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How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the Phoenix HD Portable Scooter

How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the Phoenix HD Portable Scooter

If you are looking for a budget-friendly chargeable scooter with medium to high work capability, advanced operational features, and a portable design, the Phoenix is the perfect choice. The latest Phoenix HD scooter is a driving range of 15 miles and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs which makes it a suitable option. Also, it is equipped with take-apart portability to make it travel-friendly, anti-tip wheels that make it more stable and a height-adjustable seat with a flip back that doesn’t only help in providing extra comfort to the user but also assists in storage and transportation. All of these and a few more options make it a very promising customer choice.


How to Assemble the Phoenix HD Portable Scooter?

Step 1:  Begin with aligning the front and rear sections of the Phoenix HD to face each other.

Step 2: The alignment must be such that the lower curve locks the brackets of the front section with the corresponding rear pegs.

Step 3: Now connect the front and rear sections by plugging in the electrical connector.

Step 4: While you are holding the lower seat post, gently fix the rear section forward until the locking brackets are completely fixed on the top of rear pegs.

Step 5:  After loosening the tiller adjustment knob, and raising the tiller to the required level, tighten the tiller adjustment knob.

Step 6: Now you can install the upper seat post at the desired height by securing with locking pin and then tightening the seat post knob.

Step 7: By turning the remove switch to the lock, reinstall the batteries by lowering them into their battery components.

Step 8: Replace the seat assembly by placing it on the seat post and rotating it until the seat locks into the right place.

Step 9:  The assembly process can’t be completed until it is absolutely certain that the tiller adjustment knob is properly tightened.

How to Operate the Phoenix HD Portable Scooter?

The top priority in designing the Phoenix HD was to establish the perfect comfort of sitting and operating the vehicle. That’s why the seat and armrests are height and width adjustable. It doesn’t relieve the extra stress from the neck and legs but also provides the perfect posture to drive. The controls are designed to assist the beginner, the ergonomic throttle that is provided in controls can even be controlled using a single finger. Yet there is a need that the user must be awarded about certain things before sitting on the scooter to drive.

  • Recharge the batteries fully after completing every trip. Don’t store the batteries for a longer period without making sure they are probably charged.
  • Never set the scooter on freewheel mode when on a gradient. The brakes might not reply and you might face damage.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of the scooter which is 350 lbs/150kg.
  • Mostly drive on pavements, single carriage roads, and pedestrian paths. Avoid motorways and highways.
  • Operate on higher speed settings once you are confident and familiar enough with all the controls.

How to Disassemble the Phoenix HD Portable Scooter?

As the name indicates the Phoenix HD is portable in design, and it can easily be disassembled into four pieces; front and rear sections, seat assembly, and battery pack. The heaviest section of the 3 wheeler is 32 lbs and 46lbs for the 4 wheel model. Hence, you can easily dislocate all the pieces and store them for your travel tour. It would comfortably accompany you on your short trip to your grandparents, family trip on weekends, and a short visit to the grocery store for some shopping.

The procedure of disassembling is as follows:

Step 1:  Begin with removing the seat by pulling the seat up while pushing the seat to rotate the lever.

Step 2: Remove the seat locking pin and loosen the seat post knob. The upper seat post can now be removed easily.

Step 3: Remove the battery pack by unlocking the battery pack lock. Take out batteries one by one.

Step 4: Loosen the tiller adjustment knob and tighten the knob after folding down the tiller. Pull the wheel lock catch down to lock the front wheel and tiller.

Step 5: To pivot the rear section of the scooter rearward, push back on the seat post until the rear section reaches into the rear bumper.

Step 6: Disconnect front and rear connections by unplugging the electrical contractor.

Step 7: Disconnect the front and rear sections by first lifting the front section until rear pegs are no fully disconnected from the curved locking brackets on the front section.

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