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The Top 4 EV Rider Recreational Mobility Vehicles

The Top 4 EV Rider Recreational Mobility Vehicles

Do you want to know more about the best EV Rider recreational mobility products for your next trip? Check out this post!

Handicap units are now as popular as normal transportation. Even though the structure seems fragile compared to other rides, scooters are medically approved to be used as a means of transport.

If your doctor recommends the use of a mobility device, do not hesitate to buy one. A mobility product is primarily intended for a person to move freely despite mobility problems.

Recreational models are the perfect type of scooter for roaming around outdoors — particularly the ones that come from EV Rider.

About EV Rider

In the year 1996, EV Rider started producing electric products. Citybug is the first mobility vehicle produced for all ages. It was the first battery-powered unit made, followed by Helper and City Shuttle that is intended for seniors.

Since 2016, EV Rider has already completed their product line, including mobility devices for kids and for disabled people. They ensure to make products that are in accordance with the need of the users, may it be for medical, fun, or for everyday use.

There are five series under EV Rider. These include the Transport series, Riderxpress series, Mini Rider series, Royale series, and Stand N Ride series. It all happened because of the 30 years of service from their passionate customer service and staffs.

Furthermore, here are the most selected recreational models from EV Rider. I am hoping at the end of this post, you’ll find what’s best for you.

The Top 4 EV Rider Recreational Devices

      1. EV Rider Royale 4 Dual Seat Model

During travels, it’s much better not to go solo. You can choose to be with someone special to make the trip more memorable. Thanks to Royale 4 Dual Seat which accommodates two persons in one seat. Moreover, it renders a continuous ride without getting stuck on the road.

It is a 4-wheel design, built with a bulky structure and composed of a wider seat. The seat is measured 32" wide and that's why two people can sit side-by-side in one ride. Subsequently, the legroom is also made broader to support two people. The front is comprised of a headlight for a safer trip at night. Rearview mirrors are added on the handlebar together with the controls. Digital tritium is responsible for showing the current driving status of the scooter. It includes speed readings, distance traveled, temperature sensor, and battery indicator.

The unit runs a distance of 32 miles at 8mph top speed. It renders full suspension and an electromagnetic brake system with dual disc brakes. The pneumatic tires covered with aluminum alloy ensure a smooth ride.


  1. Dual seat
  2. Elastic storage at the back


  1. Highly expensive


It is a scooter good for partners. Limited models are similar to Royale 4 Dual Seat.

  1. EV Rider Xpress

Great turns are normally done by a three-wheeled design. Surprisingly, 4-wheeled Rider Xpress acts like it. This function is good, especially on narrow spaces. The slender look helps the unit enter even small spaces without difficulty. Furthermore, Rider Xpress is the most affordable recreational scooter listed.

It can be broken down into five lightweight pieces for easy transport. The heaviest piece is 46 pounds in weight. It is built slimmer and yet durable enough to carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Net basket storage is located in the front for easy access on your stuff. The seat is comfortable with moveable armrests. It also has a headlight for visibility during a night trip. It is available in five color options.

A maximum speed of 5mph can run a total distance of 12.5 miles. This seems to be a shorter distance reached at a slower pace than the others from EV Rider. Yet, it is enough to render the desired outdoor ride for the user. A tight turning radius is executed amounting to 38.6”; that is superb for a 4-wheeled unit.


  1. 70amp controller and electromagnetic brake system
  2. 3 year limited warranty


  1. Shorter distance range


The price is so attractive. Even when it costs lesser than the others, it doesn’t compromise its performance. Additionally, it is a portable outdoor model.

  1. EV Rider Royale 4 Luxury Model

Automatic controls are a big plus for the riders. It is more convenient to drive a scooter that has easy to operate controls or independent controls, if possible. In addition, if the unit looks good with those kinds of controls, don’t look any further. Perhaps, Royale 4 Luxury has it all.

Speed controls and a suspension system are important features of a recreational model. The unit’s speed is reduced automatically whenever it reaches the top speed. A suspension system is fully independent and hence renders a smoother ride like no other. Anyway, its top speed is equal to 9.3 mph that travels a distance of 32 miles per charge. Furthermore, a dual disc brake system is added to complete the needed controls. All of the control happenings are recorded and displayed on a digital tritium panel. It shows speed readings, total distance traveled, temperature sensor, and battery indicator.

Now on its looks, it is built bigger and sturdier with a broader front design. There’s a headlight to light up your way supported by rearview mirrors for a safer ride. It is built with a high, soft-padded seat with foldable armrests and headrest. Basket storage can be added at the back of the seat.


  1. Stylishly and durably designed
  2. Independent controls
  3. Blinkers are present


  1. Highly expensive
  2. Cannot be folded


The automatic controls are what make Royale 4 Luxury different from the other models. All the needed small details are present on the scooter. The price is as luxury as its name.

  1. EV Rider Aviator S8X

If you want to be more adventurous looking on the road, the Rider Aviator S8X is for you. The last model on the list is considered an elite product under EV Rider. In spite of its sleek design, it performs powerfully on semi-all terrain roads. However, the price might not be favorable for many as it costs higher as expected.

Rider Aviator S8X looks classy in a black and glossy finish. It will surely attract the people around just by how it looks. It is composed of four sporty wheels that are suitable for terrain surfaces. The unit uses 4400 rpm 700watts motor type to render extreme ride for the user. An off-board charger is included for easy recharging method. The total distance run is 22-miles at a maximum speed of 8mph while carrying 400-pounds of weight. An informative LCD shows all needed information pertaining to the driving status.

 The unit’s seat is made comfortable with a headrest and foldable armrests with a cup holder. Seat belt is added to keep the rider secure at all times. For storage purposes, basket storage is placed in front. It is comprised of a complete lighting package, including signal indicator and a headlight.


  1. Powerfully designed
  2. Perfect for outdoor use


  1. Highly expensive


It has a nice look and better performance. Aviator S8X is fully intended for an outdoor ride. Other features are greatly admired too.


At this point, you might be entangled on which recreational unit is a good buy. Knowing the name of a product will never be enough reason to get satisfied and buy it right away. You’ve got to know deeper about the product to avoid regrets in the end. And so, here are five helpful questions that’ll serve as a buying guide.

Where to look for a recreational model?

    Recreational mobility units are widely available in the market. Specifically, you can visit the Scooters N’ Chairs website to look for a legit recreational product. It provides high-quality units made by reputable brands. The navigation menus are easy to follow and understand. Looking for the desired model is so convenient.

    We recommend you to try looking for other legal selling sites, if possible. Getting the appropriate model is what matters most.

    What makes a recreational unit different from the others?

      Recreational scooters are used outdoors. The structure is more durable to conquer terrain surfaces and to achieve a longer useful life. They are more stylish compared to indoor or portable models. It might be because the goal is to catch people’s attention while on the road. Additionally, they are easy to disassemble and reassemble thus great for travel. However, the price is higher as it renders great performance in every ride.

      How to choose a recreational unit?

        Choosing the best recreational unit is crucial nowadays as vast numbers of products are being produced. There are important factors you need to consider before deciding what to buy. These include:


        They are considered portable if they can be disassembled or folded. However, there are those that cannot be folded but weigh lighter than the others.


        It feels good to look good on the road. Having a stylish recreational scooter will bring you to the next level. It is either composed of three or four wheels.

        Easy to control

        Normally, the controls are located on the handlebar. Convenient controls are required especially for those disabled users. This includes a braking system and suspension system that makes the ride smooth.


        The seat is usually padded and has a backrest and armrests to render great comfort throughout the trip. Roomy legroom is a plus to complete the comfort needed.

        Other important highlights

        These include an LED headlight, signaling lights, basket storage, rearview mirrors, and even a cup holder. It is all included in one package.

        Battery life

        Longer battery life is necessary to travel a longer distance. They are usually powered by a brushless motor and included batteries. The unit is also rechargeable and the charger is included.

        How long does it take to charge a recreational scooter?

          It is recommended to charge any type of model for up to 8 hours. However, charging the unit overnight is desirable to ensure an all day useful life.

          Which EV Rider recreational product is the best recommended?

            In all fairness, EV Rider scooters are all good in appearance and in performance. They become on top in different ways.

            However, the team has chosen Rider Royale 4 Luxury as the best recommended EV Rider recreational scooter. Despite the cost, it offers more advanced control systems such as speed reduction and independent suspension system. Moreover, the way it looks is very pleasant on the eyes. Therefore, it is worthy of the price and won’t cause any regret after the purchase.

            Wrapping Up

            Are you ready to explore the outdoors?

            Decide now to buy a recreational mobility vehicle under EV Rider to ensure a high-quality ride. The scooters above are only a few pieces of evidence to prove how EV Rider is doing its best to produce world-class scooters. There are other products not mentioned offered in the market. You have the freedom to look for more EV Rider scooters from the other sites.

            Furthermore, I'm hoping your questions are already answered on the frequently asked questions section. If not, you can leave a comment in the box below and wait for the response.

            We are rooting on your first device coming your way. Just a reminder, keep every ride safe by following every road sign. Make sure the scooter is well-prepared for a ride.

            For more details, please open this link. Thank you!

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