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Do You Need a Collapsible Handicap Vehicle?

Do You Need a Collapsible Handicap Vehicle?

Handicap vehicles are great for people who need help getting around in public. Due to their tight-turning capabilities and narrow designs, they fit easily in small spaces. One of the biggest concerns for people in the market is whether they should purchase a collapsible or foldable scooter. Understanding the benefits will help you make the decision that’s best for you. 

About Collapsible Handicap Scooters

Collapsible handicap models are those that can be folded into a smaller size to make it easier to pick up and place into storage or a vehicle. When collapsed, they are more rectangular rather than its original shape with the handlebars, seat, and wheels. With it being in a more compact position, someone can easily pick it up, carry it to a location and slide it into a narrow area. 

When it’s time to use the collapsible model, simply remove it from where it was placed. Push down the folded up part of the scooter and extend the sides. That’s all you have to do to make it functional. 

Why People Need a Collapsible Handicap Scooter

The reason people decide to purchase a collapsible handicap vehicle is to take it places. If you’re only going to use it inside your house or even just outside of your home, you don’t need a collapsible one. You can easily put up the unit and place it where you would like it. 

However, if you want to put your model into a vehicle, it will not fit unless you have a vehicle in which the back seats fold down. This may give you enough space to fit it without needing to collapse it. Most vehicles do not have enough space for this, though. 

So, if your vehicle does not have the space for the vehicle completely setup, you will need a collapsible handicap model instead if you want to place it in your vehicle. 

One other reason people decide to purchase a collapsible or foldable unit is that they want the ability to store it in their home in a closet or another small area. Since it takes a lot of space, it can be easily put away when it’s folded down. 

What Do You Need?

Now that you know what a collapsible handicap model is and why people decide to purchase one, the only thing left is for you to decide if you need one. Answer the following questions to help you decide:

  • Will you be storing it in a closet or aother small, tight area?
  • Do you want to put the model into a vehicle that doesn’t have enough space in the back for it?
  • Will it be transported to places where you may have to carry it a fair distance before it is used?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s safe to say you should probably invest in a collapsible or foldable handicap unit. When all things are considered, the feature of being foldable provides more benefits than not having that ability. This way you have the choice of leaving it unfolded and then if a situation arises in which you will need to fold it, at least you have that option. 

How to Choose a Foldable Handicap Vehicle

You have many options for foldable handicap units. The ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter, manufactured by Drive Medical, can unfold in just 15 seconds AND it’s done with a wireless key fob. For those who would like to fold and unfold it manually, that is an option as well. 

Another option for unfolding and folding a handicap unit is by a remote control, like the one that comes with the EV Rider: Transport AF. With the press of a button, the model will unfold and then pressing it again will fold it back up for you. It’s perfect for those who have limited mobility and wouldn’t be able to do it themselves.

The 2019 Luggie Standard Model is one of the most compact handicap vehicles we offer. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fold this unit and then how small it becomes when it is collapsed. Seeing is believing so watch this video:

Are you ready to purchase a collapsible handicap vehicle? Click here to see all of the ones we have available or call our mobility experts now at 1-800-674-8395 for more information.

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