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The Best Pride Mobility Portable Travel Mobility Units

The Best Pride Mobility Portable Travel Mobility Units

Do you want to try our Best Pride Mobility Portable Travel Mobility products? 

A mobility vehicle lets a person move freely despite the pain. A disabled person shouldn’t be restricted from going outside. Thanks to the manufacturers of mobility scooters that continue to upgrade a traditional scooter into a travel one, this is now possible. 

A portable travel mobility unit is far different from heavy-duty models. The prior is lighter and suitable for all kinds of travels. These can be brought on board a plane or a car because of their size. It is easy to disassemble, store, and reassemble.

Before, we discussed samples of travel models - let’s become more familiar with Pride Mobility. 

About Pride Mobility 

Scooter producers are globally increasing these days. And one of them is Pride Mobility.

Pride Mobility is the largest supplier of mobility resolutions around the US, mainly in Exeter, PA, since the early '80s. They also have business operations in New Zealand, China, Italy, Australia, Canada, the UK, and Holland. 

The company’s free customer service is what makes them on top of the competitors. On the other hand, Pride Mobility shows their pride in offering a high-quality and pocket-friendly product.

There are three world-class selections prepared by Pride Mobility. These include Jazzy Power, Go-Go Travel Scooter, and Pride Mobility Ranges.

Below are Pride Mobility’s mobility units under the Go-Go Travel section. 

Portable Travel Mobility Vehicles by Pride Mobility 

Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel Model

If you’re looking for a simple-looking yet roomier mobility unit, here is the Go-Go Sport. It is constructed with a longer frame and roomier leg room with a bit of feather-touch technology. Disassembling it will result in 5 separate pieces that are easy to store. One-hand operation is possible via the wraparound delta tiller handle. Driving it is so comfortable and smooth over every surface. 

24volts motor 18Ah batteries are used to run the unit for up to 12 miles at 4.70 miles per hour per ride. It carries a maximum weight of 325 pounds and can turn on a 50.5” radius. When the battery is emptied, an easy access charger port is found on the tiller. Furthermore, the tires are flat-free with a regenerative and electromechanical braking system. A front basket is added for storing pieces of stuff.


  1. Flip-back armrests
  2. LED headlamp 
  3. Less expensive 


  1. Unadjustable seat

Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel Model 

This is the 3-wheel version of the prior product. The number of wheels is what differs upon its look. On the other hand, the leg room becomes slender and yet adequate in safeguarding the rider. Distance traveled is a bit farther amounting to 12.7 miles at 4.70 miles per hour per charge while carrying 325 pounds, as well as its turning radius which is lower at 36”. 

It is a disassemble-type travel mobility unit through feather-touch technology. The parts are disassembled into 5 super lightweight pieces that can fit in most car carriers. A delta tiller is used in maneuvering it even with one hand. The charging port is located at the tiller and so is easy to access. 


  1. LED headlight
  2. Easy to store and reassemble 
  3. A front basket is added 


  1. No other battery option 

Pride Mobility Go-Go LX 4-Wheel Model

Among the Go-Go portable series, the LX is composed of unique features in terms of the controls. First is the Comfort-Trac Suspension system which guides the scooter to run smoothly on uneven highways. The other is CTS Springs that prevents unnecessary stops throughout the ride. One same feature is the Feather Touch system for assembling and disassembling the ride. 

The LX 4-Wheel model can carry the highest weight of 300 pounds traveling 12.60 miles at 4.40 mph. Just like the others in the Go-Go series, it has comfort-trac suspension and CTS springs to perform smoother rides and lessen sudden starts and stops, respectively. The reason it travels a longer distance is the battery upgrade to 18AH battery pack from the standard battery pack. A charging port is placed on the tiller for easy access whenever the battery has collapsed. 


  1. Delta Tiller control panel
  2. Larger battery option
  3. Flip-back armrests 


  1. None 

Pride Mobility Go-Go LX 3-Wheel Model 

    Then again, it is a 3-wheel version of the prior LX series. It is designed more stable in the form with its 3-wheel. It renders a smooth ride, same as the prior LX model because of the two unique features such as comfort-trac suspension and CTS springs. This model is lighter than the previous one with one detached piece weighing only 34 pounds. It is indeed a travel-ready mobility unit with its feather-touch disassembly feature. 

    Color selections are lively and fun, that is perfect for active individuals. It is composed of super-lightweight resources with great stability when assembled. It only runs 8 miles at 4.40 miles per hour which is shorter than the prior scooters. 300 pounds is its maximum weight capacity. The control panel offers safety driving panels accompanied by the braking system. Powering up the ride is done in two charging port options located on the tiller. 


    1. Super lightweight 
    2. Front storage basket 
    3. Non-scuffing tires 


    1. Shortest distance reach 
    2. Slightly expensive 

    Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Unit

      The Go-Go Folding unit is a combination of a lightweight and a portable design. This might fit the qualities you are looking for in a scooter that is perfect for traveling. It can be taken at any place you go without the worry of having too much luggage. It is easy to carry and yet bears so many unique features.

      First is the outlook which is very classy and eye-catching. It is a 4-wheel unit that is compactly designed. In case of storage, as its name says, it is folded until it becomes a one-piece frame. The seat is removable to be able to fold it flat. 

      There are two battery options such as 12V and 24V Li-On battery. It runs in two speed settings ranging up to 9.3 miles and 12.5 miles while carrying a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Rear and front LED lights exist for a safer ride at night. Two small wheels in front increase stability for the whole unit. 


      1. Adjustable Delta Tiller 
      2. Dual LED lights


      1. Armrests aren’t flip-back 
      2. Lower weight capacity 


      Perhaps, many competitor brands are crossing your mind at this moment and so you’ll never know which is the finest. Here are five important questions you must ask before making a purchase. 

    1. Where to look for more travel mobility products? 
    2. Kindly visit Scooters N’ Chairs by clicking this link. The navigation menus are properly arranged according to the needed purchase. To find products more quickly, use the search bar. You will discover mobility vehicles from other brands apart from Pride Mobility. 

    3. What are the qualities to look for in a travel mobility vehicle?
    4. As a travel model is obviously intended for roving, the qualities you look for should reflect this. Furthermore, there are must-have factors on every unit:


      Portability is divided into two, either disassembled or folded. These are the ways of how a travel model can be stored. The disassembled way demands separation of the unit into pieces to easily store it. While the latter is a more stress-free way of storing as it is only folded. 

      Also, the weight of it falls into this category. Travel models are normally lightweight and more compact in structure. 

      The Seat 

      The seat is one of the most important parts of for it gives comfort throughout the ride. It is usually foam-padded and has flip-back armrests. Some are allowed to add foam inserts into the seat to make it more comfortable. There are also adjustable seats which are favorable for long-term use. 


      Driving one doesn't require footwork as legs are left relaxed. Therefore, roomier legroom is a plus for a scooter. We can notice on 4-wheeled models that they have wider space for the feet as compared to a 3-wheeled design, which is designed to be slender. 


      The whole trip really depends on the wheels, on how durable it is. Flat-free tires are highly recommended rather than rubber tires as it can be used either indoors or outdoors. There are models which have larger rear wheels - finishing the ride smooth is the most important.

      The number of wheels is also considered by some buyers. Pride Mobility offers travel models in both 3-wheel and 4-wheel form. This factor matters especially for the beginners wherein a 4-wheeled model is easier to control than the prior. Also, it affects the stability. Which is which, it still benefits the user. 

      Control panel 

      Scooters are known as an easy ride to control. Check out the Delta Tiller if the handles are comfortable. Driving status is displayed for easy monitoring. 


      A basket is normally used as storage. It is placed either in front or at the back. However, other models don’t include the storage basket with the original purchase, for it is sold separately. The basket is wide enough to store a lot of personal stuff.

      LED headlight 

      Light is so important during night trips. This is used to give a clue to other chauffeurs of your presence on the road. It also keeps the rider safe and sound. In terms of an LED light, it consumes less of the battery’s life. Therefore, there will be no worries of getting an empty battery throughout the night travels. 

      Battery life 

      This depends on how many hours you use the device. Mostly, over 10 miles is reached with a fully-charged model. It is better to have one extra battery to keep you going even for days of travel. 

      Furthermore, mobility products are rechargeable and so bringing the charger is more essential than having an extra battery pack. 

    5. How fast does a travel model run?
    6. The normal speed ranges from 3.5 miles per hour to 9.5 miles per hour. Subsequently, travel models' running speed is in between those speed ranges as seen on the products above. The speed can be adjusted to your liking.

    7. Can I take it on board?
    8. The answer is determined by airline policies. Even if it is named as a travel unit, that doesn’t always guarantee permission on board. Contact the airline before the flight to make things clear. 

    9. Which Pride Mobility Portable unit is the best?
    10. Among the Go-Go series, we pick the Folding model. Apart from its classy-look, the way it is constructed is so perfect. The Folding model works well in traveling, as it is easy to store in just 3 simple steps, therefore saving time and effort. Anti-tip mini wheels are another advantage that makes the ride smoother with greater stability. 

      However, we still recommend the other series as they offer different riding experiences.

      Final Thoughts

      Do you have plans this coming weekend to roam around? 

      Gladly, you read this post!

      Pride Mobility is a brand that we highly recommend when it comes to the best portable travel models. There are five scooters to look for. Each one has different features being laid apart from the number of wheels. We have discovered that the Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding unit is the best among the others. It’s up to you to decide which series you’ll be going to choose.

      The FAQs section must be read well to have some ideas before placing an order. You can look for more facts about portable mobility units on the internet. Or, you may ask anything pertaining to the subject on the comment section. We will surely give you feedback after a few hours.  

      That ends this post. Thank you for reading! 

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