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How to Disassemble the Pride Revo 2.0

How to Disassemble the Pride Revo 2.0

The Revo Scooter is a combination of state of the art components with safety, comfort, and style in mind. The design features of the Revo will give you the convenience that you expect during your daily activities. This post is geared towards helping you to understand how to disassemble your scooter.

The Revo can be disassembled into seven pieces: the seat, the front section, the rear section, the rear shroud, the basket, and the batteries (See figure 1). No tools are required to disassemble or assemble your scooter, but keep in mind that the disassembled sections of the scooter take up more floor space than the assembled unit. Always disassemble or assemble your scooter on a level, dry surface with sufficient room for you to work and move around your scooter—about 5 feet (1.5 meters) in all directions. Remember that some scooter components are heavy, and you may need assistance when lifting them.


Figure 1 – Scooter Components


We care about your safety and well-being. Please do not lift beyond your physical capability. Ask for assistance when necessary while disassembling or assembling the unit.


To safely disassemble your Revo, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the key and ensure that the manual freewheel lever is in the drive position.
  2. Lock the tiller in place by positioning it forward, then by pushing the tiller lock knob inward and turning it clockwise 90 degrees. See figure 2.

Figure 2: Tiller Lock Knob


  1. Remove the seat by pulling up on the seat rotation lever, rotating the seat one-eighth of a turn, and lifting the seat up and off of the scooter.
  2. Disengage the left battery pack lock by pulling it outward from the scooter. See figure 3.


Figure 3: Battery Pack Removal/Installation


  1. Remove the left battery pack by lifting it straight up and away from the scooter. See figure 3.
  2. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the right battery pack.
  3. Unplug the front-to-rear harness. See figure 4.

Figure 4: Front-To-Rear Harness

NOTE: When DISASSEMBLING the scooter, always remove the LEFT battery pack first. When ASSEMBLING the scooter, always install the RIGHT battery pack first.


How to Release the Toggle Latch

  1. Push in the toggle latch release button while pulling back the toggle latch. See figures 5 and 6.


Figure 5: Toggle Latch (Latched)                  

Figure 6: Toggle Latch (Unlatched)

  1. Secure the toggle latch buckle over the top of the toggle latch. See figure 7.

Figure 7: Toggle Latch (Secured For Assembly)

  1. Grab the hand grip on the tiller, loosen the tiller adjustment knob, and gently lower the tiller down to the center of the scooter floorboard.
  2. Fully tighten the tiller adjustment knob.

 How to Separate the Frame

  1. Push back on the seat post to pivot the scooter’s rear section rearwards until it is standing vertically on its rear bumper. See figure 8.

Figure 8: Frame Positioning

 Lift the front section up until the rear pegs are no longer in the locking brackets. See figure 9.

Figure 9: Frame Separation

  1. Carefully move the front section away from the rear section.

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