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Do You Need a Power Vehicle All Terrain? 

When many people shop around for a power vehicle, they wonder if they need an all-terrain one, especially when it is more expensive. The answer is not simple because everyone is different, and will use their device in different ways. The following information will help you decide if an all-terrain unit will be right for you. 

What It Means to Have a Power Wheelchair All Terrain

When you have an all-terrain model, you can virtually go anywhere with it. You can use it on dirt, rocky surfaces, or on smooth pavement. People are often amazed by how great an all-terrain model can move through the unleveled ground. 

What this means is that power wheelchair users don’t have to be limited by where their mobility device can go. They can follow their grandkids through the woods, parks, or playgrounds. Nothing stands in their way. It is the best in freedom and independence. 

Understanding the Differences

Not all all-terrain models are the same, though. Understanding how they are different will help you decide which one you should purchase. 

One of the most notable features of power devices is that the unit can be customized. The following are the ways it can be customized:

  • The width, depth, height and seat angles can be adjusted to fit the user comfortably
  • Seat and back cushions can also be made to support the back and buttock since users will be on it for many hours a day.
  • Headrests and side/hip supports are built into the wheelchair to not only provide comfort but also safety. 
  • Powered tilt and recline features can offer many different ways for people to sit just the way they need. 
  • Manual and power elevating leg rest and platforms for the feet are placed on the wheelchair to help with blood circulation. 
  • Joystick controls make moving the wheelchair easy. 

As you’re shopping around for an all-terrain vehicle, you will notice that some have the features above and others don't have them. Take your time reviewing the specifications of each of the devices you’re considering, as they will make a difference in the one you are happy with for the next few years. 

Benefits of All-Terrain Units

The benefits of all-terrain power units are:

  • Bigger Tires - bigger tires grip the surface better and can stay on top of loose terrain for a smoother ride. 
  • Larger Engine - a larger engine has more power to get you up steeper places, so if you’re going up a hill on a street, it won’t have any issues. 
  • Higher Group Clearance - when you have higher group clearance, you’re able to go over obstacles without a problem. 
  • Robust Suspension - bumpy terrains are much smoother when you have an all-terrain power vehicle. 

Besides the technical benefits of an all-terrain model, there are other benefits that many people never think of when purchasing one of these devices. 

Independence - A unit offers the independence that many people crave when they struggle with limited mobility. Using an all-terrain model means there are no limits to what you can do or where you can go. This is a feeling that many people miss out on and they can have it back with these units. 

Comfort - An all-terrain power model is designed to be comfortable because people spend many hours in it. This is essential because there’s nothing worse than having to deal with being uncomfortable in a vehicle that you have to be in all day. 

Convenient - The other benefit of an all-terrain unit is that it provides convenience. It has the features needed for you to be able to do whatever you want to do when you’re cruising around. You’ll never feel as though you’re without when you’re in it. 

Purchasing an All-Terrain Power Vehicle

If you believe an all-terrain power wheelchair is right for you, click here for our wide range of models. We have many different types and options available to meet people’s needs. If you’re looking for a particular feature, consider calling our mobility experts at 1-800-674-8395. They can help you identify the right all-terrain power wheelchair for you.

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