placing an order, asking some necessary queries about a product will save you from wasting your money.  Down below are five (5) frequently asked questions concerning heavy-duty scooters. 

  • Are there extra charges in driving a mobility scooter?
  • First of all, you do not need a license to start driving. What more for extra charges such as road tax and insurance? Not anymore. That’s the good thing in buying one of these units, of any type, no additional fees required. 

  • What are the proper charging methods?
  • Normally, your purchase will come with a charger and batteries upon delivery. And so, charging a scooter to other charging outlets like a car charger is not recommended for it may cause damage. 

    The average hours of charging are 6 to 8 hours. Others models prefer overnight or 12 hours charging especially those with an automatic shut-off feature. This prevents the risk of overcharging. 

    Do not unplug if not yet fully charged. That's why overnight charging is suggested to enjoy an all-day ride. Always bring a battery charger whenever you go out to recharge the scooter in case of empty batteries. 

  • Are they intended only for a disabled person?
  • They are primarily made for a disabled person but not only intended for them. Purchasing a scooter normally means a person has a mobility problem wherein experts recommend a mobility scooter. However, regardless of any disability, a mobility scooter is available for short distance transport use.  

  • What are the capabilities of a heavy-duty model?
  • Each capability depends on the scooter model or brand. The following are the most essential factors to consider when buying a scooter. 


    The average speed is 4 mph. In the case of heavy-duty scooters, it is much faster with an average top speed of 15 mph. 


    Portable scooters travel a shorter distance than a high-end scooter model. The usual travel distance is 5 to 10 miles. High-end scooters have a farther distance travel of more than 40 miles per charge.


    This factor ranges from 250 pounds to 500 pounds. Heavy-duty scooters go on the latter. 


    There are two types of batteries typically used. These include lead-acid and gel-cell. A lead-acid battery is much cheaper than the latter. It is also called a wet-cell battery that demands maintenance. Contrary, a gel-cell battery is more sealed and so leak-free. It is FAA certified that makes it appropriate to bring onboard. It requires no maintenance. To answer the question, which lasts longer? It is the gel-cell battery. 

    As time goes by, scooter manufacturers are using lithium-ion batteries to increase battery options. Li-On batteries are allowed onboard depending on airline policies. 

  • Among the six (6) E-wheels heavy-duty models, which is the best?
  • In all fairness, everything about E-wheels mobility scooters are good. They all perform well and are stylish. To pick one, we choose the E-Wheels 54 Scooter as the most recommended one. It is because of the full top and front windshield as we believe protection from sunlight is necessary for every trip. Its travel distance is more than expected as well as the speed. 

    You can look for more E-wheels medical scooters by clicking this site.  


    We guess that’s enough ideas relating to E-wheels heavy-duty models. There are only six (6) scooter models included as we picked the best for you. With these few scooters, E-wheels have proven their capability to produce high-quality and efficient mobility scooters, particularly for heavy-duty scooters. According to the company, the best high-end scooter is the 72 Scooter model in terms of the performance it renders. Do not be confused by our personal pick, the 54 Scooter model, because that’s only our perspective. 

    We have also answered lots of important questions you might encounter. These will certainly help you in looking for the best heavy-duty mobility scooters in the market. You can visit Scooters 'N Chairs for more scooter products.  

    Do you have any more questions? Do not hesitate to place a comment in the box below and wait for the response. Thank you! 

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