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The Best Indoor Mobility Units

The Best Indoor Mobility Units

Indoor mobility products have been providing great freedom of movement for the disabled, elderly, and people with serious illnesses for many years now. Mobility is an important aspect of an individual’s everyday life. The freedom to move according to your wants can enhance the capability of a person to learn, interact with people, and earn a living. We swam into the broad market of electric mobility units to find the best rides that can provide a whole new level of indoor mobility. If this interests you, keep reading.

Companion 4-Wheel Unit (Golden Technologies)

Among its class, the four-wheel design Companion GC440 from Golden Technologies provides the most foot room and leg room. It features a rugged design with touch modernity and it is equipped with 10 inch sturdy tires on the rear and front. This allows this indoor mobility model to cruise and strides even the obstacles in the outdoors with grace.

Aside from that, it is also easy to disassemble. In fact, it includes a control panel featuring an ergonomic design which is accompanied with a backlit battery gauge information display and an adjustable headlight. Moreover, it also features a Delta tiller that you can wraparound which allows easy steering. Expect to see a 360-degree swivel seat on it that can accommodate up to 400 lbs total weight capacity.

Speed is also an important aspect to consider when buying an indoor model. Besides, it does not only provide a satisfying speed, but it will also allow you to be productive and efficient in wide-ranging ways.

In line with this, the Golden Technologies Companion sports an excellent speed of 4.5 mph. On the other hand, it can deliver a range of 15 miles which is ideal, especially if you are looking for a dependable ride. Not mentioning that it can provide long-lasting mobility with its 40AH battery that you can also extend with its upgrade pack.

For its features, aside from having a 360-degree swivel seat, it is also covered with a black vinyl LiquiCell that serves a high level of comfort for users. You can also adjust the height of its seat according to your preference using its power elevating capability. Plus, it is equipped a Delta tiller that includes an auto lock mechanism for better convenience and support.

Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel Unit (Golden Technologies)

If you want to travel a longer distance with enjoyable extra speed, then opt for the Buzzaround EX 4-wheel model from Golden Technologies. It comprises all of the best features of the classic Buzzaround model but the only difference is that it is collapsible and durable. As a result, it allows you to travel wherever you want and you never have to miss your family trips and outings with friends again.

This four-wheel design can travel as far as 18 miles in one fully charged battery. Before you will need to charge its battery again, you can go beyond the extra miles due to its robust battery. And it can also interestingly reach a speed of 5 mph in order to help you keep up with the fast pace of your environment. But the most excellent thing about it is that you can fit it easily into most kinds of vehicles with its wireless and lightweight collapsible parts.

To cite some of its top-notch specs, we will start with its capacity that can carry up to 330 lbs. It provides incredible comfort through its comfy suspension that you can find on its rear and front wheels. This important addition helps your ride to run as smoothly as possible.

Unlike others, the Buzzaround EX really lives up to your expectation of its name. It is because it offers a sharp 56 inch turn radius that can help you turn into tight spaces which add up to its extreme mobility. And you would also love its comfortable flip-back armrests. Most of all, it is specially designed to allow easy mounting as well as excellent support.

For added functionality, this indoor product is also equipped with a simple steering system. This means that you can navigate it even when only using one hand. Also, it carries an adjustable basket along with taillight and headlight. All of these specs and features are combined in a single indoor mobility scooter in order to provide a riding experience that is needed by most.

Go-Go Folding Model (Pride Mobility)

The very moment you realize that what you need is a portable and lightweight indoor model, go and get Pride Mobility’s Go-Go Folding unit right away. It offers two speed settings that help to provide the right speed for different kinds of situations. It also carries a removable seat and a simple one-piece frame which you can take wherever you want to go.

Given that this product from Pride Mobility is foldable, you can easily take it to grocery stores and fit it inside most vehicle types when traveling. You can also take on all your life adventures to live your best and most active lifestyle.

Moreover, this lightweight and incredibly compact unit is supported by a removable folding set and a folding tiller. Compared to the rest of the standard models, the features of this folding ride offers low and high-speed settings in one affordable four-wheel electric scooter.

Travel with great mobility with this unit that can run up to 4 mph. Based on its battery capacity, you can travel in a range of 9.5 miles with a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. Safety is also an added feature on this product which is achieved with its articulated front end that renders greater stability and its 32 inches turning radius that allows it to conquer narrow sides.

You can also choose two standard 12V Lead Acid batteries or just a single 24V Lithium-ion battery that can respectively allow you to travel up to 9.3 miles and 12.5 miles per charge.

LiteRider 3 Wheel Model (Golden Technologies)

You can easily navigate the LiteRider 3-wheel design from Golden Technologies wherever you want to go. Moreover, you can also choose between blue and red body colors depending on what matches your preference and what’s pleasing to your eye. Aside from its color, it also has a comfortable plush stadium seat which only comes in black vinyl seat shade that is very relaxing. Its astounding design also goes beyond color allowing its low-profile tires and sparkling rims to blend very well.

Additionally, LiteRider’s easy to disassemble body is specially designed to provide a great sense of convenience. Not only that but it also helps to make your travels simpler than ever before. Moreover, it carries two baskets where items can be stored and accessed easily. Its tiller is also extra easy to steer.

It is quite obvious that Golden Technologies is a brand that people rely on because of its well thought through indoor designs. As a matter of fact, it sports an adjustable armrest that you can instantly adjust on its foldable seat. Also, I personally find armrests important because of the extra support and comfort they provide. So, given that Golden Technologies integrates an easy to adjust armrest to LiteRider makes me want to buy mine right away.

One of the best features of this electric indoor unit is its very informative control panel. This allows you to know how much battery power is still left through its battery display. Lead the way and never be left behind ever again. With this scooter, you can now travel up to twelve miles in one single fully charged battery up to a maximum speed of 5 mph.

Enjoy life more using this well-designed ride. It can carry a maximum of 300 lbs and it is equipped with an incredibly bright adjustable LED headlight. Supplying its high-performance is two powerful 22AH batteries that can take you farther than you expect. And you will get to enjoy your shopping trips longer with your family without having to worry about being left behind.

Ventura 3 Wheel Model (Drive Medical)

To get some fresh insight about one of the best indoor models from Drive Medical, we have unraveled the specs and features of the Ventura 3-wheel unit. Basically, it is an electric full-sized indoor mobility scooter that can amazingly enhance the ability of an individual to move. And it includes very few limitations over its sturdy wheels.

Drive Medical’s 3-wheel Ventura 3 model can handle up to 400 lbs. It can also reach a max speed of 6 mph which makes it one of the best and fastest chairs in the market today.

Aside from that, it can boast inclines of about 7.5 degrees. Considering these cool capabilities you will be able to decide if this ride is worthy of your time. It has an overall length of about 47.75 inches along with 25 inches as an overall width. Not to mention that it provides excellent stability and safety with its electromagnetic braking system, padded adjustable armrest, programmable controller, easy to navigate features along with freewheel operation, flat-free non-marking tires, 23 inches floorboard space, and ergonomic throttle control.

It is also powered by a 12V x 33AH battery pack that can reach up to 16 miles of driving range. It offers great versatility, comfort, speed, and durability as well as power. Not only that but consumers are actually allowed to customize their Ventura model with combining two different colors which are red and blue.

Generally, all Ventura models have four unique seat height adjustments as well as automobile-style seat positions that allow great comfort. With this, you will be able to choose to slide backwards or forwards according to your needs.

Comfort along with the word stylish are just some of the most possible things to observe with this 3-wheel design. More so, it is greatly transportable and compact that not only looks fast but it really shows on its performance.

It also has a stadium-style seat that you can fold. With this standard model feature, you will get the right moment where you can enjoy its 20 AH batteries



Atto Folding Mobility Unit

You can clearly see the sleek style of the Atto Folding unit even in just one quick look. However, it is not just the looks that make this ride sleek but also because of its high level of performance. Particularly in comparison with the rest of the products available on the market.

Atto’s compact folded unit can split into two which makes it extraordinarily easier to transport. Apparently, it is designed to come as a full-sized compact vehicle showing the wisest use of space and balance. See the beauty in this indoor product in its details. Most of all it comprises standard features such as deck storage, a built-in USB charging port, as well as adjustable seat heights.

Generally, Atto is a head-turning cutting-edge technology that transforms the word scooter in the most modern way. In fact, its design and style clearly defy the traditional look the scooter has for most people.

In addition to its components, it is also equipped with optional armrests that are hidden for a more compact look. This allows this indoor model to offer great functionality in a less bulky way. As an indoor design, you can use it to freely move through grocery stores, hotels, the office, or at home. But do you know that Atto is quite expensive for a reason?

Actually, this indoor unit is also ideal to utilize outdoors. You can customize this electric ride to compromise on your needs. It comes with the most useful capabilities that you can’t find in other products which includes great versatility and more.


To sum it up, all of these unique products offer great freedom in terms of mobility. However, they vary when it comes to weight capacity and other important areas. People with different needs are most commonly prevented to participate in whole day activities. But that is not actually a problem because you can actually utilize these best indoor mobility scooters to restore one’s independence and freedom to move.

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