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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Drive Spitfire Pro SE Portable Scooter

Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Drive Spitfire Pro SE Portable

The Drive Spitfire has been known for its products of mobility and comfort. The latest Spitfire Pro SE is another example of a lightweight, break-apart vehicle for daily life performance indoors and outdoors. It is equipped with a delta tiller which increases its grip multiple times, a seat that swivels to make coming in and going out easy. With its phenomenal design, it offers enough clear space from the ground to small bumps or road gaps. It’s portable, efficient, and durable at the same time.

How to Assemble the Spitfire Pro SE Portable?

Step 1: Make sure you turn the manual freewheel mode lever into drive mode first. Place and align the rear and front sections together.

Step 2: Align sections in a way that the rest of the section is set to have an upper position. Now make sure that the hook of the front section is connected to the axle of the rest section.

Step 3: Put the scooter on its wheels and see if the front and rear sections are on the same level. This is done to ensure a smooth transfer of loads and the balance between sections is responsible for that.

Step 4: Install the battery pack on the scooter and make sure its in the correct position. Turn off all the power to your scooter and remove the key from the switch to avoid any mishaps during assembly.

Step 5: Now set down the seat assembly on the seat post until the swivel lock engages. You will hear a click sound when it is locked in the right place.

Step 6: Having made sure that all the connections are made properly, turn the switch ON and see if the battery gauge shows enough charging.


How to Operate the Spitfire Pro SE?

The portable unit is easy to assemble and use. Its efficient features make it suitable for a lightweight work nature offering a total weight capacity of 300 lbs. An extra bucket can be attached to the front of the portable scooter to look after your shopping routine. Though it’s easy to use one needs to get familiar with its operations to avoid any glitch in the ride. Following safety precautions are advised to make sure the well-being of scooter and user:

  1. All the basic traffic rules apply to this potable scooter too. Drive on sideways, avoid going to highways and obey traffic signals.
  1. Be sure someone is watching you in the first few rides till you get fully familiar with the operations. Choose a wide-open area for practice and keep the speedometer on low.
  2. The scooter is designed to carry one passenger. Don’t risk to carry children or transport any type of goods on the scooter.
  1. If you are seated on the scooter for a long time, turn off the power to avoid any sort of movement from an unexpected throttle act.
  1. Don’t stretch your body on the scooter or get inclined. You may lose balance and it can cause an accident.
  1. Strictly avoid using a mobile phone or any kind of wireless communication device once you are on phone. It’s also illegal. You may be served a ticket for it.
  1. Prefer tight clothing on loose clothing for driving. Beware loose clothing can tangle with scooters tires and may get caught in drive wheels causing a serious accident.


How to Disassemble the Spitfire Pro SE Portable Scooter?

With just a total weight of 96 lbs and the heaviest piece being 40lbs, the portable unit is qualified enough to be carried around when you are out of place. It can easily be disassembled to 5 pieces: the seat, front section, basket, battery-package, and rear section, that will fit into your car trunk comfortably. What’s better than to be able to carry around your daily use vehicle to places you need to go the most? Your favorite park or your nanny's house. Take it with you everywhere. The steps to be followed for disassembling are as follows:


Step 1: Always disassemble your unit on a level, dry surface, and sufficient space. Keep in mind that disassembled parts cover more space than assembly parts.


Step 2: Turn the key switch OFF and make sure that the tiller is raised before starting the reassembly process.


Step 3: Put the free manual wheel mode lever into driver mode. Pull upward the swivel lever to remove the seat from the seat post.


Step 4: Unplug all power connections and remove the battery pack carefully from the power base of the scooter. Put the batteries in a dry facility.


Step 5: Stand upright and pull the connecting device between two sections upward to the rear section. Take off the front sections with both hands and lower the shaft.

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