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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Jazzy Passport

Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Jazzy Passport

The Jazzy Passport is designed to achieve mobility. When it comes to daily activities, the Jazzy Passport is one that you can easily fold for storage and unpack to use. Below, we will discuss how you can assemble, operate, and disassemble the Jazzy Passport in a few simple steps.

How to Assemble the Jazzy Passport?

Step 1: Begin by unfolding the unit. To do this, you need to stand behind the vehicle and locate the locking mechanism found at the rear. Squeeze the pins to unlock it, while firmly pushing downward on the seatback with your other hand. 

Step 2: Once the locking mechanism is free, separate the plates in each side and gently pull back the seat in an upwards motion. Continue to unfold the chair until you hear the click and make sure to also extend the foot pedals.

Step 3: Locate your battery box and slide them firmly on the battery tray found on the rear. Make sure that the securement pins click into place.

Step 4: Flip up the armrests and insert the motor controller in place. Tighten the thumbscrew and then fasten with the quick release lever found under the armrest. To tidy things up, hook your controller’s wires to the clips found below the armrests.

Step 5: Insert the cup holder and securely tighten them with the thumbscrew and quick release lever

Step 6: Attach the cushion and seat cover and secure them all together with the reusable hook and loop fasteners

Step 7: Remove the battery charger and plug it into the controller’s charging port.


How to Operate the Jazzy Passport?

Before getting ahead in operating the unit, the following pre-ride safety conditions should be checked.

  • There must be proper tire inflation

  • The electrical wiring should remain healthy and uncorroded

  • The controller connections are secured to the power base

  • The brakes system should be working

  • There is sufficient battery charge

  • The manual freewheel levers should be in drive mode


If everything is intact, then you should be good to go. The controller should be pretty straightforward to use. The joystick lets you navigate and turn smoothly on corners and around the area. With practice, you should be able to gain more confidence in maneuvering it for your daily activities. This includes going through doorways, on and off lifts, up and down ramps, and over modest terrain.


After some familiarity, some adjustments can be employed to increase the user’s level of comfort. This includes:

Cup Holder Position

Depending on the user, the cup holder can be positioned for left-hand-use or right-hand-use. To switch this, simply unlatch the quick-release lever and loosen the thumbscrew. Slide the cup holder from the armrest and transfer it to the other armrest. And then securely tighten them in place. (see figure 2)

Figure 2


Controller Position and Angle

The controller’s angle and positioning can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs. Firstly, it can be changed to a left-hand or right-hand use and vice-versa depending on the user. To change the positioning, first switch off the power from the controller. And then unravel the hooks and clips on the controller’s wires and reroute them to the other armrest. Next, free up the controller by unlatching the quick-release levers and thumbscrew. Once you are happy with the positioning, you can re-secure them again to the armrest and tidy the wires.

When it comes to adjusting the angle of the controller, simply press down on the button found on the swivel. Adjust them in place and release the button when you are happy with the positioning. You should then be able to hear a click to ensure that it has been locked in place.


How to Disassemble the Jazzy Passport?

When you are ready to pack and store it, there are four components that you would need to consider. These are the base, the battery box, the cup holder, and the controller. These components should be unmounted one by one. Below are the steps that you can follow:


Step 1: Turn off the power to the controller and place the unit in drive mode. The drive mode can be engaged by locating the lever in each motor and rotating them inwards.


Step 2: Unlatch the quick release handle and loosen the thumbscrew for the controller armrest. And do the same for the cup holder armrest.


Step 3: Take the battery box and lift it to disengage the locking pin from the power base. And you should be able to slide the battery box out freely.


Step4: If you want to fold the unit, you can start by folding the foot platform and head on to the rear side of the vehicle to locate the locking mechanism


Step 5: Squeeze the locking pins and pull the seat up towards you. The locking mechanism should separate and the plates should slide easily.


Step 6: Press the seat down and release the locking mechanism so you can continuously fold the power chair neatly.

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