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How to Assemble, Operate & Disassemble the Merits Dualer Power Wheelchair

The Merits Dualer is a unique product that promises it’s the latest technology and versatile features for the modern power chair industry. What makes it special is its unique two-in-one powerbase that rotates for front or rear-wheel drive, it’s power elevating seat and swing away joystick with superb handling and amazing control operations. With a surprisingly small rotating radius of 21”, this power chair rotates in a very small room providing excellent customer facility.

Also, you don’t need to worry anymore about asking for assistance for reaching out upper cabinets and grocery shelves, power elevated seat can raise your seat from its base of 22” all the way up to 27”. If you are looking for a power chair that gives you 180° freedom of direction and enables you to maneuver about your head height, you have stopped at the right product.

How to Assemble the Merits Dualer?

Step 1: Begin with installing Battery terminals. Place the battery onto your power chair, make sure to place positive and negative contacts of each battery in adjacent order with other battery. Connect the terminals using washers, screws, and nuts provided. (see figure 1)

Figure 1


Step 2: Once the battery is installed in its place, plug the color-coordinated connectors (batteries and motors). Now cover battery posts with caps provided in the package.

Step 3: Install the shroud by sliding it through pedestal and controller cable. Also, position the motor free-wheeling levers in engaged mode and slide shroud through them. Tighten up the shroud by screws to frame. (see figure 2)

Figure 2

Step 4: Begin installing the seat by pulling the swivel lever up. Lift the seat and slide it through the bottom of the seat into seat pedestal. (see figure 3)

Step 5: Make sure to swivel the seat. Now push the seat down until it reaches its place. It will automatically lock itself.

Step 6: Install the Joystick and controller by locating controller to controller’s bracket.

Step 7: Tighten the controller with Allen wrench. Place the connected main socket to the controller. (see figure 4)

Figure 4


How to Operate the Merits Dualer?

In order to make sure that all the operations are as per customer requirement and to maximize the comfort and mobility, adjustments can be made to seat height, backrest angle, headrest height, arm set tilt angle, and footrest angle and height. Also, to provide a complete customer facility you can select your controller bracket length. Once all adjustments are made, your power chair should be ready to move.

Always keep in mind your surrounding before you turn the power on or select your desired speed. For indoors it is recommended to select the lowest speed, for outdoors you can select from moderate to high as per requirement. The Dualer function of this power chair enables you to switch direction and to go reverse with the utmost ease.  With a small practice, you can equip this power chair to be part of your daily life.

Though the power chair is easy to operate, the following steps and components can be followed for the safe and smooth operation of the vehicle.

Dynamic Shark Controller Operation

This series of operations is equipped in all range of light to medium weight power chairs. The controls are smooth, direct, and responsive. The improved load compensation technology keeps the power chair on track in case of small obstacles and uneven surfaces.

BG VR2 Controller Operation

The VR2 control system has two versions of the front panel, with and without actuator control. Though most controls of both the versions are the same, actuator buttons are only included in VR2 control systems with seat actuator control.

The version with actuator control has maximum speed/profile indicator, speed/profile increase and decrease buttons, and actuator buttons for advanced seat control.

And the version without actuator control has battery gauge, on/off buttons, and horn buttons.

How to Disassemble the Merits Dualer?

Merits Health Products are known for their excellent mobility and customer facility. This power chair too is very easily disassembled to fit in your family vehicle. Merits Dualer comprises five components; Frame, Shroud, Seat Assembly, Integral Controller/Bracket & Battery terminals. These components should be unmounted one by one. Below are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Firstly, unplug the controller, turn off the power. Make sure that the motors are engaged and not in free-wheel mode. Then disconnect the main cable from the controller. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 2: For removing the seat, firstly pull the swivel liver up to unlock the seat. Now rotate the seat a bit till it comes to a position you feel it’s free from the downside. Then you can easily pull the seat upward and remove. (see fig 2)

Figure 2

Step 3: After removing the seat, shrouds can simply be removed by lifting it straight up. Make sure that the still in the engaged position.

Step 4: For removing the battery, begin with unplugging battery connectors.

If the batteries are to be removed for transportation, simply lift the batteries one at a time using battery straps. Or, if the batteries are to removed for replacement, remove battery post caps, unscrew negative and positive terminals one at a time, place battery connectors, wire harness, screws, and nuts in a safe place.

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