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The Best Portable Travel Mobility Products

The Best Portable Travel Mobility Products

Having the best portable travel mobility vehicles will make your travels easier. 

Everyone is listing travel destinations on their bucket list. Traveling gives a joyful feeling like no other. 

But what if something bad happens that affects your mobility?  

Portable mobility scooters are the best solution ever. It is a vehicle that can be folded or disassembled for easy transport. It requires a small space for storage. 

Below are some travel scooters coming from reputable and highly reviewed brands. 

9 Best Portable Mobility Scooters for Travel

1. Golden Technologies Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel 

Buzzaround EX breaks the stereotype as it goes an extra mile. An injured person cannot be stopped from joining family trips. Moreover, the unit is disassembled into four lightweight pieces when not in use. 

The handicap unit is composed of a stadium seat style with foldable armrests, one-hand steering system, large tires, and roomy legroom. Battery life can last up to 18 miles at a safer speed of 5 mph. Full suspension system renders a smoother ride. The entire ride is made visible by the headlight and taillight. 

It is powered by a 320 watt motor with U-1 batteries. Charging the unit is easily done through the convenient port located on the tiller. 


  1. Lockable seat adjustment
  2. Affordable 


  1. No larger battery option 

2. Drive Medical ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter

    Easy folding and unfolding are necessary for a travel unit. ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter has an auto-folding seat and footrest. It ends up folded flat in just a snap. 

    It is a combination of a lightweight, foldable, and a travel-friendly unit. A wireless key fob is pressed to automatically fold and unfold it within a few seconds. The unit is allowed onboard with its airline-approved batteries. An adjustable tiller is used to maneuver the ride at its most ideal position. 

    The model can reach 13 miles at a maximum speed of 4 mph per charge. Flat-free tires make the entire trip worry free. Front and rear reflectors together with the braking system bring up a smoother ride.


    1. Transportable 
    2. Airline-approved  


    1. No basket storage 
    2. Lightweight frame 

    3. EV Rider Transport Plus Foldable Scooter

      Bringing this product wherever you go is possible as it can be folded and stood upright for storage. No need for a vehicle lift. 

      As its name says, the Transport plus Foldable Scooter is a real deal. It is designed slender and stylish that can fit on indoor pavements. The unit is folded in just three steps and easily reassembles. The seat is removable and hence easier to fold. It is controlled via digital wigwag throttle control with digital display. 

      A powerful 4 pole motor is used to execute more effective steering on uneven roads. The tiller is adjustable in height for better positioning. It runs a driving range of 15 miles at a speed of 4 mph. 


      1. Front and rear lights
      2. Quick to fold 
      3. Rear wheel drive 


      1. Lesser weight capacity 
      2. No basket storage 

      4. Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel

      Adequate space is rendered despite being a portable design. A longer and roomier frame is built that can accommodate a maximum weight of 325 pounds. It has a sporty look that is good for outdoor trips. 

      Feather-touch disassembly is applied to easily dismantle it into five smaller pieces for easy transport. The heaviest piece is 52.5 pounds. Stadium seat with foldable armrests keeps the user comfortable and secure. One-handed operation is done via the wraparound delta tiller. It works with rear-wheel-drive. 

      The model uses a 24volt DC motor with standard 18AH batteries to reach up to 14 miles at 4.7 mph. 8 to 12 hours of charging through the convenient port is required to achieve its extended useful life. 

      This is available in the 3-wheel version


      1. Basket storage is included 
      2. LED headlight 


      1. No suspension 

      5. Pride Mobility Go-Go LX 4-Wheel

        Stability is maintained on uneven thresholds through the comfort-trac suspension system. This lessens frequent stops and improves shock absorption over terrain roads. We can expect for an overall smoother ride. 

        The Go-Go LX includes Feather-Touch disassembly that allows separation of the frame into lighter pieces. The seat is mounted in front to sustain stability. Two battery options are available, the 12AH and 18AH battery pack. It is therefore good for long distance trips for up to 13 miles at a top speed of 4.4 mph. 300 pounds of weight have been carried all through the trip. 

        Flat-free tires are involved to keep the ride going even on difficult roads. A brake system such as regenerative or electromechanical makes the whole ride safe and sound. Powering up the device is easily done through a charging port under the key switch. The storage basket is included.

        WHAT WE LIKE 

        1. 1 Year in home service for free 
        2. Simple yet stylishly designed 
        3. Larger battery option 


        1. Non-elevating seat 

        6. EV Rider Transport Easy Move S19M

          Just press the button and the Transport Easy Move S19M quickly folds. It is perfect for a ride as it is approved for airline travel. Wherever you go, this unit has got your back. 

          A handheld remote is included that is used for folding and unfolding. Transport Easy Move S19M can easily fit in trucks and other cars by just pushing the button. The unit only weighs 44 pounds with its 8.7Ah lithium battery. This must be the lightest product on the list. It is a 3 wheel design with more compact design and yet stylish. The seat has a smaller backrest which might not suit a taller person. 

          A shorter driving range of 10 miles is reached at a speed of 4 mph. Ideal steering is supported by the adjustable height tiller. The Dynamic R-Series 50A controller together with the electromagnetic brakes keeps the maneuvering smoother than ever. 

          WHAT WE LIKE

          1. Airline-approved 
          2. Quick to fold and unfold 

          WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE 

          1. Ultra-lightweight 
          2. No basket storage 

          7. Atto Folding Mobility Unit

            Surprisingly, this model appears different from the other units mentioned. It is indeed a head turner because of its new look. 

            It is made in Israel and is considered as the smartest high-quality product in this generation. The armrest can be hidden to completely feel the new-styled seat. In addition, the seat is adjustable in height to make it appropriate for taller users. Armrests will be available soon. It is suitable for any surface as its style is capable of complimenting every space. 

            This 3 wheel design can reach up to 10 miles at 4 mph of speed. The USB charging port is added for possible charging of devices. Storing the unit is done by folding it into luggage size. 

            WHAT WE LIKE

            1. New look
            2. Easy to store 

            WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE 

            1. Slightly expensive 
            2. No basket storage
            3. Unavailable armrests 

            8. Golden Technologies LiteRider 3-Wheel

              What do users desire most? An easy to maneuver ride is the answer. An easy to understand control panel is an advantage for those first-time users. The LiteRider 3-Wheel has it. The tubular frame makes the model more stable. 

              It is easy to disassemble until it fits on trucks or in tight spaces. The 360 degree swiveling seat allows the user to easily get on and off anytime. Armrests are adjustable and can be folded. The LED lighting is adjustable too for better visibility. Two basket storages exist for more places to store up things. The unit is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

              Through the delta tiller, it can go up to 10 miles with 300 pounds of weight. Two 22AH batteries are consumed in order to reach that distance. 

              WHAT WE LIKE 

              1. Steel frame tubing 
              2. Two storages 

              WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE 

              1. No suspension 

              9. EV Rider Xpress

                Sharp turns are easily done by the Xpress even though it is a 4 wheeled design. Entering in tight spaces is not difficult, neither is making turns. 

                It has the ability of a 3 wheel design when it comes to sharp turns. Maneuverability is therefore enhanced with the help of full suspension and shock absorbers. Disassembling it into five lightweight pieces makes it more transportable. 46 pounds is the heaviest part. The standard 70amp controller makes it work well. 

                With a speed of 5 mph, it can go over 12 miles per charge. Easy to access basket storage upholds more stuff.

                WHAT WE LIKE 

                1. Great turning radius
                2. Comfortable seat 

                WHAT WE DO NOT LIKE

                1. None


              1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter 
              2. Drive Medical ZooMe Flex Folding Scooter
              3. Pride Mobility Go-Go LX 3-Wheel

                What you knew about portable designs earlier isn't enough to aid you in choosing which one suits you best. Here are five frequently asked questions, sufficient help to keep your mind at peace in which to buy:

                Who are the topmost brands offering portable designs?

                It is a bright idea to consider the brand in selecting the best portable model. Some reputable brands include Golden Technologies, EV Rider, Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, and Moving Life. Experiencing high-quality travel units is within reach. 

                How can they be considered as a travel model?

                A travel model is designed more compact to easily fit in trucks. It is normally broken down into pieces or folded during storage. The shorter distance range is reached because of its structure that is small. Basket storage is always added that is beneficial for any trip. 

                What are the must-have qualities of a portable scooter?

                When buying a portable design, consider these following factors to end up with the most appropriate unit for you:


                Portability is obviously seen from how it will be stored, either folded or disassembled. 


                Travel models are usually slimmer. They appear stylish and trendy despite the size. 


                Though it is designed slender, enough room for the seat and legroom must be provided. 


                Maneuvering one is easy through a delta tiller and other controls.  Operation is easy due to its small structure. 

                Battery life 

                Traveling demands a longer battery life. Normally, they last over 10 miles distance in one charging. 

                Where should I look for one?

                Try to visit the Scooters N’ Chairs to look for more portable designs. Reputable brands are present on this site. Authentic products are surely displayed upon the navigation panels. You can directly search for your desired travel unit on the search bar. 

                Which portable unit is the best recommended? 

                The Golden Technologies Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel surpassed them all. It got the most reviews and therefore loved by many users. At its most affordable price, more than expected features are experienced. Golden Technologies never ever disappoint its users in all of the products offered. 


                Getting along with every family trip is now made convenient by travel scooters. You’ll never miss out on anything in spite of a bad body condition. There are lots of choices under this section to look for. We have included several brands to show the differences between each product. 

                We came to the conclusion in choosing Golden Technologies' Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel as the best among the best. It surpasses a good enough performance as compared to other models. However, the others are also worthy purchases. Happily, they are offered at low prices that can be afforded by many. 

                We want to learn more from you by pointing out your views and opinions down below. Thank you for a time well-spent! 

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