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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Merits Gemini Power Chair

Merits Health tends to combine comfort and functionality in the best proportions in its product. Merits Gemini is another example of a heavy-duty power chair that offers amazing comfort with seamless mobility. It’s equipped with an optional power seat, a unique suspension system, highly adjustable features & excellent maneuverability. This power chair is designed to be highly adaptable, so if you are looking for on to do house chores or a small drive around the town, Gemini fits the bill with its customized specifications.

How to Assemble the Merits Gemini Power Chair?

Step 1: Begin with installing the seat set. Lift the seat slide the seat post, the bottom of the seat, into seat pedestal. Folding the seat can make it easier to install. The seat will lock itself down when swiveled and pushed down properly.

Step 2: Now Insert the width and height-adjustable arm sets into the receiver. As there are two ports to be adjusted you can easily adjust the initial height and initial width one by one.

Step 3: Begin with loosening the knobs on the receiver, slide arm set into horizontal receiver brackets. You can select the desired width by tightening the knobs.

Step 4: Similarly, locate and lose knobs on the vertical arm set receiver. Insert the arm set into it. Once you get the required height to tighten the knobs firmly.

Step 5: To install the controller, select the side you want to control the chair, install the controller into the receiver, adjust the controller to your desired length by tightening the Allen wrench.

Step 6: Then insert the main plug into the controller socket, make sure the battery is enough charged before your first ride.

How to Operate the Merits Gemini Power Chair?

Though the control operations of this power chair are very user friendly, you need to keep in mind a few things when you are a beginner. These safety precautions will ensure your well-being and the vehicle’s proper functioning:

  1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before moving out.
  2. It is advised to have someone at your assistance during the first few trips.
  3. Keep the speedometer at lowest and prefer an open park initially.
  4. Test and ensure the brake systems are working properly
  5. Don’t carry any child/weight on the lap while driving.
  6. In the beginning, practice moving forward and reverse, then do it in 'S' turns.

Mostly after a few rides, you will get familiar with your chair so prefer keeping the speed low, note how the brake systems feel, get a proper grip on Joystick, make sure that area is clear while driving in reverse. Slowly increase the speed and see how much control you have acquired. Make sure the power button is turned OFF when not driving or getting on & off the power chair, it will increase battery life.

The features installed in the Metros Gemini are customized to individual needs. From an efficient controller to the adjustable features of the seat set and footplate, this chair can be reassembled as per your desire.  Seating is highly customizable. The headrest and seatback can be adjusted at angles. The base of the seat can slide sideways, and the armrests are adjustable by height and width. The standard footplate can also be adjusted by height and angle. With Merits Gemini, you are bound to ride around in comfort.

How to Disassemble the Merits Gemini Power Chair?

As simple as the assembling of this power chair, disassembling also tends to be simpler. As the wheelchair is consists of these main parts; Controller, Seat Assembly, Shrouds, front & rear sections. You can turn this vehicle into a number of parts ready to be packaged along to a family trip in minutes.

Step 1: Begin with, turning the power button OFF, keep it known it is placed OFF when you were not driving the power chair.

Step 2: Once you have disconnected the main power located at the rear of the seat assembly. Remove shrouds by unscrewing them. So, do it with a foot set. Keep them safe. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 3: Now remove the seat assembly by rotating it to unlock it, then pull it straight up, the seat post will come out after Allen wrench is unscrewed. (see figure 2)


Figure 2

Step 4: Slide out horizontal and vertical arm sets from their holders after loosening the knobs. Do the same with the joystick/controller.

Step 5: Discount the main power connection plug from the connector socket. Remove the batteries one by one. (see figure 3)

Figure 3


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