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The Best Pride Jazzy Power Wheelchairs

The Best Jazzy Power Wheelchairs

Pride Mobility is a reputable brand offering mobility solutions. Try out their best Pride Jazzy electric wheelchairs! 

Power wheelchairs vary in appearance but are equally useful. Both are used to aid a person with mobility problems. As Pride Jazzy is under Pride Mobility, we can expect A-grade products. These products are sold at a reasonable price so you won't regret your purchase. 

Let’s find out more about Pride Jazzy below. 

About Pride Jazzy

Pride Mobility has many classifications and one is Pride Jazzy. Under this section, we will explore which products are offered. All models are designed with active-trac suspension that makes them unique from other brands. 

Pride Jazzy’s models are physician approved and easy to operate. Additionally, maneuverability and reliability are experienced by the user. Lastly, the company enhances mobility for the person needing it the most. 

Below are the models created by Pride Jazzy. Check it out! 


Pride Jazzy Units

#1 Jazzy 600 ES

The Jazzy 600 ES is an all-around model that excels in both indoor and outdoor areas. Active-trac ATX suspension is the reason for great stability over terrain surfaces. It also offers smoother turns than the previous models. It is designed more compact to easily enter tight spaces and for easy transport. Thanks to NF-22 batteries, the wheelchair can travel 17 miles per charge. 

There are multiple adjustment options for the armrests, leg rest, and seating position. Joystick positioning has two options: either on the right or left. It is designed with a mid-wheel drive type - that is another reason for its great stability during turns. The unit can carry 300 pounds of weight in one ride.


  1. Far distance range 
  2. Great suspension and turning radius 


  1. Cannot be disassembled 
  2. Expensive 

#2 Jazzy Air 2

It is under the original Jazzy Air with newly added features. One is the powered elevating seat up to 12". It takes only a few seconds to elevate the seat even though it's moving. The Jazzy Air 2 is customizable in many ways that enhance its usefulness on all surfaces. Comfort felt is also great through the existing adjustments on the seat, armrests, and leg rest. There are three seat sizes options that are suitable for all ages. 

It is built with 6 mid-wheels drive type that maintain great maneuvering. Active-trac suspension enhances the stability of the motorized chair even when driven on tough terrain roads. It can go over 16 miles at a top speed of 4 mph. A larger battery option of 40AH batteries can travel up to 19.2 miles per charge. 


  1. Under seat compartment 
  2. Has a larger battery option
  3. Advanced lift features


  1. Expensive 

#3 Jazzy Elite 14

A power wheelchair's most essential feature is maneuverability. Thanks to the front-wheel-drive design of Elite 14. This causes an impressive control and performance. It can reach a distance range of over 9 miles at a speed of 4 mph. Besides, the style is at its finest, and it can be used on both outdoor and indoor areas. The unit is controlled through a PG VSI controller with NF-22 batteries. An onboard charger is built that provides greater amperage than the standard.

The seat has an adjustable depth and reclining feature which is highly comfortable. Also, the leg rest has three positioning options, including footplate, elevating, and swing-away. It can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The weight is evenly distributed to provide superior traction. 


  1. Excellent maneuverability and comfort 
  2. Multiple adjustment options 


  1. Expensive 
  2. Cannot be disassembled

#4 Jazzy Elite HD

Heavy-duty models are known for their capability on whatever lies ahead. The Elite HD is designed with larger front wheels that prevent slippage through front-wheel drive type. It is constructed with a powerful 2-pole motor which makes it suitable for any type of surfaces. Due to its durable construction, it can go 9.8 miles while carrying 450 pounds of weight at a speed of 4 mph. Other controls such as the electro-mechanical suspension and braking system keep the ride safe. 

Its turning radius is 24” which is great in handling tight spaces. The Elite HD has many seat sizes and style options appropriate for all ages. The solid seat pan option is an example that provides a solid padded-seat surface. The controller used is 60 amps higher than the standard. In addition, joystick control has three options depending on the comfortability.  


  1. Well-built heavy-duty power wheelchair 
  2. Foldable 


  1. Expensive 


#5 Jazzy Select Elite

If you desire to look nicer while riding on a wheelchair, look no further than the Select Elite. It has a sporty look intended for both indoor and outdoor areas. Moreover, the Select Elite performs with great maneuverability through a mid-wheel design with a 2-pole motor front-wheel drive type. It ensures even weight distribution and excellent traction. Also, it remains stable even on difficult roads. Its durability is increased due to the dual-coated frame. A larger leg room is formed for a comfier ride. 

A fully charged Select Elite can go over 9 miles at a speed of 4 mph. Maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds and is secured with a safety belt. The controller used is the PG GC 3 controller powered with 40amp through U-1 batteries. The unit is foldable for easy transport. You can add on a cup holder, rear basket, and other essential accessories in a separate purchase.


  1. Stylishly designed 
  2. Multiple adjustment options


  1. Expensive 
  2. No suspension 

#6 Jazzy Sport 2

Sport 2 is the most affordable Jazzy electric wheelchair on the list. Despite the affordability, it meets all the necessary factors a motorized chair must have. Stability and maneuverability are fulfilled through the front-wheel drive technology. It also performs well - it can go 13 miles at 4 mph per charge. It is powered by 2-pole motors and controlled via a PG GC3 controller with 24volt U-1 batteries. 

It is built with a captain’s high-back seat with headrests. The seat has many adjustment options including height and reclining position. Anti-tipping tires are involved to make it available on different surfaces. The tires are responsive with its turning radius of 24.75”. 


  1. Very affordable
  2. Protection against wear and tear 


  1. For outdoor use only 

#7 Jazzy Elite ES

Convenience is attained with the Elite ES because of the in-line guidance arrangement. A front-wheel-drive system is applied to achieve steady movement. It can turn sharply up to 24.7” that is preferred for indoor use. Larger front wheels are used to overcome outdoor trails. Comfort is also achieved via a cushioned seat. The Elite ES can be disassembled into five small pieces so that you can take it anywhere you go. 

It runs a distance of 11 miles at a 4 mph speed. The whole unit is protected by Jazzy Armor from weathering and so its usefulness is extended. It is designed with a larger foot platform to keep the user more relaxed throughout the ride. Charging this unit is easily done through an easy to access charging port on the controller. 


  1. Jazzy Armor 
  2. Improved convenience 


  1. Expensive
  2. Limited suspension 

#8 Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair

This model has the highest weight capacity among the other listed products. The Jazzy 1450 is able to carry 600 pounds of weight per ride. The look is so stylish and exceptional on any surface. 12 miles driving range at a speed of 4.5 mph is reached per charge. The front-wheel-drive type used thus sustains stability over terrain surfaces. A VR2 6-Key 90 Amp controller is used. 

The Jazzy 1450 model is under the heavy-duty section because of its capabilities. The motor package is highly efficient to perform its desired functionality. Needed adjustment options are present such as seat adjustments, leg rest options, and armrests options. 


  1. High weight capacity 
  2. Heavy-duty power wheelchair 


  1. Expensive 
  2. Cannot be disassembled 

Other Pride Jazzy Power Wheelchairs 

  • Jazzy Passport Power Chair 
  • Mobility Jazzy Select 6
  • Jazzy 614HD Bariatric Power Chair 

    Before anything else, consider these frequently asked questions to guide you in selecting the best mobility scooter and power chair in the market. It includes:

  • What makes Pride Jazzy go beyond its competitors?
  • Pride Jazzy is under Pride Mobility which is a topmost brand offering mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. They offer a wider range of mobility solutions with Active-Trac Suspension. This feature enhances the unit’s performance over tough roads. Other admired features of Pride Jazzy’ products are the construction, convenience in controlling, and maneuverability advancements. 

  • Where can I buy Pride Jazzy products?
  • You can visit Scooters 'N Chairs website by clicking this link. There are more products listed on their site. 

  • What are the qualities to look for in choosing a mobility scooter?
  • Comfort is the priority in purchasing a scooter. Also, knowing its capabilities such as weight capacity, distance traveled, and the speed limit is necessary. Its controlling system is your second priority as convenience and comfort depend on it. The appearance of a scooter is also important nowadays to look good on the road. Battery life is essential too for a longer ride. 

  • What to look for in buying a power chair?
  • All of the adjustments exist to render comfort. It is controlled through a joystick that is convenient to operate. A tight turning radius is encountered which is capable of entering pavements. The power wheelchair is more transportable than a mobility scooter as it can be folded flat. Lastly, it is usually covered by insurance as it is medically approved. 

  • Which is more affordable, a mobility scooter or a power chair?
  • This depends upon the product’s model. The more it offers unique features, the higher its cost. Since mobility units have so much design to offer, the pricing also varies. Motorized vehicles do have similar looks as it only differs on features. Both are sold at a very reasonable price. 


    Whatever model you decide on, to aid a person with a disability in moving freely is the goal. Consulting an expert is a must to be more certain on what product is suitable for you. Also, pricing is a must watch factor as these rides are usually expensive. 

    Pride Jazzy can be trusted in terms of ease of operation, efficiency, and medical use. They offer a lot of power chairs with different unique features that benefit the users. Only one mobility scooter is under Pride Jazzy and yet high-performance is seen. Apart from the listed products, you can look for more Pride Jazzy models in the market. Choose the product that suits your needs. 

    For more details about the aforementioned products, click this site. There are some important ideas found here that can convince you to buy one. 

    Do you have more questions? Drop a comment in the box below and wait for a quick response. We’re rooting for your own Pride Jazzy ride! 

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