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The Top 5 Power Vehicles for the Mall & Grocery Store

The Top 5 Power Vehicles for the Mall And Grocery Store

Do you want to go shopping but, unfortunately, your body has aches and pains?

Learn about the best power wheelchairs for the mall and grocery store below!

It is essential to go to the grocery store once a week to buy what you need. It’s easy to go bargain hunting when you feel great. But what about when you are ill? 

When the space is narrow and too crowded, there are rides available that will still allow you to go to the grocery store and buy foodstuffs and other supplies – an electric wheelchair. 

This is different from a typical wheelchair, which is controlled manually. Electric versions are more convenient than traditional ones in terms of maneuverability, stability, and comfort. These power models are primarily envisioned for shopping or for tight spaces. 

Below are some models that are a great option for when you go to the mall or other constricted places. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The Top 5 Power Vehicles for the Mall & Grocery Store  

  1. Merits Dualer Power Chair

The Merits Dualer automatically suits every user's needs whether a beginner or a pro. For first-time users, a rear-wheel drive is applied in which the driver naturally controls the ride in a straight path. Once the user becomes a pro, it can be turned into a front-wheel drive for a maximized maneuverability.  

Further, a power elevating seat is included without extra charge! It helps to easily reach upper shelves in a grocery store. No more extra standing movements. Additionally, the seat rotates and locks in a 180-degrees position. That’s good especially in tight spaces wherein turning the whole chair is prohibited. 

The chair can roam in a store for up to 18 miles while accommodating 300 pounds of weight. It is easy to handle as well as offered at its most reasonable price. 


  • Versatility 
  • Free power elevating seat 
  • Limited turning radius


  • No disassembly feature 
  1. Pride Mobility Jazzy Air 2

The Jazzy Air series never stops to prove itself in rendering a ride that every user deserves. Now, the Jazzy Air 2 is created for everyday use in either indoors or outdoors. In that, you can ride this when going to the mall and quickly buy everything you need. It uses a mid-wheel drive together with an active-trac suspension to sustain the ride’s stability all the way. There’s an enhanced comfort upon its seat design that’s beneficial for the user.

With just one touch on its air switch, the chair elevates up to 12” within seconds. This feature is favorable for anyone who needs a unit to go shopping. The footrest has a rubber insert that can be adjusted up to 2” regardless of being elevated or not. Seat adjustments are also in existence such as headrest height adjustments and the armrests also have adjustable features. An under the seat, easy to access compartment is in charge of holding materials. 

It has a narrow turning radius that is more appropriate for shopping. An upgraded battery option can last up to 19.2 miles as compared to the standard batteries for up to 16.8 miles only. 


  • Power elevated seat 
  • Valuables compartment 


  • Slightly expensive 
  1. EV Rider Allure HP6

Within tight spaces just like a grocery store, it is hard to have a ride that illustrates a great turning radius. It might cause disturbance to other shoppers or may cause collisions inside the store. No worries as the Allure HP6 from EV Rider does have a smaller turning radius of 26". Roaming around a grocery store will be more peaceful with this classy looking design. 

Heavy riders of up to 350 pounds of weight are accompanied by this power chair with enhanced stability. The captain seat style is built with adjustable armrests and a lower seat height down to 21”. This mid-wheel drive chair is controlled by the VSI 50Amp joystick with a battery indicator. Storing the chair is done by disassembling the unit into smaller and lighter pieces. And so, after you go shopping, the ride can be stored right away. 

It can last longer inside the store for an equal distance range of 25 miles. The ride is great in sustaining stability through its 6 wheels attached. 


  • Foldable footplate 
  • Full suspension system 
  • Well-built construction 


  • Takes time to reassemble 
  1. Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

A weightless model that is easy to disassemble along with reassembling it. The LiteRider Envy can be lifted by most users during storage. In spite of its nimbleness, maneuvering the ride to move around store aisles has no difficulty. It has a turning radius that is great for indoors including in grocery stores. Even when used indoors, looking good must not be compromised and that is achieved by the LiteRider Envy. 

After shopping, an under the seat and easy to access basket storage will take on board your belongings. Speaking of the seat, it has a stadium-style height adjustable seat that is suitable for most users. The footplate is made wider for better support and a more relaxed ride. The overall durability of the chair is caused by its tubular frame design as carrying 300 pounds of weight is done effortlessly. 

This full sized model uses two standard 22AH batteries for a long ride up to 15.5 miles. Roving to other places after a supermarket run is now attainable before the battery gets empty. Color availability of this product can suit a user’s personality as well as amaze people around. 


    • Ample storage basket 
    • Very affordable


  • No suspension 
  1. Drive Medical Titan LTE Portable Power Chair

Going to store will not require using this the whole time. Of course, the user may need to ride in a car then transfer into their unit upon arriving at the store. The Titan LTE Portable Power Chair is easy to transport due to its disassembly feature. The heaviest part only weighs 39 pounds. Troubleshooting the entire unit is done via Bluetooth electronics to heighten the scooter’s performance. 

It is a rear-wheel drive model that is controlled via a freewheel mode through a directional joystick. Electromagnetic brakes render a safer ride, especially for indoor areas. Comfort is never compromised with the help of its adjustable seat in height, depth, and width. Armrests are also adjustable for a relaxed ride.

Its travel range is nearer at 8 miles and that is all well if it is intended for indoor use only. Recharging the chair through the included 3A off-board charger lengthens its usefulness. 


  • Very portable and affordable 
  • Quick disassembly feature 


  • No high seat 
  • Shorter driving range 


Of course, you don’t want to make a mess in grocery stores. Buying a well-designed model for indoor zones is, therefore, necessary to prevent causing trouble inside stores. In this section, some frequently asked questions are to be shared for the consumer to consider as a guide in selecting the best device on the market. The questions are:

What qualities are suitable for grocery stores?

Grocery stores are normally tight areas that carts can only enter in their spaces. Happily though, some models are made to let even people with mobility problems go shopping. This means of transportation is built slender unlike usual wheelchairs to fit through tight spaces. Moreover, the turning radius is reduced to become space-friendly and to avoid superfluous troubles. Another is the power elevating seat that helps a lot in reaching a product that is placed on higher shelves. A portable unit is also nicer as the user might not require it all the time. 

Where to buy those that are good for tight spaces?

We recommend every consumer to visit Scooters 'N Chairs by clicking this link. Since there is no specific navigation panel indicating those appropriate for shopping malls, the search bar exists to guide you look for your ideal product.

Other websites also offering indoor units are available. 

What makes the aforementioned models different from others?

They are designed for narrow areas in structure and in performance. They are more compact in the scheme and are allowed to be used in grocery stores. These units are used for indoor use unlike others, with a great turning radius that is reasonable for outdoor areas. Moreover, almost all the above mentioned products are sold at an affordable price. 

How to select the best one for shopping?

Choosing a unit to fit in small spaces may be crucial, especially if these places don’t have the same dimensions. Additionally, many shoppers will be affected if the wrong device is used to roam around the store. Here are tips on choosing the best product for indoors:

Choose a mid-wheel drive unit over anything else

A smaller turning radius is necessary for indoor units to have ideal maneuverability for tight spaces. However, it has lesser stability than the front and rear-wheel drive.

Look for a more compact unit

Knowing its dimensions is enough to tell whether it is compact or not. Will it fit on cars, or under tables? Can it be folded or dismantled?

One with a compartment is advantageous 

Where will you put all your stuff? In a compartment. Only a few wheelchairs have a storage basket. But, in looking for the best, even having a small compartment is a plus. 

A desire for a rotatable and elevated seat 

These seat adjustments are helpful especially for a person who can hardly move during a weekly shop. It aids the rider to easily reach certain stuff. This also avoids hitting other people as the entire ride doesn’t need to rotate, it’s just the seat. 

Gives you an at ease ride 

This can be felt upon the seat style. Most are designed with a high seat that is foam padded and adjustable. Also, an adjustable footplate is to check out for. 

A well-performing unit

Despite being used indoors, it must still have long lasting batteries to roam around the mall in a longer period of time. 

Which of the above-mentioned units is the best recommended?

We think the the Merits Dualer is the best. Apart from being user-friendly, the seat rotates, instead of the whole ride, which is great for grocery store spaces. It rotates not only in half but over 180-degrees so you can pick items on every corner. What is more, it can go farther distances that are necessary when the user just wants to roam inside the mall. The only downfall is it cannot be disassembled. 


You can now go to the 3-day sale on supermarkets with a power chair!

No one can stop a person that is a shopaholic, even its body condition. Thanks to the technology that keeps on doing the right thing for the convenience of every human being. They did it again with units that are good for the mall and grocery stores.

Positive consumer feedback is enough proof that they work for narrow spaces. Personally, you can determine if a power chair is suitable for indoors by its construction. However, additional buying guidelines are pointed out in the frequently asked questions section. 

If we miss some important ideas, everyone is free to ask queries directly through live chat or email. We promise a quick reply.

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