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The Best Pride Mobility Indoor Mobility Units

The Best Pride Mobility Indoor Mobility Units

Do you want to stay indoors while enjoying a ride? Check out our list of the best Pride Mobility indoor products!

Perhaps you’re experiencing mobility glitches and are trying to look for a mobility solution that’ll suit your needs. Will it be used for outdoor trips or indoors? In this article, we will discuss models that are meant to be used indoors. 

Mobility scooters are intended for individuals who have a hard time moving. It can be used on all surfaces. Non-scuffing tires prevent scratches on the surface. Other remarkable features are revealed for each model below. 

Now, let’s learn who creates these indoor mobility products. All that we discuss are from one manufacturer. The following details might help you choose the best one on the market. 

Who is Pride Mobility?

Whichever model a consumer needs, Pride Mobility offers a range from lightweight to full-sized models. It is certain that every scooter produced is offered within the budget. When it comes to performance, Pride Mobility's products are outstanding in reliability, durability, and versatility. 

The company is leading in the production of mobility products. Their main office is located in Exeter, Pennsylvania and other operations run in seven countries. Products are designed in-line to the advancement of technology. Some series of mobility products under Pride Mobility are Go-Go Travel Mobility, Jazzy Power Chairs, and Pride Mobility Scooters. Lifts and ramps are also available.  

And now, let’s proceed to the main topic of this post. Here are 4 indoor models manufactured by Pride Mobility. We’re rooting for you to select one! 

The Top 4 Pride Mobility Indoor Mobility units  

1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-Wheel

To start with, the Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-Wheel has a lighter touch. Taking it apart is done with one hand within seconds, and the same happens for reassembling the unit. It is, therefore, the rider’s best choice. 

Pride Mobility upgraded its battery into a longer duration for up to 9.7-miles per charge as the standard batteries can only run up to 6-miles. The unit doesn't use a delta tiller. In its place, straight handlebars serve as the directional control, escorted by the microprocessor-based controller with the added brakes and suspensions. Anti-tip tires won't leave any marks on every surface passed by. Its seat structure is mounted in front to withstand stability even on all-terrain surfaces. There’s a dual off-board voltage charger included to allow charging either on or off-board.

It is compact in size to easily enter hallways and tight areas. Only basket storage is added as an accessory. Along the way, the stadium-seat style maintains the comfort of the rider. 


  • Low priced 
  • Perfect for narrow places 


  • No headlight 
  • Requires both hands to operate 
  1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding

To roam around indoors, we don't need a gigantic ride as a portable unit will be enough. As its name proclaims, the handicap model is stored by folding it instead of disassembling the whole unit. Reassembling it is much quicker as no extra work needs to be done. Therefore, the Go-Go Folding can be an outdoor ride too. 

It is a one-piece frame design which makes it more suitable for folding. Removing the seat is the best possible way to completely fold the unit during storage. Carrying the ready-to-be-stored scooter will not demand too much effort. Two choices of battery level include a driving range of up to 9.3-miles and 12.5-miles. The speed range can be adjusted in two levels such as high and low. 

It has a lower weight capacity of 250-pounds. With that, its stability is retained as well as the safety of the rider. An adjustable tiller renders a more ideal driving position as the entire trip is made visible by the LED headlight. 


  • Easy to fold 
  • Removable basket storage 
  • Well-built 


  • No seat adjustments 
  • Pricier than other listed models
  1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 3-Wheel

As conferring to the consumer’s reviews, the Go-Go Plus Traveler 3-Wheel has topped the Pride Mobility’s other indoor models. The ride is appropriate for heavier and taller users due to its enhanced chassis and seat height adjustment. A feather-touch disassembly feature makes loading and unloading more convenient.

The unit is separated into five smaller and lighter parts during the storage without exerting any physical efforts. It is built to last up to 12-miles over any surface because of the 3” ground clearance. It is simply operated via the wraparound delta tiller with a microprocessor-based controller. This benefits the users with limited dexterity as for its one-hand operation. It has built two charging ports for convenient charging whether on or off-board. 

Running up to 12-miles keeps it firm due to the front-mounted seat post. It can actually carry a 300-pound passenger. Also, it is made customizable through the included interchangeable color panels. 


  • Allows one hand operation 
  • All-terrain unit 
  • Two charging ports are available 
  • Basket storage is included 


  • No suspension 
  • No headlight 
  1. Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 4-Wheel

It is merely the 4-wheel version of the previous product. In spite of the wheel differences, consumers don’t have any reviews over this scooter as the moment it is brushed up. It is still a real-deal ride to go anywhere the rider wants. 

To go on bumpy roads is supported by a ground clearance of 3”. The user is therefore not stuck for an indoor tour. Further, the Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler is perfect for travel as it can be easily taken apart when not in use. Assembling the unit is done within a few minutes too. One-hand steering through the wraparound delta tiller provides at ease operation that’s favorable to the target users with agility problems. Extra legroom is built to provide greater comfort to the rider. The structure is also made wider than the standard dimension to accommodate larger passengers. 

It can carry a maximum weight of 300-pounds to run up to 15-miles. Convenient charging ports are present to keep the ride going wherever you are. Stability is never forgotten through its front-mounted seat frame. The price is a little bit higher than the 3-wheel version. 


  • Perfectly appropriate for larger users
  • High ground clearance 
  • Seat height adjustment 


  • No headlight 
  • Not foldable 


We can feel the excitement inside of you to roam around malls or other close areas however, is the indoor mobility on your mind worth the penny? To ensure its worthiness, take a look at these frequently asked questions that might be helpful in showing you the best indoor mobility products on the market.  

How to buy an indoor model?

Indoor mobility vehicles are widely available in the market of scooters worldwide. To make things simple, everyone is welcome to visit the Scooters N’ Chairs website via this link. It is a website that sells mobility units, lift chairs, and electric vehicles made by reputable brands all over the world. 

The company’s goal is to aid people who are seeking an authentic mobility solution. Anyways, there are other sites selling these products online to put your trust in. Feel free to check the web! 

What makes them effective indoor rides?

They are normally used outdoors. But, did you know that they can be an effective ride for indoors due to some factors? Check the must-have qualities of an indoor model down below: 

Compact Design 

To be able to enter into doorways and narrow spaces, it must be built more slender than others. Despite its compactness, make sure it still accommodates even larger in size passengers. 

In spite of the portability, indoor models are designed simple yet stylish and eye-catchy. Make sure to pick one that suits your needs because that matters most. 

Easy to operate 

In all types of units, easy steering is required for the benefit of the user. A small turning radius is suggested for indoors to prevent hitting other people and objects inside a room. Complete controls are added for overall convenience.


Comfort differs in accordance with the number of wheels. For a three-wheeled scooter, a front-mounted seat renders more comfort as the base is built wider. Otherwise, a four-wheeled design is best for a back seat. 

Limited driving range 

Unlike outdoor areas that require a longer driving range, indoor models are contented to shorter driving distance. As long as its battery life can last long up to the user’s desired distance. 

Can indoor mobility units be stored in a car? 

Normally, yes, indoor models are easy to transport through cars. Some require a disassembling process that’ll take a few seconds. Other scooter models cannot be dismantled however it can be folded which takes a fewer second to finally store the scooter. Sometimes, the seat is removed to easily fold the unit.

Some require the use of a ramp for lifting the unit into the car. 

Can I drive one over bumpy surfaces?

The answer depends on the structure of the scooter. First is the motor use. Roaming to terrain surfaces requires a more powerful motor to be able to overcome bumps and inclines. Another is the ground clearance feature. This must be higher to avoid striking the surface and also to protect the ride from getting scratched or worst, from being destroyed. Also, suspension and air-filled tires are useful for uneven surfaces. The good news is, there are indoor models that can go outdoors with these features. Some are mentioned above and so check it out. 

Which Pride Mobility indoor mobility product listed above is the most highly recommended? 

Overall, Pride Mobility never disappoints its consumers upon the performance of each indoor product mentioned earlier. The best among the best, we think, is the Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 3-Wheel. It has all the necessary features an indoor model must have. It considers even taller users to be more comfortable riding on it. Driving the ride is in favor of the target user as it can be operated using one-hand. Disassembling and reassembling the unit only takes a few seconds which is good for travel.

Not having a suspension system is actually an advantage for indoor models. And so, there’s nothing we can say against the Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 3-wheel. Try this out if ever you’re planning to buy a model that is best for indoors. 


To wander around indoors is now accompanied by an indoor mobility scooter. Sick people won’t get bored anymore as they can go to malls or grocery stores with one of these units. They are created more compact to be more appropriate to go inside stores or indoors.

Pride Mobility doesn’t fail to create mobility resolutions with their products. As discussed earlier, these four products are made for indoor surfaces. They are all under the Go-Go Travel mobility series that pertains to models which are easy to transport. This is advantageous for some users who only ride one during the supermarket run. Happily, surfaces are safe from scars as it is designed with anti-tip tires. Riding an indoor model gives confidence in mind that no one will be harmed. 

We already gave some hints in choosing the best indoor product through the answered frequently asked questions. Read them again to make things clear to you. You will surely end up with a product that exceeds your expectations. 

Did we miss anything?

Go to the comment section and feel free to leave your queries and recommendations. Kindly wait for a quick reply. 

See you on your next indoor trip! 

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