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The Top 7 EV Rider Mobility Vehicles

Top 7 EV Rider Mobility Vehicles

Are you looking for a mobility solution? Here are some of the best EV Rider products on the market!

As of writing, some of these models are no longer in production, but we think it's worth showcasing these amazing machines to educate consumers on what's available and possible for people with limited mobility. Clicking on the link will bring you to the product page where the title will inform you if the product is not available.  

A mobility unit helps a person move from point A to point B without exerting themselves. This is a vehicle option for people who are unable to go outdoors on their own. EV Rider is a top-notch US brand that builds mobility products ideal for the elderly and for those who have mobility problems. Thus, having an EV Rider model will restore the independence of a person to move.

At the end of this post, a specific mobility solution might grab your attention. Are you ready to find out the best mobility units?


     1. EV Rider Royale 4 Dual Seat

The Royale 4 is a dual seat unit from EV Rider with a 32” wide seat. It can go 32 miles while accommodating two people in one ride. You won't be interrupted mid-journey as this model is sure to give you your desired driving range.

The Royale 4 is controlled via a tiller together with electromagnetic dual emergency disc brakes and a suspension system. Pneumatic tires are also used, thus a smoother ride is experienced. Speed readings, the driving range, a temperature sensor, and the battery life are recorded on a digital tritium display. A complete lighting package includes a headlight and blinkers are placed on the rearview mirrors.


  1. Longer distance range
  2. Wider seat


  1. Expensive

     2. EV Rider Transport Plus Foldable Model

    Up next is a travel model. It is a stylish and space-saver ride which is easy to store in car trunks. Lead batteries are used and hence this unit is absolutely FAA safe for airline storing. The whole unit is easy to disassemble as well as to reassemble. It can also be folded in three places for compact storage.

    The Transport Plus is perfect to ride on when you go shopping as it is designed compactly to fit on slender pavements. The driving range is 10 to 15 miles at a speed of 4 miles per hour per full charge. It does have a lower weight capacity amounting to 250 pounds. It is controlled through a digital wig-wag throttle control with a digital display. A nice perk is its powerful 4-pole motor that makes the vehicle more active during the ride.


    1. Complete lighting package
    2. Height adjustable tiller
    3. Tight turning radius


    1. Less weight capacity

         3. EV Rider Transport Easy Move S19M

      The Transport Easy Move S19M is an easy to fold by only pushing a button on the handheld remote. The entire unit automatically folds in seconds. It weighs only 44 pounds and is FAA approved for onboard travel as well as easily fitting in most car trunks. Unfolding it is done through pressing the button. Ease of storing as well as unfolding the unit is super easy to do.

      This model uses an 8.7Ah lithium battery with a 180-watt, 24-volt motor type. An off-board charger is included and when the batteries get empty of charge, you just plug it in to its handy XLR port.

      A high quality Dynamic R-Series 50A is the controller type used, one that can operate up to 10-miles at a maximum speed of 4mph. The Transport's electromagnetic brakes work well, rendering a smoother ride than other brake systems. Also included is an LED headlight to keep you safe by lighting up the way during night travel.


      1. Easy to store
      2. Affordable


      1. No armrests and rearview mirrors
      2. Less weight capacity

           4. EV Rider Transport AF

        The Transport AF is a European CE and FDA certified product. Just like the previous model, Transport AF is foldable and easy to transport. By using a remote control, the unit folds automatically in just a few seconds. Unfolding the whole unit is also done via the remote control.

        The scooter is built slenderly to fit into tight spaces. In addition, an ultra-tight turning radius of 31" is achieved, perfect for tight homes and store aisles.

        This disability unit is good for travel as it only weighs 44 pounds. Besides, the Transport AF can uphold 250 pounds of weight despite its minimal size. It can take you for a range of 7 miles at a maximum speed of 3.8 miles per hour, before needing another charge.

        It operates through the well-trusted Dynamic R-Series 50A controller and is powered by 24 Volt 8.7 AH Li-On batteries. An off-board Li-On charger is included in the package.

        The tiller’s height is adjustable so you can set it to whatever angle you want until it suits your most comfortable position.



        1. Easy to fold and unfold
        2. Airline approved
        3. Ultra-tight turning radius


        1. No armrests and rearview mirrors

              5. EV Rider Royale Cargo 4

          Do you plan to travel with a person who is dear to you? Try out the two-seater from EV Rider - the Royale Cargo 4. Two people are accommodated in its 32” wide soft-padded seat.

          The legroom of this vehicle is made roomier for a relaxed, comfortable ride despite two people on one unit. Broader front design really gives the Royale a super attractive look that is sure to attract the attention of other people along the way!

          The Royale Cargo 4 is considered to be a heavy-duty unit as it travels a distance of 32 miles at a top speed of 9.3 miles per hour. Controls include a fully-independent suspension system and automatic speed reduction. These controls ensure safety for an entire trip. All the necessary measurements are clearly recorded on the digital display panel.


          1. Complete lighting package including blinkers
          2. Well-built


          1. Higher price range
          2. No basket storage

                  6. EV Rider Royale 4 Luxury Model

              To look luxurious on the road is epitomized by the Royale 4 Luxury unit. But this model isn't only built with a sophisticated look, it also has unique features.

              These include advanced controls such as automatic speed reduction, a dual disc brake system, and fully-independent suspension. However, this model isn’t legal to use on highways for safety reasons.

              The Royale 4 Luxury model can go up to 32 miles at 9.3 miles per hour in one charging. It is considered to be a heavy-duty unit due to its high weight capacity of 450 pounds and a tight turning radius of 63". The digital tritium display shows complete details about the status of driving. A large storage basket can be placed at the back for big grocery shops. 


              1. The convenience of the controls
              2. Heavy-duty
              3. Good looking


              1. Highly expensive
              2. Prohibited on highways

                   7. EV Rider Aviator S8X Model

                Nowadays, modern looking vehicles keep upping the trend. Surprisingly, the Aviator S8X has looks that seem to be timeless. It is elite in style and gives you a performance like no other. The Aviator S8X is a 4-wheeled design capable of running on semi-all terrain roads, keeping up with its powerful looks. One of its special features is the double wishbone suspension system which is new in the line of mobility products and gives you unparalleled comfort.

                The maximum driving range is 22 miles at 8 miles per hour of speed. Powerful controls are used such as a 4 pole motor, a Dynamic Rhino 110 Amp Controller, and a wigwag throttle control. An informative LCD shows everything about the driving status. The tiller angle can be adjusted up to the desired comfort.


                1. Basket storage
                2. Rearview mirrors
                3. Advancement of the suspension system


                1. Highly expensive
                2. Suitable for outdoor use only


                WRAPPING UP

                Now that you have learned about the different models under EV Rider, do you have a favorite?

                Undeniably, EV Rider produces and has produced the most recommended products in the market. They offer a variety of unique features that are indeed essential for this kind of transport. Apart from the reviewed products, more and more EV Rider models are being introduced such as the Teqno and CityCruzer.

                People with mobility difficulties now have the chance to keep up with every long trip done by the squad or family. Scooters can literally change your life. This way, you can go back to your old self that loves to travel by riding on a mobility vehicle.

                We hope this post gives you an idea of your plan to buy a mobility product. If questions are running through your mind due to the large selection, feel free to chat with us and we will respond as fast as we can.

                See you on your next trip with your new device! Thanks for spending your time reading this post.

                For more details, visit Scooters N’ Chairs.

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