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The Best Pride Mobility Extended Range Mobility Vehicles

The Best Pride Mobility Extended Range Mobility Vehicles

Are you craving a long-distance trip? Try out the best Pride Mobility extended range mobility units on the market!

Long distance travels are usually done with a four-wheeled car or vehicles with long-range capability. However, some travelers love to wander alone. Before, it seemed that cars and motorcycles were the only options for travel. That has changed.

Nowadays, mobility scooters can travel a farther distance. Some are small but offer high driving performance. Models like these are called extended range mobility scooters. They run for a longer distance than normal and are more durable than other models. Battery life matters most with this means of transport. 

Throughout the post, we’ll talk about Pride Mobility products exclusively. 

About Pride Mobility 

Products that are proudly made in America are worthy of purchasing. Thankfully, one of the best manufacturers is found in the US. They are the Pride Mobility Corps. The main headquarters of the business is in Exeter, PA and has five distribution points. Business operation continues in many places outside the US such as Australia, China, Holland, and so on. 

Pride Mobility started the business during the '80s. They became famous due to hassle-free customer service which has been 5-starred by consumers. A provider directory is experienced on their site wherein the company is fully responsible for the product. When things go wrong, the company has got your back. 

Pride offers three series, including the Jazzy Power, Go-Go Travel, and Pride Mobility Ranges. And below are Pride’s mobility models executing a longer range of travels. Hope you’ll like some. 

The Top 4 Pride Mobility Extended Range Mobility Products 

  1. Pride Mobility Pursuit XL 4-Wheel Unit

Reaching over 25 miles on a single charge is nothing to worry about. Dying batteries aren’t able to destroy your moments spent during travels. The Pursuit XL is a four-wheeled design that can go for almost 30 miles per charge. It is greatly known because of its power, capability, and robustness. 

It is composed of larger pneumatic wheels measuring 13” which is appropriate for outdoor use. The stability is maintained through a ground clearance of 2”. The unit can surmount uneven terrain façades without any hassle. It runs at a top speed amounting to 8.5 mph while carrying 400 pounds of weight. The power to overcome difficult roads comes from the 24volt DC motor. 

The controller used throughout the ride is 180amp microprocessor-based supported by full suspension system and hydraulic handbrake. Road visibility at night is sustained by the high-intensity headlight and signaling lights. It has an adjustable tiller to render a more comfortable maneuver. Additionally, a reclining seat with headrest and armrests is built for added comfort. The storage basket is placed in front for easy access to goods and other stuff.


  1. A rearview mirror is included
  2. Wraparound Delta tiller handles 
  3. Highly-textured tires 


  1. Highly priced 


The highly textured tires are what make this unit capable of reaching the intended distance in spite of the surface condition. It is therefore worthy of the price. 

  1. Pride Mobility Victory 10 LX

Victory 10 LX is not only capable of running an extended range of distance but also considered as the fastest one. This is perfect for all-day long trips and reaching the final destination is quicker. It is also categorized as part of the portable range for the unit is disassembled during storage. 

One added feature makes the Victory 10 LX overtake the others. That is comfort-trac suspension or CTS. It is responsible for improving the shock absorption ability over rough surfaces. This results in a smoother ride. Also, a feather-touch disassembly is performed. It can be disassembled using one hand into four lightweight pieces to easily fit into most cars during travels. 

Victory 10 LX runs a distance range of 20 miles at a top speed of 8 mph. That’s nearer than the other models' driving ranges and yet is considered as one. In addition, it performs a turning radius of 60” which is good for outdoor trips. Throughout the ride, it can go with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds due to its durability. Viscoelastic foam inserts are added into the seat for greater comfort during long rides. Basket storage is in front to get stuff conveniently.


  1. Complete lighting package 
  2. The small compartment below the tiller
  3. Convenient control panel 


  1. Shorter distance reach 


The CTS feature makes every ride calmer and smoother. You won’t feel dizzy during a long ride even though the road gets rough. It’s in a mid-driving range. 

  1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Unit

Having a long ride requires a comfortable vehicle. The Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Unit may not exceed your desired distance range however it ensures you a comfortable ride. It is built with a longer frame and roomier legroom than most riders desire. The look is another way to look for. 

It is styled sporty and durable. The unit is designed smaller but sturdy and roomy like no other. A feather-touch disassembly allows it to be disassembled into five lightweight pieces in times of storing. It is controlled via an easy to grip delta tiller and can be operated with one hand. There’s a charging port located on the tiller for easy access. Further, it is built with flat-free tires and so is perfect for any kind of terrain. 

At a top speed of 4.70 mph, the unit can go a distance of over 15 miles. Its weight capacity is less than the others amounting to 325 pounds. The whole unit is lightweight weighing only 93 pounds. The scooter is delivered pre-assembled that requires little assembly in attaching the seat. It takes 8-12 hours of charging time to make it available for an all-day trip. It requires large 18AH batteries to make things work. 


  1. A lightweight unit 
  2. Feather-touch disassembly 
  3. 1-year in-home service for free


  1. Short distance range 
  2. No suspension system 


The comfort you’ll experience with this model is superb from top to bottom. It is also portable. 

  1. Pride Mobility Victory 10 4-Wheel Unit

If you’re looking for a model suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, look no further than the Victory 10. It is a 4-wheel unit designed to be sleek and sporty while rendering the desired comfort. The low-profile and smart-looking tires ensure its capability to go on any surface. This one has the shortest driving range amounting to 15.5 miles at a speed of 5.25 mph. 

It can be disassembled into smaller and lighter pieces through its Feather-touch disassembly feature. Reassembling the unit takes only a few minutes. Comfort is fulfilled through the soft-padded seat with viscoelastic foam inserts. It has eight rotational positions to find the desired comfort. An auto-connect harness is placed both in the front and rear position. 

The tiller angle is adjustable for a comfier maneuver. Below the tiller is a charging port for use whenever the battery gets empty. The batteries and off-board charger are included with the purchase. There’s an LED battery meter to show its remaining battery life. Moreover, an LED headlight lights up the pathway during a night trip.


  1. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  2. High weight capacity of 400 pounds 
  3. Multiple seat position 
  4. Has a larger battery option  


  1. Short driving range 


Multiple seat position is what makes the Victory 10 unique from the others. 


Before further ado, take notice of these helpful questions coming from the consumers of a mobility scooter. These might give you hints on which product is the best buy or not. A few buying guides are revealed and so keep your focussed. The questions are:

What makes Pride Mobility products different from the other top brands?

Pride Mobility models are offered in different series in accordance with the user's needs. They consider customers even after purchase as the company provides free customer service. It is certain that Pride’s products are capable of everyday use. Also, the materials used during production are from America. Therefore, a high-quality end product is expected. 

How far must one go to be considered as an extended range scooter?

The farthest distance an extended range unit goes is over 40 miles. However, there are brands offering a so-called extended range scooter at a distance below 40 miles and yet consider them as extended range. For example, the Pride Mobility, which obviously offers scooters of a shorter distance rate. Otherwise, over 15 miles driving range is under extended range section. 

How about the speed of an extended range unit?

Speed is another capability to look for. This determines how fast a unit can reach the desired distance. Most under this category run at a slower speed as there are some capable of faster speed. 

What makes an extended range mobility unit to be at its best?

Foremost is its driving range. The farther traveled distance product is better to recommend. Apart from the distance range are the following:

Battery life 

Of course, going to too far away places will require a longer battery life. Check out if the unit you’ll purchase has a larger battery option. 


This must be the second factor to look for next to the driving range. Comfort is felt on the seat and hence choosing one with a well-built seat is recommended. Another is the legroom must be roomy. 


Basket storage is the usual way of storage when it comes to scooters. Others use a cargo locking box or under-seat storage. 


This is important during a night trip to make the pathway more visible. Other lights are included such as signaling lights. 


Convenient controls are necessary with this means of transport especially when used for medical purposes. The suspension system and braking system are included. Make sure it is user-friendly. 


Larger tires are necessary to go farther distances with a rough surface. It can be 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled. 

Design and styling 

The appearance is a plus. If possible, look for one that is good in performance and in look to make the purchase jam-packed. The more stylish builds demand a higher cost. 

Which Pride Mobility extended range mobility product is the best?

We stand for the Pursuit XL 4-Wheel Unit. It is because it renders farther distance and reaches a faster speed. Moreover, it touches the factor that matters most – driving range. Other features are in a complete package. 

Whereas, the other Pride models are worthy of buying too. There are lots of models offered in the market under this brand. Check them all out! 


To be honest, the Pride Mobility extended range units run shorter distances when compared to other brands. However, each model performs well in every aspect. There are other features to be admired despite the lapse upon the major factors needed. These include comfort, convenience, and power to do the intended task. Aside from the aforementioned units, search for more Pride Mobility products on the market. 

We have also answered some frequently asked questions in a helpful way. We hope some of your queries are tackled above. If not, you can ask questions in the comment box below and wait for a quick response. 

For more details about the other top brands, do visit the Scooters 'N Chairs website by clicking this link.  

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