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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Pacesaver Boss 4.5

Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Pacesaver Boss 4.5

The latest Pace Saver Boss 4.5 is an excellent combination of size, comfort, and performance. Its powerful battery and heavy-duty steel frame give it all the durability, suspension & strength required. The width is kept small to improve indoor maneuverability and provide a greater turning radius. Available in customized sizes for seat sets, completely adjustable seat sets & arm sets, the Pace Boss 4.5 qualifies to be one of the most promising power wheelchairs for daily use.

How to Assemble the Pace Boss 4.5?

Step 1: Begin with putting the battery in place and connecting the battery cables. Make sure that the red dots are aligned on each connector. Push the plug straight in until connections click together. Always put the connectors between batteries.

Step 2: Once the batteries are in place, replace the rear cover by running the control cable through the hole in the cover. Ensure the cover is settled properly on the frame. Also, make sure that the Velcro on the cover is attached to the Velcro of the rear frame support part.

Step 3: Locate the desired position for seat height post, put the seat set on the seat post carefully. Place the washers, nuts, and bolts in their proper order. For more stability low height of power, the chair is preferred.

Step 4: Slide the arm sets into the receiver, adjust the desired width by sliding the arm sets in and out as needed. Tighten the back nobs, rotate them to their best shape.

Step 5: Attach the controller and joystick console on your preferred side. Make sure the cable of the console passes through the harness under the arm set. Plug the wire into the main controller cable.

Step 6: Attach the footrest on the front section of the power chair, adjust it’s height & tighten up the screws.

Step 7: Connect the power cord present at the rear side of the seat on the seat bracket, make sure that the power button has been placed as ON.

How to Operate the Pace Boss 4.5?

Before getting on with your first ride, the following are things you need to look after well:

  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Fasten up the lap belt properly and ensure the seat is securely locked.
  • Steer the chair in different directions to get introduced to the controllers.
  • Test and ensure the brake systems are working well.
  • Adjust the speed on the speedometer as low.

Make sure the power button is turned OFF when not driving or getting on & off the power chair. You should get familiar with all the controls for the power operation wheelchair that are located on the arm-mounted joystick console and power module mounted on the frame. The controls on the joystick console include the on/off button, increase/decrease speed, battery gauge, joystick, horn, speedometer, attendant control LED and service control LED.

Though the controls for the unit are very easily understandable, you must initially prefer indoors, practice moving through doorways, try a complete rotating radius, reverse driving with some assistance and once you get used to all the controls of the vehicle you can then move to smooth surfaces and moderate terrains.

How to Disassemble the Pace Boss 4.5?

What makes this product very suitable for a customer is its easy operations and convenience in disassembling. You can easily disassemble the unit completely in seconds without tools or extra help. This helps with mobility and serves its purpose in many ways. As the unit comprises of a few important units, we will tell how you how to disassemble them one by one.

Step 1: First of all, place the power button OFF, make sure it was already placed OFF since you were not driving.

Step 2: Disconnect the main power cord located at the rear of the seat bracket. Once connections are removed rest of all the parts can be unpinned easily.

Step 3: Remove the seat assembly by unpinning the seat and lifting the seat straight up. Put the seat aside. Lift off the cover by passing the cable and the connector through the hole in the cover.

Step 4: Loosen the back knob under the edge of the seat and remove both arm sets. When you want to reassemble the arm sets simply slide them through and tighten up the knobs.

Step 5: Disconnect each battery by depressing the tab on each battery plug to unplug the cable, and remove the batteries.

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