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The Best Power Vehicles to Take on An Airplane

The Best Power Vehicles to Take on An Airplane

Power vehicles are great inventions for people with mobility issues or for people who want enhanced mobility in their life. However, we know motorized wheelchairs are way bigger than conventional ones. Despite the size comparison, there are still some that can be folded and disassembled, making them easier to store. If you are planning to take one on an airplane, it is essential to know the best one to bring.

What Is The Best Kind Of Power Vehicle That You Should Bring When Boarding An Airplane?

The best type of motorized units that are worth considering when you are going to take them on an airplane are those that can be disassembled and assembled, and those that can be folded for easier storage purposes. It is important to choose the wheelchairs that can provide mobility and can be easily brought on any off chance of traveling. Imagine someone who would like to enjoy a vacation trip but they can't bring their power wheelchair because it can't be folded or disassembled, that will probably cause frustration for them. That is one of the most important reasons why foldable designs are some of the most popular models.


Compared to conventional wheelchairs, a foldable unit is easier to utilize because of its motorized operation. The user can easily operate the model by using the joystick that is mounted on its arm. That means that people who are not able to use conventional wheelchairs will have a lot of advantages when they get their own power version. Motorized wheelchair owners do not also need to worry about spending too much on gasoline as they only need to recharge the batteries. 

Space And Storage

Given that your choice of unit has the capability to be folded or disassembled, the space it needs for its storage usually is less compared to those that can’t be folded. And if you can store it in smaller spaces, it means that you can easily put it inside your car’s trunk, that makes it easy to transport in case that you are required to bring it to farther places, particularly if you are going to fly. It is also a big advantage for you to have a foldable design or one that can disassemble. This is because power models usually cover bigger spaces wherein foldable wheelchairs do the opposite thing. Portable power models nowadays can easily fit into different cars once folded and kept in the trunk. So, if you are going to travel on your vacation together with your family, you can easily bring your unit with you to accompany you on your wonderful trip.

The Best Units To Take On An Airplane

Down below is a list of models that you can easily bring while traveling, especially when you are planning to travel by plane.

Merits: EZ-GO Travel

This model, created by Merits, presents an ultra-lightweight design that allows anybody to store and transport easily by just disassembling the wheelchair in a few quick steps. Because of its compact and very light properties, it will surely fit into small spaces such as your car’s trunk, and act as some large sized luggage when you fly. The max speed of the EZ-Go is 4 mph while traveling a total of 9 miles on a single battery charge. It will also provide comfort because of its effective cushioning and adjustable armrests. It was also equipped with EM brakes to secure your safety when using this device. And if you want to know its weight capacity, it is able to carry a maximum of 250 pounds. So if you're looking for a sleek model that you can bring for your next trip this is probably a better choice for you to consider. 

Merits: Folding Unit

The folding model by Merits is a good choice for you if you are looking for a conventional style. Despite its conventional look, you can still be relieved with the comfort and mobility that it can offer to you. The Folding Power Wheelchair can be instantly put together with its removable batteries with foldable battery brackets. Unlike other wheelchairs, the battery life can help it run for up to a total of an exceptional 18 miles in one charging. This unit is also efficient in roaming through indoor vicinities, just like in the mall.

This product can also be an excellent choice, as it can be driven through confined and not too tight spaces considering its 23 inch turning radius. It also comes with a customizable controller to satisfy the user’s preferences. And of course, it does not miss the comfortability needed by everyone. It boasts its well-cushioned armrests and fully adjustable footrests that include an optional leg rest too.

Merits: Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty model by Merits is an exceptional unit. If you are looking for a product that has an above-average quality, this is the perfect choice for you right now. Given that it is a heavy-duty model, it can hold up to 600 lbs. of weight with an unusually large seat measuring about 26 inches. The Heavy Duty model is perfectly engineered to provide mobility outdoors and indoors when someone is traveling from one place to another. Knowing that this unit is quite stable and really powerful, it can still proudly run for about 4 mph and can last for up to a total of 25 miles of travel.

The Heavy Duty model also defies the belief saying that great power comes with great responsibility and because of all its exceptional and heavy-duty features it weighs less than 200 lbs. Not to mention that it can still be folded to give its users the portability that they need. Almost everything is on this product already, all you need to do now is to buy it right away.

Drive Medical: the Cobalt X23 Standard

The Cobalt X23 Standard by Drive Medical is an ergonomic unit designed to aid people who need assistance with their mobility. This product comes in two colors, the first is blue that is derived from its name “cobalt” and the second is red. Many people enjoy using this unit because of its exceptional lightweight features and its ease of use. You can also use the Cobalt X23 Standard over a lot of different surfaces, either indoors or outdoors, with wheels that are flat proof. Just like other Drive Medical designs, you can also choose where you will fix your controller which is either on the left or on the right hand of the device.

If you are looking for a comfortable unit, the Cobalt X23 Standard will not fail to do so. Its footrest can be adjusted on your preferred height and angle easily without taking off any parts and screws. The seat itself can also be adjusted to 4 different height levels. This is to allow for the different size of users suitable for the wheelchair. The battery can be active for up to 8 miles of total travel while its top speed can go as fast as 4 mph. The weight of this product is only an astounding 102 lbs. considering that the heaviest part weighs 51 lbs.

Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus

The Cirrus Plus by Drive Medical provides portability and great maneuverability for its user. This electric-powered model has a sleek and convenient design that allows the bearer to fold it for easy storage and transport, just remove its batteries beneath its seat and you are good to go without any trace of tough work. The Cirrus Plus comes with a lot of must-have features aside from its portability. If comfort is your priority, this device has a well-cushioned backrest, fully adjustable armrests, and a comfortable footrest. And if you wanted a delicate experience that is based on your preference, you can have the joystick placed either on your left or on your right.

The Cirrus Plus also has a carbon-based material build that is quite durable. Aside from all those features embedded on this unit, it has a considerable top speed that can go up to 5 mph while it can go for up to a total of 15 miles per charge. 

Pride Mobility: the Jazzy Passport

If you ever wanted an exceptional lightweight electric unit, the Jazzy Passport by Pride Mobility will bring you the thing you desired. This portable unit is a good device that can provide the mobility you need to travel from one place to another on a daily basis. Not only does it provide a good transport and mobility function, but it is also capable of carrying some of your things in its own storage. If you think that that was already too much for an electric wheelchair, there are still some more things that it can offer.

The Jazzy Passport can also be easily folded in just a couple of simple procedures. It seems like it can already give everything that you need, including comfort, which is necessary for everyone who wants to own a portable wheelchair. This product can go as fast as 3.5 mph and can travel a total of 10 miles. The Jazzy Passport can also carry up to 250 lbs of load in its extra storage pocket.

EV Rider: Escape DX HP5 Folding Unit

The Escape DX HP5 Folding unit by EV Rider boasts an unformidable build that can be bought at a way cheaper price without reducing the quality of the product. It is also a very attractive wheelchair that is designed to be very light so as to provide portability. It can also be used both outdoors and indoors. Plus, the aluminum base allows this folding design to be set and stored quickly and easily. Another very good feature that can be found in the Escape DX HP5 Folding is its removable battery container or box, this feature is a very essential aid for someone who wants to put the wheelchair in the trunk of their car. It doesn't end there, as it also provides comfort to its user as it has fully adjustable armrests to make different users fit, regardless of their size.

Given that the Escape DX HP5 Folding is made mostly with aluminum materials, its lightweight layout makes it capable on traveling for up to 20 miles in total with a top speed of 3 mph. It also has a battery status indicator on its own joystick to let the user know the level of battery remaining for them to use. While the joystick itself is useful in adjusting the speed of the Escape DX HP5 Folding Wheelchair for five different speed adjustments.


Portable power wheelchairs are the best choice for you if you want a unit that you can easily bring to any place that you want to visit regardless of the distance. Lightweight models that can be disassembled and folded are worth buying today because they are a good example of handy mobility devices that can easily be stored and transported in any situation. Imagine all the benefits that it can give to you or to anyone who needs a unit with them on their way to vacation by boarding an airplane, I am sure that it was very different before when they couldn't bring a portable power wheelchair onboard.

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