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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Jazzy 1450 Power Chair

If you are looking for a power chair that can perform heavy-duty and own a smart look, there can’t be anything better than Jazzy 1450 Power Chair. This engineering masterpiece is equipped with a highly efficient motor, front-wheel drive, and a swing arm suspension system that can bear with 600lb with ease. The cherry on top is its state-of-the-art style which doesn’t leave any passing by unattracted. Precisely Jazzy 1450 is the most beautiful beast of power chairs.

How to Assemble the Jazzy 1450 Power Chair?

Step 1:  To install seat assembly, place the chair on the rear trapeze bar, tilt the seat back and slide its rear extrusion until it locks itself with rear extrusion. Flip the seat safely down. (See figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 2: Now install the controller and pass the harness through to the power base. Avoid touring the controller harness outside arm set. Use wires to tie harness in its holes. Cut the extra wires to avoid scratch to the user. (See figure 2)

Figure 2

Step 3: Plug in the controller connector into the rear side of the power base, use wires to tie controller harness to arms set receiver. (See figure 4)

Figure 4

Step 4: The recline angle of the seat can be manually changed if your wheelchair is equipped with a reclining seat. All you need to do is pull the seat release lever, lean the seat to the desired angle, and release the lever.

Step 5: install the arm sets independently by loosening the knobs and sliding each through its receiver. Adjust the desired width and tighten up the knob.  Increasing the arm set width will increase the overall width of your power chair.

Step 6: Install the controller by sliding it through arm set, you can set your desired length at which the controller can be set. Tighten up the screw set to secure the controller at its place.


How to Operate the Jazzy 1450 Power Chair?

Jazzy 1450 is a state-of-the-art enhancement device manufactured to provide comfort, mobility, and pride. With its excellent power base and extra-large seating facility, it is responsible for taking the best care of its users but there are some situations where controller operations tend to be more significant.  It’s natural to take time to get familiar with a newbie. Purposefully, you will have to ensure the following things before heading out for initial rides:

  1. Check the tire inflation first. The air pressure rating on tires should not exceed the safe limit.


  1. Check all power and electrical connections thoroughly. Make sure no connection is loose or corroded.


  1. Secure all the power connections through to the power base by using wire ties on connector harness. The vehicle may malfunction In case if improper power connections.


  1. Make sure that manual free wheels are set in drive mode before sitting on the power chair.


  1. Be certain that your power chair’s batteries are charged always before the trip. Use the charger provided with the power chair.


Jazzy 1450 power chair is equipped with high performance and an extra efficient motor package that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Riding this 600Ib front-wheel power chair you will never need to worry about small obstacles, uneven terrain, or small gaps in pavement. It is a complete quality and performance package.


Another facility that makes the safety and maintenance of this Heavy-duty power chair is its main circuit breaker located in mainframe in front of batteries. The main circuit breaker trips whenever the batteries and motor are strained by heavy loads preventing damage to electronic connections and motors. As the chair will rest consequently for a short time, the circuit breaker will reset itself.


How to Disassemble the Jazzy 1450 Power Chair?


While designing heavy-duty power chair it is always kept in consideration that the parts should be devices in a manner that their weight doesn’t exceed the daily use limit and they are easy enough to disassemble. The Jazzy 1450 also serves this purpose very well, it has a total weight of 336lbs with heaviest of its parts weigh 195lbs. This makes this power chair able to be packaged and fetched along on long tours. The methods to disassemble its pieces are as follows:

Step 1:  Turn off the power connection to the controller from the main plug. Make sure that the power chair is still in drive mode.


Step 2:  Unplug all controller connectors from the power base, remove the extrusions from the power base of the chair, and lift the chair to remove from the power base.


Step 3:  Lift the arm set straight up perpendicular to the floor, loosen the jam but and remove the arm sets one by one.


Step 4:  Remove all the wire ties securing the wire harness to the controller connectors. Similarly, remove the hardware from the foot platform bracket by loosening the screws.


Step 5: Fully charge the batteries before removing them for storage or transportation. Disconnect the battery harness and store the batteries in a dry place.


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