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The Best Extended Range & Long-Distance Mobility Units

The Best Extended Range & Long-Distance Mobility Units

With the advancement of our modern-day technology, plenty of products have been made to help and aid people suffering from different problems that hinder them in their daily activities. They provide a handy solution to make their daily routines quicker and easier. If you have troublesome issues keeping you from doing the things you want, buying an extended range or a long distance mobility scooter will take you much longer travel distances.

Buying a mobility unit with an extended range feature will make you do a lot of things better than before without being assisted. To help you decide which extended range and long-distance product is best, here is a list of some of the best options available.

1.  Afikim: Afiscooter C 4-Wheel

The layout of this model  has been executed with the best ergonomics and innovation normally discovered uniquely in the overwhelming mobility scooter classification. The Afiscooter C4 is fitting for both indoor and outside use. This mobility scooter estimate considers ideal versatility around town, on thin walkways and is helpful in moving through malls. There is a Shabbat alternative for the attentive (which is a custom extra and has longer lead times). The Afiscooter C4 is good with numerous vehicle lifts. 

The extraordinary plan of the Afiscooter C4 alongside the client comfort offices: a completely flexible swiveling orthopedic seat, the Delta tiller that gives simple guiding and is completely customizable to oblige any driver. A top-quality drive is ensured with a propelled suspension framework and separate safeguards on each wheel. The electrical framework incorporates headlights, a backlight, turning signals, danger, brake lights and a horn for well-being. Moreover, the Afiscooter C4 highlights a discretionary back container and sunshade shelter to finish the movement experience.

The Afikim Afiscooters (formerly Afikim Breeze Scooter) C3 and C4 are the most developed mobility units in its class. Enabling you to appreciate the blend of the most recent innovation and plan. It is a medium size model made for the urban condition. The Afiscooter C4 gives ideal portability in thin and swarmed zones. The orthopedic seat swivels for simple access. The seat and the handlebars can be acclimated to the client's needs, taking into consideration a protected and charming ride. The safeguards and wide wheels make the ride smooth and agreeable. The Afiscooter C4 has programmed brakes, which empowers it to stop securely in any Terrain. The control framework is basic and simple to utilize, similar to the power switch, battery pointer, and speed control. 

Press the correct increasing speed to handle to go advances and to one side to go in reverse. It has headlights, turn markers and two horn buttons. The Afikim Afiscooter C3 can convey as much as 350 pounds for up to 30 miles. The Afikim Afiscooter Breeze C comes in two models, the C3 (3 wheels) which has a smaller turning sweep, and the C4 (4 wheels) for individuals that need greater security. 

Afikim Electric Vehicles has been a main designer and maker of mobility products for more than 30 years. Their unrivaled workmanship is refreshing all through the Mobility Industry. After purchasing an Afikim model, you are certain to have chosen a durable and reliable unit.

2. Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Unit

If you are in search of an incredibly durable and comfortable product, the Afiscooter S 4-Wheel is an exceptional choice for an extended range model. This will surely hit the mark with its almost perfect ergonomically designed construction and modernized suspension and steering that will simulate the feeling of driving a car. It is a handy and reliable extended range model as it can be driven over different surfaces because of its alloy wheels and pneumatic tires that have a five-inch clearance over the ground. 

For your own preference in comfort, Afiscooter S’s tiller, armrests, backrest, and the seat can be adjusted easily without putting a lot of work. It also has a very visible control panel equipped with a very bright LCD that will make you see your distance and speed easily. There are also various features that are developed for your safety as a driver, such as the LED rear and front lights, and a new technological panic sensor that will automatically and quickly shut down the power of the scooter when you accidentally over-rev the accelerator. With its extended range feature, it will surely bring you to farther places like nearby towns and villages. 

3. EV Rider: Royale Cargo 4

If you are looking for a 4-wheel design that can assist people with physical issues such as strength problems, the Royale Cargo 4 is a heavy-duty model and can be the best choice for you. It has a lot of features that support portability. The Royale Cargo 4 is a heavy-duty medical vehicle by EV Rider, also offering security and stability design. It was designed luxuriously with 4 big wheels with a dual seat feature. It also boasts its complete digital panel display.

The Royale Cargo 4-wheel also has an additional feature that will enable you to customize it depending on your preference, and a relaxing armrest for any of your transports. The Royale Cargo 4 is also proud of its extra comfortable seating that gives comfort to whoever drives it. It can run with a maximum speed of fifteen kilometers per hour that can last up to a total of fifty kilometers.

4. EV Rider: Aviator S8X

EV Rider's S8X Aviator was considered as a trendy model with numerous highlights. It has a simple to utilize LCD show that has a complete digital display panel. EV Rider's S8X Aviator has a powerful motor with 700 watts of power. The EV Rider's S8X Aviator can run for a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour and can last for a total of 22 miles in one charge of its battery. It also has a very comfortable backrest and armrest for its seat that is completely amazing for any mobility unit.

5. EV Rider: Royale 4s

If you are looking for a 4-wheel mobility product that can assist people with physical issues such as strength problems, EV Rider's Royale 4s can be the best option for you. It has a lot of features that support portability. EV Rider: Royale 4s also offer security and stability design. It was designed luxuriously with 4 big wheels. 

EV Rider: Royale 4s also has an additional feature of relaxing armrests for any of your transports with a cover that can provide you protection from sun heat and even rain. EV Rider: Royale 4s is also proud of its extra comfortable seating that gives comfort to whoever drives it. It can run with a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour that can last up to a total of 30 miles.

6. E-Wheels: 72

When choosing a mobility unit, it is very important to choose those who can bring you to different places. What I mean is that you should choose one that will drive you from one place to the another. For E-Wheels' 72, you can both have a reliable unit that can be utilized for traveling a long distance and a luxurious look that is quite uncommon for an extended range product. The 72 is a fast model that can go up to 15 miles per hour, plus a feature that enables this unit to go as slow as a half mile per hour. It can also be driven farther than 40 miles at most and can be loaded with up to 500 pounds. 

E-Wheels' 72 has also a very sleek design that can be used outdoors and indoors. Plus, the comfortability that it can offer from its movable armrests and soft seat cushions. So, if you are looking for a fast and powerful product, E-Wheels' 72 will provide everything that you need.

7. Drive Medical: Panther


If you ever wanted a versatile unit with an extended range feature, the Panther is the best choice from the Drive Medical brand. It can offer outstanding performance, sleek design, a very smooth riding experience, and highly recommended features that are truly exceptional. Although it is not the fastest of its class, the Panther can still guarantee promising features in its price range such as a load capacity over four hundred pounds, a driving range that can go up to twenty-five miles, and a speed that can go as fast as eight miles per hour. It also provides a comfortable experience to the driver with its fully adjustable swivels and tillers that are very handy in accommodating different drivers.

The Panther also includes security features to assure your safety while using this unit. This mobility bike has an easy to use EM braking mechanism and a very convenient hand brake that gives additional control to the driver. You can also use the Panther through different surface and terrains with its pneumatic tires and pair of suspensions from the front and rear.


Medical vehicles were made specifically for people who have issues and difficulties in traveling alone without any assistance from other people, although other people who do not have any physical issues can still buy and use these products. There are no restrictions on who can use them. You just need to think before you get one for yourself, think if it is worth it for your current condition. In the end, whatever your intent in availing a handicap vehicle, it will surely provide comfort for anything that you will use it for. It is also important to choose a mobility product with extended range and long-distance features as they can bring and drive you to farther places. Remember that one of the reasons why you wanted to avail one is to get yourself from one place to another.

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