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How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the Go-Go Ultra X Portable Scooter?

How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the Go-Go Ultra X Portable Scooter?

The Go-Go series is known for its famous series of lightweight, durable and portable travel gears, especially scooters. The Go-Go Ultra X model is a combination of all features which are required in a medium scooter designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is equipped with 12 AH batteries, which can be charged on and off the charger, provide enough energy to move around the town in a short time. The front basket has gorgeous space for your small grocery trip at the superstore. In short with all the facilities, features, and warranties put together, a budget-minded person can’t buy anything better in this price range.


How to Assemble the Go-Go Ultra X


Step 1:  Begin the assembly by tilting the rear half section slightly back on the anti-tip wheels.

Step 2:  Now use the lever (frame release lever) to lift the front section. Now align the front section frame hooks with a lower frame tube of the rear section.

Step 3: As you take the frame hooks over the lower frame tube, lower the front section, and pivot the rear section simultaneously. Doing this the frame lock-up will be automatically engaged.

Step 4: For most models the above procedure would be followed but for some models you will have to reinstall frame lock-up pins to complete the body assembly process.

Step 5: You can now raise the tiller and tighten up the tiller adjustment knob completely.

Step 6: To reinstall the battery, put the battery pack in its compartment, make sure that you connect the battery with front-to-rear harnesses properly.

Step 7: Reinstall the seat by putting it on the seat post and rotating it firmly down until it secures its place.

Step 8: You can now rotate the tiller adjustment knob 90° anti-clockwise to unlock the tiller.

Step 9: Before riding, be certain that the tiller knob is in the unlocked position.

How to Operate the Go-Go Ultra X Portable Scooter?

Equipped with a speed of 4 miles per hour and a weight capacity of 260 pounds, this portable scooter is mainly designed to meet small distance travel requirements. That’s why the controls and operations of the scooter is also kept very simple and user-friendly. With a little practice, anyone can become a natural at operating this model. But initially, there are a few things you need to thoroughly understand and keep with you when taking your scooter outside. The tips are:

  1. You should always keep in mind that your scooter's reverse speed is slower than the forward speed you present in the speed controller. This will help you take sharp turns in reverse speed.
  2. Always keep your feet on the footboard and your hands-on the tiller while driving your scooter. It creates balance in posture which helps in controlling the vehicle.
  3. Always use routes for your power scooter with less terrain, gentle slopes, and gradual gradients. Even small gaps and obstacles matter.
  4. Never try to stand while driving or wave or put up any inappropriate posture, it can disturb the overall balance of scooter and lead to consequences.
  5. Don’t use a personal phone or radio or any hand-used equipment while driving. This will distract you and can cause damage to you and your scooter.


How to Disassemble the Go-Go Ultra X Portable Scooter?

The Go-Go Ultra X is designed keeping in mind customer’s preferences. It is a small, easy, and compact machine that on a requirement can easily be uninstalled into pieces. Having the ability to turn into 5 pieces, with the heaviest piece being only 29 lbs, this scooter is the most suitable for your travel gear. After disassembling its parts, it can even fit comfortably in a small car. Disassembling needs a friendly open space to follow the steps with ease. The procedure for disassembly is as follows:

Step 1:  Firstly, remove the key from the switch. Always do this when the scooter is not moving. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 2: Now lock the tiller in a straight position by pushing the tiller lock adjustment knob in and rotating it 90° clockwise.

Step 3: Remove the seat straight up and remove it from the scooter. If you feel resistance doing this, disengage the lever of the seat and swivel it front and back while lifting.

Step 4: Simply remove the rear shroud by carefully lifting it straight up and off.

Step 5: Disconnect the battery harness and front-to-rear harnesses. Also disconnect the battery tie-down strap. Now you should be able to remove the battery pack easily. (see figure 2)

Figure 2



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