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The Best Portable Travel Power Models

The Best Portable Travel Power Models

Traveling with mobility issues is a hassle. However, with the best portable travel units, you can go wherever you want to go. 

Mobility problems affect the whole body when the patient can’t move easily. Sadly, there are cases wherein a person experiences a lifetime of mobility issues and a permanent mobility solution is therefore needed. 

Here comes the electric wheelchair. This is more advanced in its maneuverability system as it doesn’t require the use of the patient’s hands. There is steering in the form of a joystick to operate it. And now we have discovered portable designs to aid a user in traveling purposes. Fortunately, in every purchase, an off-board charger is counted in. 

Here is a list of the most commended transportable models to look for. So, come and check it out! 

The Top 6 Travel-Friendly Power Units 

Best Foldable Electric Wheelchairs

  1. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus

Starting with the most reviewed product. Positive responses from consumers are enough proof to put your trust in this mobility solution. The construction is similar to traditional wheelchairs with a padded backrest, a seat cushion, and swing-away footrests. On the other hand, a motorized operation is being applied to steer it. The joystick is placed on either side. 

Rear-wheel drive has been included which improves its capability to be more stable at higher speeds and for further distances. The electromagnetic braking system ensures a smoother ride. It can travel up to 15 miles at 5 miles per hour. The maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds is easily carried by this carbon-steeled frame. Though it cannot be disassembled, folding the unit is enough to easily store it. 


  • Built-in heel loops and a calf strap on the footrests
  • Foldable and transportable frame type
  • 1-year in-home service 


  • No suspension system 


The prowess of this product is evidently seen from the response of the users. Being foldable is enough to store the unit even in narrow spaces. 

2. Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

Let’s go with a model that can be dismantled when not in use. The heaviest part weighs only 35 pounds with the other parts that are easy to store. Reassembling it is done within a few minutes. It has a modern design with a stadium seat style and footplate. In the backseat is a storage pocket and there’s an added under-seat compartment. Its tubular frame design makes it more durable to travel longer distances. 

Two standard 22AH batteries are included. This allows the unit to go up to 15.5 miles at a maximum speed of 3.5 miles per hour. It is manufactured with a rear-wheel drive which sustains stability throughout the trip. It can go over bumps with its 5” ground clearance and non-scuffing tires. You can choose your desired color that’ll match your personality.


  • Can be disassembled 
  • Adequate compartment 


  • No suspension system 


The sturdiness of its frame design is admired by most users. It has an extended battery life that reaches farther distances at its most affordable price. 

3. Pride Mobility Go-Chair 

This model is made of the sturdier base design. It is featured with feather-touch disassembly to make the unit easier to store with six separate lightweight parts. Ten vibrant hues are available to suit your personality. Pride Mobility never really stops producing crowd-pleasing designs. The stadium-style seat is built with foldable armrests that give way to the rider to get on and off.

With a single charge, the chair can go to almost 9 miles of distance at a maximum speed of 3.7 miles per hour. The desired distance is reached with its two 18AH batteries and an off-board charger. This rear-wheel drive unit has a suspension system and joystick steering. Its storage compartment is located under the seat to give you more security for your belongings. You can upgrade its batteries for a longer trip. 


  • A more secure storage compartment 
  • High weight capacity 
  • Improved wheelbase


  • Not foldable 


The unit is disassembled in just a few minutes and therefore is perfect for traveling. Its appearance is a plus in having this. It’ll surely catch anyone’s attention on the road. 

4. Drive Medical Cobalt X23 Standard Model

It is named “Cobalt” but is actually colored with red or blue, whichever you prefer. Going over any kind of surface, either indoors and outdoors, is supported by this model due to its non-marking and flat-free tires. Ease of storage is proven by its foldable backrest and disassembly feature. The swiveling seat’s height is adjustable in four different levels. And the armrests are flipped up and can be detached. 

The joystick controller is mounted on either side and can be adjusted in length. Reflectors and a positioning belt on the armrests are enhanced for safety and security. For added comfort, the footplate is adjustable in angle and in height. With its freewheel operation, reaching a distance range of 8 miles is so convenient at a speed of 4 miles per hour. 


  • Foldable and the disassembly feature 
  • Seat height adjustment 
  • Limited warranties on frame and batteries 


  • None 


This one has a shorter distance reach as compared to the prior products and yet is worthy to buy. The warranties offered are what make this unit at its best in the eyes of every consumer. 

5. Merits EZ-GO Travel Model 

If you want to go outdoors, a super lightweight design is a good buy. This rear-wheel-drive product is constructed with a padded seat covered with leather material. It adds beauty upon the chair. The armrests’ height can be in tune with the user's desired comfort. In adding a cup holder, a mounting bracket is required. The unit is disassembled into lighter pieces to easily fit in a car or a truck. 

This unit can reach up to 9 miles with the help of a 90watts motor. It is controlled through a  PG VSI 50A Controller via a joystick on the side. Electromagnetic brakes are important gearshifts in having a smoother ride. It is made up of the steel frame which makes it ultra-strong to accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight. The battery pack is removable in planning to upgrade the unit. 


  • Classy looking
  • Transportable frame type 
  • Can be disassembled 


  • No suspension system 
  • Not foldable 


You can upgrade its battery. This is an advantage for a long distance ride.

6. Drive Medical Titan LTE Portable Model

Let’s end up the article with an appealing portable unit named Titan LTE by Drive Medical. It looks simple in full black, a finished yet classy style. The heaviest piece weighs 39 pounds when disassembled. Therefore, it is convenient to store and transport. The seat is adjustable in height and in width to accommodate taller users. Bluetooth electronics is Titan LTE’s unique feature for troubleshooting and diagnosing purposes. 

Freewheel operation is done through its Dynamic Linx 40A Controller or a joystick. Electromagnetic brakes are so helpful to execute a smoother ride all throughout an 8 mile ride. It goes with a maximum speed of 4.2 miles per hour. A 3A off-board charger is included for a portable revitalizing. Interchangeable color panels are included for customizing the look. 


  • Stylish design 
  • Enables troubleshooting 
  • Anti-tip wheels 


  • No suspension system 
  • Not foldable 


This is the best-looking product listed. It also offers the best features your unit must have. 


At this moment, choosing the best portable design is still crucial. Here are a few frequently asked questions that might cross your mind while reading the review article. We are hoping these help to bring you the right one. Let’s get it started!

What makes it transportable?

All of the listed products are light in weight, and if not foldable, it can be disassembled. It is easy to fit in most cars and trucks for transporting purposes. Most models come pre-assembled and are easy to reassemble in case of reusing the unit. 

Some are safe for airline travel if it meets all the necessary regulations. Contact the airline to check their travel policy before booking a flight. 

How to choose a travel-friendly one?

Here are a few things to consider before ending up with the best portable unit:


The travel-friendly design is mostly designed compact yet sturdy in construction. It makes it fit easily in cars. 

Wheel placement 

It includes a front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. Each has varieties of advantages and disadvantages to check out. 

Weight capacity 

In spite of its weightlessness, it can carry heavy weights. This depends upon the material construction. 


More storage compartments are better, especially for longer trips. A maximum number of storage is two, one at the back and under the seat storage.


A joystick is an essential control for every unit. It is convenient to steer in every direction. 


Comfort is dependent on the seat, footrest, and backseat. For longer rides, comfort is demanded. 

Battery life 

Longer battery life results in a longer ride. There are some that can be upgraded to extended battery life. 

Is it useable for an indoor and outdoor ride?

Tires are designed to be non-marking and flat-free which are beneficial for both indoor and outdoor trips, respectively. 

How does a powerchair start running?

They use brushless motors with appropriate wattages. There are specified controls provided to keep them going on roads. 

Which of the aforementioned portable models is best recommended?

We choose Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Model as the best portable design listed. As according to the mentioned facts about this unit, it is fully operated in a motorized way. It travels farther distances with a higher weight capacity. You don’t have to disassemble the unit to store it, just fold it in seconds. It doesn’t require huge adjustments from the user as it is designed to be like a traditional wheelchair. The added in-home service is another advantage of this powerchair.

However, the other mentioned transportable models are also worthy of being purchased. They offer different sets of unique features. 

Wrapping Up

You can absolutely continue wandering with mobility issues, thanks to the best portable travel power & electric wheelchairs!

It doesn’t demand anyone to assist every user, as the units is controlled with so much convenience for the user. You just have to understand its offered features to become familiar using it. We’ve got those above-mentioned portable designs at the Scooters N’ Chairs website. Check out the other mobility solutions available by clicking this link. 

The team’s bet as to the best portable product is the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Model. How about you? Share your thoughts about this topic in the comment section below to let the other consumers know what’s best. 

Thank you for reading! 

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