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The Best E-Wheels Outdoor Mobility Units

The Best E-Wheels Outdoor Mobility Units

Going outdoors with a handicap vehicle? That’s possible with these E-wheels outdoor mobility products! 

Roaming around in a car is not cost-effective, especially for shorter distance trips. Instead, why not try smaller transportation like a mobility scooter? 

These units are a rechargeable means of transport that's becoming popular. There are scooter models suitable for dual purposes. For example, some scooters are good indoors as well as outdoors. 

This post is all about outdoor products from E-Wheels. The included products were chosen from the Scooters 'N Chairs website. You can visit the site by clicking this link

About E-Wheels

Upon hearing “electric scooters”, everybody remembers E-Wheels. They are a pioneer in creating electric mobility vehicles with the help of highly skilled laborers in multiple plants. This results in over a million products in a year.

E-Wheels focus on innovating every unit’s controls such as the acceleration and torque. These controls are user-friendly and it makes their models perform well. In addition, E-Wheels models are designed with a stylish and trendy style. Overall, E-Wheels offer high-quality and eye catching mobility units. 

Below are the topmost outdoor products made by E-Wheels. We hope as you end reading this post you’ll get hints on which one is a good buy. 

The Top 3 E-Wheels Outdoor Mobility Units 

  1. E-Wheels 72

An E-Wheels scooter that looks good is one that's ready for an outdoor ride. Apart from becoming a medical transport, a nice looking vehicle is a bonus. The 72 is an example of substance over form product because of the features it renders.

It is a 4-wheel design intended for outdoor and even indoor surfaces. The legroom is designed roomy to keep the feet more relaxed throughout the ride. It is built with a broader and shiny coated front with headlights. At the back is basket storage that provides sufficient room to hold stuff. The soft-padded chair is built with a headrest and foldable armrests. Rearview mirrors are also included for a safer ride at all times. It is available in three color options. 

The unit runs at a top speed of 15mph over 43-miles distance while carrying 500-pounds of weight. It can be slowed down to 1/2mph. Controls used are E-ABS front and rear braking system and dual rear shock absorber. These make the ride smoother and safer in all-terrain roads. It is powered by a brushless 700watt transaxle motor with 48volts 20AH lead-acid battery. A key with remote is included to start the ride. 


  1. Performs well 
  2. Has an anti-theft alarm 


  1. Jerking problem 
  2. Slightly expensive 


To look good on the road is completely achieved. Other than that, its capabilities are admired by many as well as its controls. 

  1. E-Wheels 54

Driving with sun protection is so pleasant. You will never be burned again by the sun and so wave goodbye to skin irritations. A top and front covering are built to cover up the user from any type of weather. It, therefore, lessens the expenses of buying a travel jacket.

Then again, the 54 is a 4-wheel design with a full top covering and windshield. A cargo box is placed at the back of the seat that offers enough room for all your stuff. The front is built with an LED headlight for a more visible night trip. The cushioned seat is styled as an executive seat with moveable armrests for easy getting in and out of the seat. A cup holder is attached to the armrest. Additionally, rearview mirrors are added for a safer ride. 

Hearing your favorite music while on the road is possible through two stereo speakers and a music system. This ends up to more battery consumed and so, be practical in using it. It works well through the 700watt motor with 60volts 20AH batteries. It runs a total distance of 40-miles at a maximum speed of 15mph. A foot brake is responsible for a better ride, especially on rough roads. There’s also a digital electric dashboard to show the current status of your driving. 


  1. Maximum capacity of 500 pounds 
  2. Anti-theft alarm 


  1. Cannot be disassembled 


Built with a sun shield is a plus that the others don't have. Its look is unusual and yet performs well. Another amazing factor is the music player that lets the user hear their own favorite music on the road.

  1. E-Wheels 36


The last product intended for outdoor usage from E-wheels is the 36. The way it appears seems like a typical motorcycle. Its look does not compromise its performance as you can expect more features into it. Further, the 36 is cheaper than the previous products and it is appropriate these days due to the crisis.  

The 36 is a 3-wheeled designwith a motorcycle's looks. The unit is finished glossy so that it shines on the road. It is composed of many headlights which make it different from the others. These include signaling lights and brake lights. On the handlebars, rearview mirrors are placed to see who or what’s behind. Legroom is made roomy to provide an easy ride. A stainless net basket is at the back to uphold necessary things. For additional storage, there's locking storage underneath the seat for personal stuff. The seat is also made comfortable with a headrest, moveable armrests, and harness. 

The 36 runs faster with a top speed of 18mph as compared to the prior models. It also reaches a farther distance of 45-miles supported by the 16" large wheels. All of the tires have shock absorbers that are good for long and difficult roads. A special feature is experienced, specifically the forward and reverse switch. Maneuvering it is simple and convenient. Surprisingly, it consumes less brushless motor power of 500watts with 48volts 20AH batteries. 


  1. Lifetime technical support
  2. It has a speedometer and battery indicator 
  3. Anti-theft alarm 


  1. Nothing to mention 


Everybody wants a fast running model. The 36 is the answer! It overcomes the previous models in terms of functionality even though it looks simpler. 


Selecting an outdoor mobility unit in the midst of many manufacturers is crucial. First, you’ll get to know the manufacturers to be able to tell between their products. Knowing the products will never be enough without asking some necessary questions for future usage references. And so, here are five (5) frequently asked questions gathered by the team. 

Are outdoor mobility units considered as portable?

There is a specific category of mobility scooters referring to portable ones. They are usually called portable units which can be easily dismantled and reassembled. However, other outdoor makes are made portable and there are lots of choices provided. Outdoor mobility units are still considered as portable in terms of weight as it weighs less than the heavy-duty ones. A 130 pound unit is considered lightweight. 

Where can I buy one online?

All of the information above is picked from the Scooters N’ Chairs site and we do recommend for you to visit their site. There are many other popular brands mentioned on the website you could select for. The best thing is the navigation menus are properly classified to easily find the product that suits your need. A search bar is included for you to personally look for a scooter model as you desire. 

We also suggest some other legal sites who are also offering mobility units. The product doesn’t really depend on where it is bought but on the manufacturer itself. 

What are the qualities needed for an outdoor mobility product to be considered the best?

You’re right in looking for the qualities of a mobility unit to know whether it is fine or not. Here are 7 top features your unit should have: 


A mobility vehicle primarily works as personal transportation but more of that is the way it looks. Having a nice looking mobility scooter is a plus when using outdoors. There are models built with three or four wheels. Most of the outdoor scooters are stunning with a glossy finish. The reason is it glows naturally on the road when struck by sunlight. 


Other outdoor models are portable in terms of being lightweight and some are suitable for travel. Portability becomes a big deal when the reason you buy one is to use it for travel purposes. Nonetheless, no worries as outdoor products are all made lighter in weight than the other models. 

Comfortable seat 

A padded seat with moveable armrests is experienced with mobility products of any type. An added headrest is necessary to provide a comfier ride. Sadly, not all have a headrest. 


Lighting is necessary for a safer ride at night. Mobility vehicles normally use LED lighting as it consumes less battery power than the other types of lighting. Apart from a headlight, some models add up signaling and brake lights. 


Basket storage is placed either in front or at the back. Other models have extra storage placed under seat for personal stuff. Some also use cargo boxes for more secure storage even when placed at the back.

Control panels 

These products are known for easy controls. All controls are located at the handlebar to execute motorcycle-like steering. Controls include a handbrake, foot brake, and shock absorber. Check if the scooter has a digital panel display to easily monitor the whole ride. 

Battery life 

Outdoor scooters travel slightly far distances which require the use of brushless motor power and a required battery type. In one charging, it lasts over 40 miles of travel that is good enough for the users. 

What are the capabilities of an outdoor model?

Just like other transportations, they must have these capabilities to satisfy every user of it. These include:


We expect for an outdoor model to run fast as it is intended to. The normal speed limit of a mobility vehicle is above 5mph. Gladly, outdoor scooters run beyond 10mph of speed. 


Since an outdoor unit is intended for outdoor trips, we must expect a longer distance of travel. It must run a distance of over 40 miles to be considered as a legit outdoor model. 

Weight Capacity

Scooters can carry heavyweight particularly those high-end models. Further, an outdoor model can also do that. Those mentioned above can carry a maximum weight of 500 pounds. It is important to have a sturdy unit, especially when used outdoors.

Which outdoor scooter from E-Wheels is best recommended?

E-wheels is a trusted brand. We stand for all of their products however, we pick the 36 to be the best. It is good in looks as well as in performance. The 36 has the fastest speed and farther distance reached with the same maximum weight capacity. Further, it costs less than the other models which are favorable for many. The 36 is a good buy thereof. 

Ewheels Final Review

Outdoor products are the best companion for solo wandering. 

Traveling solo is not boring, especially with a scooter. E-wheels really provide a kind of transport that is user-friendly and for medical purposes as well. They never fail to create Graded-A outdoor models that have already gained a reputation from the users. There are only three products being reviewed as shown on the Scooters N’ Chairs website. 

We encourage you to seek for more outdoor scooters in the market. We hope you’ll end up with a product that renders your needs. 

For more information, kindly visit this site

You can leave questions and recommendations in the comment box below. We promise a quick response! 

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