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4 Tips To Improve Senior Health During The Coronavirus Outbreak

4 Tips To Improve Senior Health During The Coronavirus Outbreak

With every Coronavirus update in the media comes the misguided message that only seniors and people with a weakened immune system are vulnerable to severe outcomes of the virus. If that is you or your loved one, you understand how scary this new virus is. The more information that is released by the CDC and the WHO continues to show that the virus is spreading rapidly.

Panic is beginning to set in as schools close and State of Emergency orders are issued. In general, most people are being told to avoid crowded areas and use proper hand-washing hygiene methods. You’re probably already doing that. If you are a senior citizen, you are more prone to this virus than others. Taking extra steps to decrease your chance of infection while increasing your immune system is possible.

As a new virus, no one has immunity to yet and there is also no cure and no vaccine. What else can you do to take the fate of your health back?

Take Your Meds

You may already suffer from various ailments. Even though it may be getting increasingly difficult to get out of the house now, you must continue to take any medications that you are currently prescribed. This includes vitamins as well. Your daily multivitamin is going to give your body nutrients making you stronger.

Don’t neglect to manage the medical issues you already have out of fear of the coronavirus.

If you are running low on medications reach out to a family member and see if they will pick them up. You can even look at ordering prescriptions online.

Avoid Stress

One factor we don’t think about often is how stress can make us more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Factors such as being stuck at home, not being able to see loved ones, and how to get essential items may be worrisome to you. This is normal but finding ways to reduce your stress level is going to help you from getting sick.

It has been proven that stress reduces your body’s ability to fight infection. As the immune system is already functioning in a way that makes you vulnerable, it’s best not to make the situation worse.

Avoiding stress can be achieved by finding fun activities to occupy your mind or working with friends, neighbors, and family to find solutions to your worries.

Stay Hydrated

Another option for seniors to stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids does several things for your body and your immune system. When you are not drinking enough your body may have difficulty fighting off a foreign virus.

Drinking water will also cleanse your mouth washing away bacteria and other things that can make you sick. Drinking fluids high in vitamin C such as orange juice is a great option as this vitamin boosts the immune system.

Monitor Symptoms

If you do begin to feel ill it’s best to monitor your symptoms and call your doctor. If your fever gets too high or you’re having trouble breathing; it’s time to get medical care.

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