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The Top 3 EV Rider Portable Travel Mobility Units

The Top 3 EV Rider Portable Travel Mobility Units

Are you going out of town with your mobility vehicle? Try out the best EV Rider Portable Travel Mobility Units!

Bringing a mobility vehicle on board a plane or on the road is now possible. Portability is the key to enjoying your trip in the same way as if you weren't carrying a scooter. This type of mobility unit is lighter and more easily assembled and disassembled. It is perfect for longer vacations.

This post discusses EV Rider’s portable products.

EV Rider Transport Plus Foldable Travel Model

To start with is the foldable unit from EV Rider that is primarily intended for long distance travels. Taking it on a plane or other forms of transportation is so easy. It can be disassembled in three easy steps until it folds flat. The seat can be removed for easy folding as well as storage. It actually weighs 46 pounds after it is folded. There's no need for a large room to store it thereof. It can just lean on a wall when not in use.

The transport Plus Foldable unit can travel a distance of 15 miles at 4 miles per hour in one charge transporting a maximum weight of 250 pounds. It can execute turnings of a 32.3” radius. You can monitor the status of your ride through its digital display tiller. It is powered by 24-volts 12Ah batteries to be charged for 4 to 6 hours. Rear and front lights are present to ensure safety while driving at night. It is designed with an electromagnetic braking system.


  • Rubber Tires
  • Anti-tipper feature
  • Adjustable Tiller
  • Wide leg room
  • Ground clearance of 2.4”
  • The climbing angle of 6-degrees
  • 4 Color options: Plum, Copper, Metallic Blue, and Burgundy
  • Digital wig-wag control
  • 3-years warranty
  • 1-year replacement warranty


  1. Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  2. Well-designed controlling system


  1. Slightly expensive
  2. For outdoor use only
  3. No basket storage

EV Rider TranSport Easy Move S19M Portable Travel Model

Up next is a product suitable for shorter distance travel. It can reach a distance of 10 miles in one charging at a speed of 4 miles per hour. It can't carry over 250 pounds in one ride. S19M has been approved for airline transport. Folding the material is as easy as pressing a button and it automatically folds flat. There will be no extra actions to fit it on a truck or on any type of transportation. It weighs 44 pounds right after folding. Reassembling it is done by pressing the button again.

It works through a rechargeable 180watt 24volt 8.7Ah Li-On batteries. There are three charging options which are all included upon purchase. The controlling system is easy to follow. These include the electromagnetic braking system which is controlled via the throttle control panel. The tiller can be adjusted according to the desired height. An LED headlight is added too to keep the trip safe even in the middle of the night.


  • Flat-free tires
  • Anti-tipper feature
  • 8” L x 16.5” W
  • No suspension
  • Turning radius of 31”
  • Ground clearance of 1.4”
  • 3-years warranty
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Push button


  1. Automatic folding and unfolding
  2. Dual throttle control
  3. High-capacitated


  1. Pricier than the prior model
  2. Shorter distance travel
  3. No basket storage

EV Rider Xpress Portable Travel Model

The most affordable portable model from EV Rider is the Xpress. It is a 4-wheel battery-powered model with a turning ability just like a 3-wheeled model. It executes a turning radius of 38.6" that is normally experienced by 3-wheel mobility vehicle users. Despite this, it is still controlled excellently with great stability. Its shock absorber ability is one thing that keeps the ride smooth even during turns. It also has larger front wheels that ensure higher ground clearance. The wheels are covered with an aluminum alloy and it is flat-free.

It can ride a maximum weight of 300 pounds running an approximate distance of 12 miles at 5 miles per hour on a single charge. That is faster than the previous models. The electromagnetic braking system helps to perform a safer ride even on difficult roads. Besides, a 70 amp controller is applied to finally enjoy operating the ride. It can be easily broken down into five pieces during storage and is easy to reassemble.

Among the other EV Riders appraised earlier, the Xpress is the only model which has basket storage located in front to hold some important pieces of stuff.


  • 46 pounds product weight when disassembled
  • 2 color options: Blue and Silver
  • Ground clearance of 2.8”
  • Rear and front wheels are balanced
  • Rear mono-shock suspension
  • The climbing angle of 12-degrees
  • Batteries are included
  • 3-year warranty
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Free shipping


  1. Tight turning radius
  2. Higher weight capacity than the prior models
  3. Easy to store and reassemble
  4. Less costly than the prior products
  5. Well-designed 4-wheel design


  1. Heavier than the previous models



Who would’ve known that a simple type of transportation can be brought anywhere?

You can enjoy a ride in every place you go. Thanks to EV Rider's Portable Travel unit!

This especially benefits the seniors who don't have enough strength to travel. It is easily manipulated and so perfect for the elderly. However, it can be used by PWDs too. In fact, portable products are made for everyone. The thing is its main purpose is to restore the independence of incapacitated people to enjoy the world.

We also learned the two types of portable units to distinguish it from other types. And if you really love traveling, this type is for you.

If questions are popping on your mind, do not hesitate to leave your words on the comment section below. We promise you a quick response.

For more information, please visit Scooters N' Chairs. Thank you!

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