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How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the Go-Go Elite Traveler Portable Scooter

How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the Go-Go Elite Traveler Portable Scooter?

The Go-Go Elite Traveler is an updated version of the Go-Go Ultra X with some upgrading features. This is one of the best selling models of the Go-Go concept portable scooters. The Elite Traveler comes with a super-tight turning radius of 33 inches which enables this vehicle to take sharp turns. Also, the additional features include a delta style tiller, anti-tip on the back for extra security, interchangeable attractive blue and red color panels for attractive exterior, and an extra charging port located on the tiller for easy accessibility. If you are looking for a scooter with extra specifications and an amazing color scheme for the exterior without causing any trouble to your budget, this lightweight, stylish framed, easy to install portable scooter is for you.


How to Assemble the Go-Go Elite Traveler

Step 1:  You can start the process by lowering the rear section of your portable Go-Go model back and up on the anti-tip wheels. The alignment and interlocking of both sections follow.

Step 2: You need to lift the front section; you will have to use a frame release lever for that. Align the hooks of the front section frame with the rear section’s lower frame tube after pressing the lever.

Step 3: After the hooks of both sections are aligned all you need to do is lower both sections at the same time while pivoting the rear section. The frame will automatically lock itself.

Step 4: This is the regular procedure for locking up both sections and is followed by the majority of the models. But for those which are different, the assembly process will be completed by reinstalling the frame lock-up pins.

Step 5:  To lock the tiller in place, raise the tiller, and fully tighten the tiller knob.

Step 6: By placing the batteries in the battery compartment and connecting them with front-to-rear harnesses, the step of reinstallation for the battery pack can be completed.

Step 7: Hold the seat right on the seat post, make sure the seat post fits into the right post storage slot under the seat. Now move the seat while making rotations until can't lower any further.

Step 8: Rotate the tiller knob 90° counterclockwise to lock the tiller. The tiller knob should be in an unlocked position before riding.

Step 9:  Adjustable armrests can be installed by sliding them into their compartments on the side of the chair and tightening up the screws. The width of armrests can also be altered up to comfort level.


How to Operate the Go-Go Elite Traveler

The Elite Traveler is easy to assemble and simple to operate. It comes with a lot of key features that make this model comfortable and eye-catching. The dual voltage charger can charge the battery on and off the scooter. The front frame-mounted seat offers maximum stability and comfort. Its state-of-the-art microprocessor-based controller offers additional safety features and optimum power saving. Two easily changeable color panels: red and blue are also part of the package. It is equipped with non-scuffing black tires that give great stability on uneven surfaces. In short, the Go-Go Elite Traveler is a complete package of technology, maneuverability, and comfort.


How to Disassemble the Go-Go Elite Traveler 

The Go-Go Elite Traveler model, like any other model of the Go-Go line, is portable in design. To meet customers' needs, special focus has been put into the elite design of the scooter. It can be disassembled into 5 pieces: front and rear sections, seat, battery pack and front basket without any tools. The heaviest piece of this model weighs 28 lbs for the 3 wheel model and 34 lbs for the 4 wheel, making either very portable and mobile. The disassembly process doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge, you can easily perform it in your garage, parking lot, or in your backyard. The steps are:

Step 1:  Begin the disassembly by first removing the key from the power switch. This will shut down the power. You can easily uninstall and detach portions now.

Step 2: The tiller needs to be locked now, you can do it by pushing the lock adjustment knob of the tiller in a straight position and rotate it 90° clockwise. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 3: Detach the armrests by loosening the knobs of armrest compartments on both sides of the seat and sliding the armrests out of them. The same goes for the rear shroud.

Step 4: The seat can be removed by holding it from the sides and lifting it perpendicularly up from the floor. This is one way to do it, another way is to disengage the seat lever and to swivel the seat back and forth till it reaches the top and to remove it.

Step 5:  Remove the battery pack from the battery compartment after removing the battery harness and front-to-rear harnesses. Battery should be placed no way near a metal or damp surface. (see figure 2)

Figure 2



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