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The Top 6 E-Wheels Mobility Units

The Top 6 E-Wheels Mobility Units

Are you looking for the best E-Wheels mobility products? Check out this post!

Having mobility issues is not a joke. It hinders many activities that could bring you so much enjoyment. A person who loves to travel will be affected most when mobility issues arise.

Handicap units are a great means of transport. They are easier to operate than a car. This ride is long-lasting as it is powered with batteries and recharging the unit is possible.

In this post, we’ll discuss only one reputable brand. Let’s learn more about them and evaluate how well their products are produced.

Who is E-Wheels?

E-Wheels is the fastest producer of mobility products in the market. Through the highly-skilled labor force, the company produces over a million units per year. That’s a huge number!

A patented technology is applied resulting in high-performance end products. Efficient maneuverability is experienced through its first-rate acceleration and user-friendly machines. Turning heads on the road are fulfilled by way of their product's stylish and trendy designs. Indeed, E-Wheels have never failed to empower the quality of life of every user.

E-Wheels mobility units are sold at the most reasonable price that everyone could afford. Some of them are reviewed below for you to look for. We’re hoping by the end of this post you’ll have one of the best products in the market. Keep on reading!

The Top 6 E-Wheels Mobility Units

      1. E-Wheels 72

A scooter’s primary goal is to bring a person from one destination to another place. However, its performance must not sacrifice good looks. E-wheels 72 has it all.

It is glossy finished with three color options. It is a 4-wheel ride that is built broader and bigger than the other models. Both indoor and outdoor areas are within reach by using this product. It comes with rearview mirrors, large basket storage, and complete lighting package. These complete its effectiveness to finish a trip whether during the day or at night.

E-wheels put up a high-back seat with foldable armrests to render relaxation and security for the user. Essential controls exist such as full braking system, dual rear shock absorbers, and suspension system. The ride is powered by 700watts Hub Motor together with 48volt 20AH batteries. It starts working through the included key with remote.

The EW-72 is considered as one of the fastest models from E-wheels. It runs at a top speed of 15mph to reach 43-miles while carrying 500-pounds.


  1. Speed reduction down to 1/2mph
  2. Anti-theft alarm


  1. Not collapsible nor take to pieces

      2. E-Wheels 44

    The E-Wheels 44 has got the user covered against any kind of weather, either sun or rain. It feels like you’re riding on a typical car with covering. The driving session will be more relaxed and healthy as direct contact from sunlight is prevented.

    There is a built-in top canopy and front windshield to cover up the user anywhere it goes. It appears luxurious with its two-tone finishing, either blue and white or red and white color combination. Rearview mirrors are attached on the windshield. A soft-padded seat is constructed with foldable armrests. Legroom is also made roomy to keep the feet at ease throughout the ride.

    The 44 uses rear-wheel drive type that is powered by 60volt 20AH batteries. An off-board charger is included in case the battery gets empty. It is delivered fully assembled and ready for a ride. Bringing with you some personal stuff is possible to be stored in a lockable cargo box

    It runs an extra mile of 45-miles at 15mph speed. A rider weighing 500-pounds is carried without difficulty.


    1. The top and front covering
    2. Extended range 


    1. Slightly expensive
    2. Cannot be disassembled

         3. E-Wheels 42

      The E-Wheels 42 is ready to go for a ride right after being delivered. No time for assembling a ride? The 42 is made for you!  Therefore, having no knowledge of how to assemble a unit is not a problem anymore.

      It is an over-sized recreational mobility unit that is finished with a two-tone color combination, including blue and white and red and white. There’s a smoke windshield that covers the control panel from dust and wind. A comfortable seat is added with swing-up armrests to keep the rider more secured throughout the trip. Wider leg room is built for added comfort and for all ages.

      It has rear-wheel drive, power-driven by 60volt 22AH batteries. Remote key fob causes the unit to start moving. The full braking system with disc brakes makes the ride smoother even on difficult roads. Complete lighting package exists for a safe night trip. The cargo box is responsible to take good care of your stuff.

      On a single charge, 45 miles is reached at 15mph of speed. It can carry 500-pounds of weight.


      1. Alarm system
      2. Digital dashboard
      3. Under seat compartment


      1. No seat adjustments
      2. Cannot be disassembled or collapsed

            4. E-Wheels 36 Elite

        A good braking system secures the entire trip. Users do desire greater assurance and safety all through the ride. Look no further than the E-Wheels 36 Elite to satisfy that desire! An added feature is its looks.

        Electromagnetic brakes automatically stop it whenever the speed go throttle is released. In addition, dual rear shock absorbers are present. These two avoid jerks while driving on bumpy roads. Therefore, the rider will surely feel comfortable while on the road. The unit looks stunning with a glossy finish and larger wheels. High-seat has been made with armrests and a cup holder.

        The rear-wheel-drive unit is powered by 48volt 20AH batteries with a transaxle brushless motor. This maintains the good performance of the 36 Elite in running a distance of up to 45 miles at 18 mph of maximum speed. Rearview mirrors and signaling lights ensure the ride’s safety.

        Roomier basket storage is placed at the back to avoid destroying the front design.

        WHAT WE LIKE

        1. Anti-theft system
        2. Electromagnetic braking system


        1. No Delta tiller
        2. Not collapsible

              5. E-Wheels 54

          Experiencing bad weather or too much heat? Perhaps, you’ll need a model that is fully protected. The 54 is nearly the same as the 44 model in terms of its style. Top and front covering is present for a better ride.

          It is a 4-wheel design that is styled broader than its predecessor. It's color is matched on the built-in covering to make it more elegant. Broader legroom is also expected for this kind of model. The soft-padded seat has foldable armrests that keep the rider more secure. Headlights exist to light up the way during a night trip.

          It works through the 700watt motor with the help of 60volt 20AH batteries. A footbrake is added for the control just like a golf cart. The steering column can be folded. It can reach a distance of 40 miles at 15 mph of speed. The digital dashboard displays all the needed information such as performance ranges.

          Stereo speakers are included to freely play your favorite music on the road.

          WHAT WE LIKE

          1. The cargo box is added
          2. Well-built with a music system
          3. Full covering


          1. Slightly expensive
          2. Cannot be disassembled

               6. E-Wheels 36


            The 36 is another ride that could turn heads. It is a glossy finish that is available in many color options. Its performance isn't compromised on its looks. Safety is also enhanced through the upgraded brakes.

            In every trip, there'll always be personal stuff to be brought. But don't worry as the 36 has under seat locking storage to secure your things. Basket storage also exists for easy access and extra storage. High-back seat with a seat belt is used for more security for the user. Complete lighting package and rearview mirrors are present for a safer ride. Amazingly, a phone holder is attached on the handlebar and so answering phone calls while on the road is so easy.

            Forward and reverse switch exists for easy maneuvering on tight spaces. It consumes 500watt brushless motor with 48volts 20amp batteries. Full shock absorber makes the ride smoother especially on terrain surfaces. The longest range it reaches is 45 miles at a top speed of 18 mph. The unit displays the speed range and battery life.

            WHAT WE LIKE

            1. Stylishly designed
            2. Upgraded braking system

            WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE

            1. No Delta tiller
            2. No multiple seat options


            Now that you've gained many ideas about some E-Wheels mobility products, perhaps, choosing the best among the best products is crucial. These frequently asked questions might help you in looking for one that’s worthy of being purchased. Let’s get it started!

            • What makes E-Wheels products different from its competitors?

            E-Wheels use friendly machines such as the controls to easily maneuver the unit. Controls are enhanced resulting in convenient steering. Also, products offered are budget-friendly yet good in quality. Styling is another feature that E-wheels became a pro. Trendy colors are used to catch the consumer's attention.

            • What are the advantages of having a mobility unit?

            The user will have a chance to wander even with its bad condition. There are models with extended distance ranges. It is easy to operate and easy to learn how to use which is beneficial for the intended users. They are also travel-friendly so they can be brought in cars. It is also available in many stylish looks that’ll not make the user look sick.

            • How can we say that a particular model is a good buy?

            Any unit that grants the user comfort and security is a good buy. These can be felt upon the features it offers. A comfortable seat is one which has many styling options such as a high-seat, stadium seat, and captain’s seat. Safety features include a lighting package, rearview mirrors, and the necessary controls. Of course, reputable brands are the best sources to look for one.

            • Why should I place an order for one?

            Mobility scooters normally require a doctor's recommendation. These products are created for a person with mobility problems. It is capable of running a shorter distance than other vehicles and usually used for medication. However, there are models available for recreation activities.

            • Which E-Wheels mobility unit is the best recommended?

            We choose the E-Wheels 72 because of its attractiveness in looks and in performance. It is considered as a heavy-duty model that performs a heavy-duty task that is beneficial for the user. Despite its type, it is offered at its most affordable price.

            FINAL THOUGHTS

            After having an idea about E-Wheels mobility products, do you have a top choice?

            Choosing the best of the best products is mind breaking. Under E-Wheels brand, lots of choices have been projected and we choose the 72 as the best. It doesn’t mean the others are worse as they offer different unique features for the betterment of the user. Other reputable brands are available on this link.

            We hope this article helped you in looking for the best E-Wheels mobility units. We can’t wait to see you having one! Make sure you’re following the rules on the road even though they do not require the use of a license to avoid penalties.

            Leave your queries in the comment box and wait for a quick response. Thank you!

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