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How to Assemble and Operate the Jazzy 600 ES

How to Assemble and Operate the Jazzy 600 ES

This particular unit was invented to regard the client’s comfort no matter the terrain. The Jazzy 600 is a powerful chair that is all things convenient. Talk about ease of operation with how easy it is to assemble, the Jazzy 600 will prove to be not only your favorite mobility aid but also an extension of your body. This article will take you through how to assemble and operate this unit and once you have internalized the protocols, go ahead and enjoy the chair.

The chair may require some assembly as it may have been disassembled during shipping for safety reasons.

How to assemble the Jazzy 600 ES:

Follow through,

We will start off with how to install the seat.

First, tilt the seat back and slide the rear extrusion onto the rear trapeze, this is the very initial assembly step. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Secondly, lower the front extrusion onto the front trapeze bar until the seat locks into place and flip the seat latch safely down. However, while at this particular step, make sure the seat latch safety is flipped down before using your unit. This is a safety precaution.

Thirdly, install the controller and route the harness to the back of the power base, but please do no route the controller harness on the outside of the armrest pad. This will prevent the harness from being caught in the drive tires. (see figure 2)

Figure 2

After ensuring the controller is properly installed, the last step is to plug the controller connector into the rear of the power base and do not forget to secure the controller harness to the armrest receiver with wire ties. (see figure 3)

Figure 3

You are all done with the seat assembly process.

If your unit has four tie down points, these are for securing it when unoccupied during transport.

Here is how to secure a power chair with these tie- down points.

  1. Secure the unit in a forward facing position in the vehicle

  2. Attach the four tie down straps only to the designated, labeled transit securement points as indicated by the anchor symbols

  3. Position the anchor points for the rear tie down straps directly behind the rear securement points on the unit. Front tie downs should be anchored to floor points.


We shall proceed to the next section, the operation procedure.

How to operate the Jazzy 600 ES

It is paramount for you to understand your unit before anything else, especially the electronic components. They consist of batteries, motors and controller power modules, all of which are located on the power base assembly.

Second, is the controller harness connector. This is where the controller plugs into the power base, this is a crucial component towards powering your chair. The other critical component is the main circuit breaker that is located on the rear main frame.

The main circuit breaker is a safety feature. When the batteries are drained heavily, it trips to prevent damage to the motors and other electronics. Let us now proceed to the manual freewheel levers. This feature is built entirely for the client’s convenience.

The levers allow you to disengage the drive motors and maneuver the chair manually. Here is how to operate the manual freewheel levers:

  • Push down both manual freewheel levers and engage the freewheel mode
  • Pull up both manual freewheel levers for drive mode. This will engage the drive motor

As a warning, you are advised not to apply excessive force to the manual freewheel levers as this may affect their performance pretty badly. Additionally, there are some tell-tale symptoms that could indicate your power chair has a serious problem, these are:

  • Motor noise

  • Frayed harness

  • Jerky motion

  • Does not power up

  • Powers up but does not move

  • Loose seat or seating components

If you should observe any of the above signs, kindly contact your Pride Provider. When calling please include the model number, serial number, nature of the problem and the error code if available.

In conclusion, the Jazzy 600 is an awesome power chair that lasts almost a life time. When you are conversant with the operation procedure kindly drive safely. All the best.

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