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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the EZ-GO/EZ-GO Deluxe

Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the EZ-GO Deluxe

When it comes to health, mobility, customer service, and options for portable power vehicles, there is no competition for Merit Health Products. The latest Merits EZ-GO is the latest example of the combination of technology and comfort. With a slight difference in design and specifications, both models possess a tight running radius and higher seat back for required mobility and durability. They are easily assembled & offer complete user-friendly options. If you are planning to go out, this lightweight power wheelchair would easily disassemble into three parts to fit into your family vehicle. It is what we call customer Independence.

How to Assemble the EZ-GO/EZ-GO Deluxe?

Step 1: As soon as you have unboxed all parts of power chairs, begin with setting the seat post at a suitable height on the rear section of the chair and lock it with the help of a detent pin.

Step 2: Place and attach front & rear sections of the chair and pull the manual freewheel lever to ensure they are tightened up.

Step 3: Place the battery box on the rear section and attach the foot set with the front section with the help of screws. Front and rear shrouds will also be assembled accordingly.

Step 4: Place the seat on the seat post carefully. Make sure that under the storage point where the seat post is to be inserted is properly open.

Step 5: Put the set of arm sets in the receivers and adjust the desired width by aligning the holes using detent pins and adjustment knobs.

Step 6: Choose the side to attach the joystick & controller, place joystick mount in the arm set and tighten the screw with an allen wrench. Also, connect the joystick & controller to the power module, use wire ties to tighten the harness into the right places.

Step 7: Make sure no wire ties are loose to scratch the user. Ensure the battery is fully charged before use. For charging use controller plug on the rear side of the power chair.


How to Operate the EZ-GO/EZ-GO Deluxe?

Before you get moving, there are certain safety conditions you should make sure of:

  1. Tires must be aligned and brake system working.
  2. Controller connections are tested and confirmed to be working properly.
  3. The battery is properly charged.
  4. Don’t forget to put the manual freewheel lever in driver mode.
  5. Initially drive with someone’s assistance.
  6. Practice moving forward, moving in 'S' turns, and reverse moving initially.

Once it is made sure that everything is up and running well, you should be ready to go. The controllers make this power chair very customer friendly. Not more than a few good rides for practice and you will have enough grip on the joystick for navigation and smooth turns. You could eventually use a power chair for your daily life purposes, which includes driving outdoors, on & off electric wheelchair lifts, ramps, doorways & moderate gradients.

Depending upon the variety and difference of conditions, you may come across a number of different issues while driving initially. We intend to provide you more safety precautions particularly about the type of driving condition:

Driving Indoors

  1. Never carry any notable weight.
  2. Avoid driving across a steep slope.
  3. Never tow a trailer behind.
  4. Never use a mobile phone/radio while driving.

Driving Outdoors

  1. Don’t drive in traffic.
  2. Avoid driving near rivers, fences, railings.
  3. Never drive in rain, snow or bad weather
  4. Never drive off-road.
  5. Be extra careful while driving in reverse.
  6. Don’t drive at night.

Driving Various Terrains

  1. Never try to reverse drive up a slope.
  2. Don’t drive over uneven or soft surfaces.
  3. Slow down while coming off a slope.
  4. Prefer smaller gradients/slopes.


How to Disassemble the EZ-GO/EZ-GO Deluxe?

These units offer amazing mobility and have special specifications for fitting in smaller spaces. They will easily be adjusted in your car or van on any family day out. When you disassemble this unit it dismantles into three parts; front section, rear section & seat. Each of them can be taken care of following these simple steps;


Step 1: Disconnect and detach the controller plug carefully.

Step 2: Grab the seat from the sides and lift it directly. The arm sets can easily be removed from receivers once the seat is separated.

Step 3: Push manual wheeler button and dismantle front and rear sections easily.

Step 4: Detach footrest, front, and rear shrouds by loosening knobs and screws.

Step 5: Remove the seat post by unlocking the detent pin. Your power wheelchair is ready to be packaged.

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