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How to Assemble, Disassemble and Operate the Pride Go-Chair

How to Assemble, Disassemble and Operate the Pride Go-Chair

The Pride Go-Chair is a state of the art life enhancing device designed to increase mobility. This is a remarkable product that adds a whole new level of independence into your life and below we explore its amazing properties.

Your Go-Chair may require some assembling either before initial use or after transportation. It may also require disassembling to make some comfort adjustments. Let us learn how to disassemble and assemble the Go-Chair. You can learn the easy steps as will be discussed in this article. You will also learn how to operate the Go-Chair in very easy steps as outlined below. Kindly follow the article keenly.

First, let us discuss how to assemble and disassemble the Go-Chair.

How to disassemble:

Followed closely this is a very interesting and easy task to undertake.

The Go-Chair disassembles into five components: the seat, the under-seat storage bin, the battery box, the rear section of the power base, and the front section of the power base. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

The first step to follow when you disassemble the Go-Chair is to turn off the power to the controller.

Secondly, place the Go-Chair in drive mode, if not in drive mode already.

Third, unplug the controller from the power base.

Fourth, remove the under-seat storage.

Fifth, remove the seat by lifting it straight up and off of the Go-Chair. If you encounter resistance when removing the seat, disengage the seat release lever and swivel the seat back and forth while lifting up the seat.

Sixth, grasp the battery box handle and lift up to disengage the box from the power base, then tilt the box forward slightly and pull it away from the power base.

Seventh, disconnect two halves using the frame release lever.


How to assemble the Pride Go-Chair

Step one: use the frame release lever to lift the front section as you align the frame hooks of the front section with the lower frame tube of the rear section. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Step two: once the frame hooks are over the lower frame tube, lower the front section and pivot the rear section simultaneously. This will engage the frame lock-up automatically.

Step three: reinstall the battery pack.

Step four: reinstall the seat and rotate it until it is secured into place.

Step five: plug the controller into the power base.

Step six: reinstall the under-seat storage.

When you are able to assemble and disassemble a machine that means it can be operated as well. Let us now discuss on how to operate the Go-Chair.


How to operate the Go-chair:

There are three things you should check before operating. These are outlined below:

  • Check all electrical connections. Make sure they are tight and not corroded.
  • Secondly, check all controller connections to the power base. Make sure they are secured properly. Also, you have to check the battery charge. Make sure the battery is charging.
  • Finally ensure the manual freewheel levers are in the drive mode before sitting on the travel chair. It is ready to go.


Once the Go-Chair is assembled it is ready to operate. There are situations, including some medical conditions, where the Go-Chair user will need to practice operating the Go-Chair in the presence of a trained attendant. A trained attendant can be defined as a family member or care professional specially trained in assisting a Go-Chair user in various daily activities.

As you begin using your Go-Chair during daily activities, you will probably encounter situations in which you need some practice. Simply take your time and you will soon be confident and in full control as you maneuver through doorways, on and off lifts and up and down.

Get to know the feel of you Go-Chair and it’s capabilities.

In conclusion, the Go-Chair is a wonderful piece of machinery that works in marvelous and amazing ways. It's objective is to make sure its customers are safe and have ease in operation.

Luxury, prestige, comfort, independence, and exclusiveness is what you get with this cool device.

For further guidelines, you need to read the owner's manual and you will experience the value this device offers you.


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