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How to Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the ZooMe Auto-flex

Learn How To Assemble, Operate, and Disassemble the ZooMe Auto-flex 

Are you tired of reading long assembling and disassembling procedures and don’t want to get into technical details? Do you want to get the freedom of driving a fully automatic scooter without bothering about its parts? Well, the solution to your problem has arrived.

The portable scooter game has been updated. The ZooMe Auto-Flex folds and unfolds electronically taking less than 20 seconds. Yes, you read it right. The disassembly procedures are history now. This latest technology in scooters is accompanied by a lightweight alloy frame, a delta tiller, and auto-folding seat. You don’t even need to worry about assembling the vehicle as it arrives fully assembled. It also facilitates its customers with non-marking flat-free tires that are low maintenance. Rear wheels are anti-tip, so the two pairs of wheels combine to give an excellent amount of support and stability to the scooter on greater slopes and varied terrains.

On any given day when you wake up and feel like going out with your family, taking a break from the hectic office routine, just use the wireless key fob to automatically fold down the seatback, pull the handles up on the front deck, push both ends of the scooter together and you are all ready to go. If you are a user who is reluctant to go through the assembling and disassembling processes and is waiting for the right transport features in a portable scooter, this product is specially designed for you. Grab it.



How to Assemble the ZooMe Auto-Flex Scooter?

Step 1:  Unlike all previous technologies, this portable unit doesn’t require you to install all of its pieces together. With slight user modification left to be done, this scooter arrives fully assembled.

Step 2: Unfold the unit by pulling the manual fold release lever. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 3: Now place the battery pack in the battery compartment in the floorboards, then pull the manual fold release lever to fold the scooter. (see figure 2)

Figure 2

Step 4: The armrests can be installed by sliding the square tubes through receivers on either side. Tighten the star to secure the armrests in their places. (see figure 3)

Figure 3

Step 5: Insert the round charger connector into the battery charging terminal on the rear of the scooter and plug it into a standard electrical outlet. Fully charge the batteries before heading out for a trip.

How to Operate the ZooMe Auto-Flex Scooter?

ZooMe has set the bars high for its competitors. While other models offer standard straight-handled tillers, the ZooMe Auto-Flex features a delta tiller making driving away easier and more comfortable especially for the users with limited dexterity. The state-of-the-art design ensures quality in the specifications. The tiller is height and angle adjustable, so you could easily adjust it according to your positioning and comfort. The seat pack too is auto-folding with extra padded armrests to take care of your best seating arrangement.

The operations to navigate too are simple and user-friendly. The controls panel has a battery gauge to show the current battery status, a speed dial to adjust and set the desired speed of the vehicle, a throttle to decide the direction of motion of the scooter, a reverse button, on/off switches, and a horn. With some practice, users can get a good handle on these controls.

It is recommended initially to drive with someone’s assistance to ensure no mishap, and is also recommended to drive in open spaces or parks for the sake of practice before moving into real traffic. The scooter is designed to take sharp turns within a tight turning radius making it a very suitable choice for indoor daily day to day activities.


How to Disassemble the ZooMe Auto-Flex Scooter?

My favorite portion begins here. What makes this model particularly appealing to the buyers is its folding and unfolding mechanism. Unlike the usual long and hectic procedures to need to be followed to take care of all the pieces with their knobs, screws and other things, this scooter has just minimized that whole thing by introducing automatic technology to fold and unfold the portable scooter using a wireless key fob in control.

Let’s see in more detail how these operations actually work.

  • Automatic Folding & Unfolding:

The keyless remote provided in the controls gives you a feeling no less than operating a mini car. Controls for Folding & Unfolding are installed in the remote as “A” and “B” respectively. All you need to do is press the desired button on the remote and scooter will begin to operate itself. You must be thinking: what happens if any hindrance or child comes in too close to the device while it is unfolding? ZooMe has already thought it for you. This scooter has a built-in security system that stops the folding and unfolding operation as soon as anything comes into the range of its moving parts. As soon as the obstacle is removed you can press the button again to continue.

  • Folding & Unfolding Switch:

Some customers ask if we lose the wireless remote control or if its battery is drained, how shall we fold and unfold the scooter then? The answer is the scooter is equipped with a switch located on the back of the rear section. It performs the same function by pressing "I” and “II”. What if the battery of the scooter itself is drained? Well you can still do it by plugging in the charger and pressing the “I” & “II” buttons.

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