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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair

The Merits Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair is a perfect combination of durability and mobility. This chair will not just move around with more ease but provided with its excellent features, customer will also be at better comfort levels. It is equipped with a four-post seat base which provides extra stability to the chair frame. Specially designed for higher weight users, this heavy-duty chair has extra wide and high captain’s chair which will provide durability & support to the standard power of a wheelchair. It’s a higher weight capacity with maximum comfort.

How to Assemble the Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair?

Step 1:  Firstly, for seat installation, lift the seat vertically up and insert the hook into the front trapeze bar, rotate the seat to its horizontal position, then insert the locked-shaft of the seat in lock-device of power chair directly.

Step 2:  For assembly of seat mounting and hooks, see the light of arrows and assemble mounts and hooks accordingly. Make sure you use 4 pcs socket screws for hooks.

Step 3: Now for setting the initial width of arms sets, loosen the knobs on the arm set receiver/holder, slide the arm set inside horizontal brackets, adjust to the desired width and tighten up the knobs.

Step 4: Similarly, to set the initial height of arms set, locate and loosen the knobs on vertical arm set holder, insert arm set into the receiver, select desired height, and tighten up the knobs.

Step 5: Now to install the controller, select the side you want to control the power chair, install the controller into the holder, adjust the controller to your required length by tightening the Allen wrench.

Step 6: At last insert, the main plug into the controller socket, make sure the battery is fully charged before going out.

How to Operate the Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair?

The heavy-duty chair is designed to withstand higher weight & to exhibit more comfort to the user with its upgraded controls yet there is a need for the user to look out for some safety precautions when riding this wheelchair for the first time. These measures will not only ensure the safety of the user but will also add to the wellbeing & safe handling of the vehicle.

  1. Never ride your wheelchair before making sure that the batteries are fully charged.
  2. Perform Stop, Forward, Reverse operations practice. Gently push the lever to the side you move and the chair will move accordingly.
  3. Keep the speed controls at lowest until you are familiar enough with the driving characteristics of the power chair
  4. Don’t drink and drive. In case of medication consult your physician and ensure if your mediations are impairing your ability to drive the chair.
  5. Never use hand-held communication devices while driving as it could cause a serious accident.
  6. Don’t try to drive up a slope, if you fail you can cause a lot of trouble for you, the vehicle, and others.

The Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair is designed to utmost user comfort and desire. With its highly packed Captain’s seat and extra padded arm sets it can safely take 600-pounds to a safe and pleasant ride. With its heavy-duty rear section, stronger wheelsets & extra clear cover from the ground it would not mind riding over small obstacles and rough patch with ease. Also, it’s heavy-duty in-motors give you enough power to slide up a ramp or to climb a 10-degree driveway.

This power chair has mainly two operation systems:

  1. Dynamic Shark Controller Option is the latest technology in power chair control solutions. Using a highly programmed power module & control unit, it adds a lot to the power, versatility & usability of the power chair.
  2. VR2 Controller Option has its two versions; with and without actuator control on the front control panel. Though most of the control operations are common in both versions, however, only seat actuator control is included in VR2 control systems.

How to Disassemble the Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair?

Though this power chair is suitable for heavy-duty purposes, it’s disassembling is no way a heavy-duty. One can easily do all the disassembling in the house without much of the technical assistance. Like assembling you will have to follow certain steps until your power chair reduces to a list of parts.

Step 1:  Turn off the main connection power to the chair. It reduces any chances of spark, electric shock, or short circuit in the power chair.

Step 2:  Remover the foot set by unscrewing it. The shrouds can also be removed in Dane manner.

Step 3: Detach the seat by lifting the rear part lightly, move back of the seat from power chair and take the seat off vertically.

Step 4: Having detached the seat assembly, take out horizontal and vertical arm sets from their holders after loosening the knobs. Do the same with the joystick/controller.

Step 5: Remove batteries one by one. Take help from someone when lifting the batteries. Make sure their no metal surface that might come in contact with battery terminals nearby.

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