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How to Assemble, Operate and Disassemble the Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair

The Merits Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair is the latest development in technologies of mobility and drivability. Keeping in mind the customer preference and desire, this heavy-duty chair is designed in a way that it can carry around enough load on it without troubling suspension and yet providing desired comfort and facility to the user. With its small turning radius, you don’t need to bother about its movement indoors. It’s also equipped with an amazing seat elevator up to 10” which enables the customer to access higher shelves & upper drawers. It’s maneuverability with Independence.

How to Assemble the Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair?

Step 1:  There is a trapeze bar on the drive wheels. Place the seat on it and tilt it up to the point that the locked shaft of the seat gets inserted in the hook of lock device of power base itself.

Step 2:  The backrest angle can then be adjusted by turning the backrest adjustment lever up, setting the desired backrest angle, and then releasing the lever.

Step 3: Similarly, the width and height of arms sets can also be adjusted in this way by unscrewing knobs, adjusting the required with and height, and then tightening the screws and Allen wrench.

Step 4: For adjusting the footrest angle, begin with flipping out the footrest, setting up the right angle by turning Allen wrench clockwise/anti-clockwise. Once you get the right angle, tighten up hexagonal by a wrench

Step 5: There is a clamp on the left side of headrest, by depressing then releasing the clamp, the desired angle of headrest can be obtained by simple bush and pull.

Step 6: Joystick and controller are usually set in place on the right side by sliding them through a receiver in arm set. Plug the main connector cable from the power base to the main source.

How to Operate the Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair?

With 22” wide Captain’s seat, adjustable headrest, power elevation seat, highly maneuverable driving wheel, full front, and rear suspension, Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair is designed with maximum comfort and drivability. Yet one cannot attain full command on control operations and drive the wheelchair to it’s the best capacity without acting upon the safety precautions first. Those are as follows:

  1. Going to drive without a fully charged battery can hinder the power chair's best performance.


  1. Place your arms on the arm sets and feet on the footrest while driving. You got to be careful about your posture also. Don’ t bend forward or sideways unnecessarily.


  1. During initial days, avoid driving on any sort of slope. You might lose the balance and a wheelchair might give up the grip on the ground.


  1. Drive slowly, with pauses and gradual turns. Avoid sharp turns & fast driving. It can be dangerous.


  1. Never tow no matter how lightweight tow behind the power chair, it can harm the rear section and power base.


  1. Don’t try to stand while driving or grabbing a thing away from the chair. It’s important to keep evenly weight in the chair.

The Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair is equipped with dual inline motors & rear, front suspension to ensure enhanced torque and improved performance. An amazing suspension of 12” gives you enough clear space from ground to move on an uneven surface with profound ease and authority. The operating systems are user friendly and easy to understand. They are:

  1. DK-REKMDO1 Controller Operation is equipped with battery gauge, on/off buttons, speedometer, service indicator LED, shark bus socket, Joystick, Attendant control LED and horn


  1. The VR2 Controller Operation too is a modern controller operation. It is responsible for alarming the user in case of a power chair malfunction. Its specialty is actuator buttons that control seat movement.

How to Disassemble the Vision Super Heavy-Duty Power Chair?

The best part about these power wheelchairs is that they can be disassembled and carried along on a family trip or a distant tour. They are easy to disassemble, one needs to follow basic steps, and act upon properly. Steps for Vision Super Heavy-Duty Chair are as follow:

Step 1:  Never go for removing seats or shrouds without plugging off the main connection first. Once you make sure all exterior power supplies are cut off, you can proceed.

Step 2: Footrest and shrouds can be simply be detached by loosening their Allen wrenches & screws respectively.

Step 3: Unhook the seat by unlocking the shaft of the seat from the lock device of the power base. Then lift the seat up from sides and place it aside.

Step 4: Like adjustment can be made to arm sets they can be simply removed by loosening the knob's horizontal and vertical parts. Make sure that you remove Joystick/Controller before detaching arm sets.

Step 5: Batteries are to be taken care of at the last. Lift them with care and place them at a safe and dry place.

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